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Default Episode S02E03: A Frank in the Hand is Worth 2 in a Bush (Aired 2008-11-04)

Open: Election Night with George and Dick #1
It is the eve of the most important election in decades, and despite the fact that his successor is being picked almost at the very moment, George Bush (Frank Caliendo) has come to Frank TV to host a very special episode of Frank TV, dedicated to the election, with his vice president, Dick Cheney (Paul Willson).

Credit: Paul Willson (Dick Cheney), Frank Caliendo (George Bush)

Welcome to the White House
George Bush (Frank Caliendo) has recorded a message for whoever Supreme Court chooses to be the next president, showing them around the oval office. He directs the camera around the office, and shows where the National Geographic for Kids on how the government works are, his beer pyramid, or beeramid as he calls it, and the emergency phone that he can use for prank calls. [Outro provided by Paul Willson as Dick Cheney, and Frank Caliendo as George Bush]

Credits: Frank Caliendo (George Bush)

The White House Bar
George Bush (Frank Caliendo) wishes that there is a place in the White House where people can go to relax. He then Wayne's World fantasies into the sketch, where he, Barack Obama (Freddy Lockhart), and Hillary Clinton (Marianne Curan) are sitting around a White House bar. Barack is sick of spewing the usual bs to the American people, and Hillary is tired of all the multiple personalities she has to front like feminist, and socialist. George tells Barack that he should have started out mean, like Simon Cowell, instead of starting out like Paula Abdul. Barack wants to quit and be done with all this, but he is just venting. Like George, George says that he never wanted to be president, but egg heads agents tickled him into it. It's now time for Barack to go back out there, as he has an interview to do. As he leaves, he runs into John McCain (Frank Caliendo) who tells him that he was right all along about Iraq. [Intro provided by Paul Willson as Dick Cheney, and Frank Caliendo as George Bush]

Credits: Freddy Lockhart (Barack Obama), Frank Caliendo (George Bush, John McCain), Marianne Curan (Hillary Clinton)

Acting President #1
George Bush (Frank Caliendo) wonders after Ronald Regan, who will the next actor to take the presidential office. Introducing president Harrison Ford (Mike MacRae), president Samuel Jackson (Freddy Lockhart), and president James Gandolfini (Frank Caliendo). [Intro provided by Paul Willson as Dick Cheney, and Frank Caliendo as George Bush]

Credits: Nick Barnes (Press Reporter), Mike MacRae (Harrison Ford), Jeff Rothpan [Frank TV Writer] (Press Secretary), Ben Lin (Chinese Summit Leader), Freddy Lockhart (Samuel Jackson), Frank Caliendo (James Gandolfini)

3 Brokaw's
George Bush fulfills on his promise to bring America sketch with 3 Tom Brokaw's. Tom Brokaw (Mike MacRae) is tired of seeing people like Lindsey Lohan on the front page of American newspapers. He feels he has to do something, but he can't do it alone. He has been developing a cloning device since he retired, he figures it will get better use now more than ever. He clones himself, and is set to lay out a can of whoopass on the American population. He produces a Burley Tom Brokaw (Frank Caliendo), and a Black Tom Brokaw (Freddy Lockhart). He gives them capes, and the 3 Brokaw's as they are called are off. They head for a Barack Obama (Freddy Lockhart), where he is answering questions like "which do you like better? Top Chef, or America's Next Top Model?" and "Who do you think should star in the next High School Musical movie?" The 3 tell him to duck, and start the attack. The media calls on their henchmen Scoop, Scandal, and Extra to fight them, but they are easily handled. Once the media is out of the way, the 3 can finally ask Barack about the real issues. [Intro provided by Paul Willson as Dick Cheney, and Frank Caliendo as George Bush]

Credits: Mike MacRae (Tom Brokaw), Freddy Lockhart (Barack Obama, Black Tom Brokaw), Frank Caliendo (Burley Tom Brokaw), Jeff Rothpan [Frank TV Writer] (Henchman)

George & Dick's Bloopers, Bleeps, and Blunders
George Bush (Frank Caliendo) feels that election night is to reminisce on the presidency and to celebrate the great democracy of America. George feels this is boring, and would rather watch the greatest bloopers, bleeps, and blunders, from him and Dick over the last 8 years. George choking on microwave pizza, and a penny, and Dick Cheney (Paul Willson) shooting down Harry Whittington.

Credits: Paul Willson (Dick Cheney), Frank Caliendo (George Bush)

John McCain Appeals to the Minorities
John McCain (Frank Caliendo) tries to appeal to the minorities, but with the Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics already taken by the democrats, John has to go searching for invisible minorities, like the Eskimos, Pre Opt Transsexuals, Puppets, and the Vin Diesel’s. Intro provided by Paul Willson as Dick Cheney, and Frank Caliendo as George Bush]

Credits: Frank Caliendo (John McCain), Jeff Shrewsbury (Puppet)

Election Night with George and Dick #2
George closes out the show. When Dick reminds him that they are still in office for another 2 1/2, George says no, because he's got a lot of vacation days saved up.

Credits: Paul Willson (Dick Cheney), Frank Caliendo (George Bush)

Close: Acting President #2
A press reporter asks what president Harrison is going to do about Irani president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Harrison gives a message to Mahmoud to get off his planet.

Credits: Nick Barnes (Press Reporter), Mike MacRae (Harrison Ford)


  • Frank Caliendo (0A/16S/-W/0AF)
  • Freddy Lockhart (0A/3S/0W/0AF)
  • Mike MacRae (0A/3S/0W/0AF)

Guest Starring:
  • Nick Barnes (0A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Marianne Curan (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Ben Lin (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Jeff Rothpan (2A/0S/-0/0AF)
  • Paul Willson (6A/4S/0W/0AF)

  • (A)ppearance Credit
  • (S)tarring Credit
  • (W)riting Credit
  • Non-Speaking Credit
  • (A)rchival (F)ootage

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