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Old 12/05/2004, 4:36 PM
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Default Review of taping... not a spoiler

We went to the taping on December 3rd at 4:30pm. Here is my review. This was my first taping so I probably don't know alot.

Do not look for a parking at the studio, there is no real audience parking, you will have to find street parking (neighborhood seemed OK at best, plenty space available within a few blocks of the studio and decent walking distance). There aren't any lots marked that I found, but some you could park in if you were a customer or worker or passholder or something. Be careful, some of the street parking is two hour limit, some is four.

If you get there an hour early, you will be in (or near) the front of the line to get in, but they don't really start to let people in until 4:30. Even then, people in groups go first, then people with special tickets, then people with regular online tickets. The entrance is on the south side of the studio, in a little gate between two buildings.

They [the audience crew] didn't check ID, but they did take your tickets if you had them and always kept count of how many went through. You went through a metal detector and security checked your bags/purses etc... but it wasn't much of a hassle. After that you sat down along some benches in the corrider between two buildings and waited for quite some time. There they explained some things about the tapings.

1. No cell phones.
2. No cameras.
3. No bathroom visits (yes they made it a point to say leave now if you will have to go to the bathroom in the next four hours). So they let people go to restroom for a few minutes before. They seemed strict about this rule, but during the taping it wasn't so bad. See below.
4. No yelling stuff, laughing and cheering only. No talking during performances.
5. No walking around.
6. You must stay for the whole time alotted, they can't let you go until a certain time.

It seemed very strict, but the audience crew turned out to be very friendly and did let people go to the bathroom so long as they raised their hand and asked during a break between sketches, and then they had to be escorted. The guys and girls were fun, regular, people doing their jobs and doing them well, the whole thing wasn't as uncomfortable as it seemed.

They had an announcer guy, Blas, who was pretty much a comedian helped que the audience on many things like when and how to laugh, how things worked behind the scenes and why we needed to do what we were supposed. Led applause for the actors when they finished their sketches. Gave out lots of candy and tshirts and hats and stuff the more people cheered or if they were having a good time laughing during skits... basically kept the audience entertained during set changes and stuff but also kept us in our places during the recording. Very funny guy and a great way to keep hold of the audience during the four hours.

The cast were really funny too, they didn't really go into the audience but once in a while they'd talk to us individually or do something funny in front of us during the breaks. For the most part though they were involved more in the taping. They were all funny and very respectable.

Around 8:30 when the taping was supposed to split, they let people leave if they wanted because there were people lined up outside to get in to see the next three or so hours so that's when we left.

Overall it was a great experience. Very funny, even when they had to do sketches twice (with the second time being a much more leniant version of the first). The tape playbacks which they had us laugh over to record a track of laughter for what was filmed before the taping were funny too. I definitley recommend going to these, especially since it is basically free entertainment. Don't pay for parking or tickets... but have to be behaved for four hours straight- which isn't so bad considering they keep you well entertained.
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Old 12/05/2004, 7:56 PM
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That sounds really cool and highly interesting! I must remember those rules when I go to the first taping of Season 11.

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Old 12/05/2004, 11:25 PM
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glad u had fun. i did too when i went. that blas guy was so funny cuz there was this old guy in the audience that looked like santa clause and blas and aries were commenting on his beard. did ya get any candy we got a bunch. i still have a tootsie roll that i left in my purse.

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Old 12/06/2004, 12:14 PM
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yeah Blas was funny I hope they don't put him on the cast unless they can get someone equally as cool to fill his role. He gave out alot of candy to keep the audience awake and stuff during the breaks, which usually only lasted a few minutes. He also gave out Lakers hats and MadTV hats and shirts too. It was really fun, don't wait until season 11 to go, go now!
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Old 12/06/2004, 1:16 PM
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that sounds really cool.

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