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View Poll Results: What was your favorite sketch of #1213?
Open: Bobby Gets Judged 0 0%
Montel Video 1 7.14%
Unused "Law & Order" Openings #1-4 0 0%
L.A.P.D Pinatas 0 0%
Barack Obama Crashes Hillary Clinton's Woman of the Year Celebration 3 21.43%
Proposal at the Aviary 1 7.14%
Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #1-2 0 0%
Wing Woman 1 7.14%
Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog, Rufus 0 0%
3 Minute Valentines 7 50.00%
Unused Law and Order Opening: Treasure Hunt 1 7.14%
Voters: 14. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02/11/2007, 11:45 AM
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Too bad this episode was delayed several minutes thanks to NASCAR.
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Old 02/11/2007, 6:57 PM
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Originally Posted by cartman2002 View Post
Too bad this episode was delayed several minutes thanks to NASCAR.
Not here!

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Old 02/11/2007, 7:47 PM
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Default #1213 Review *PATENT PENDING*

Open: Bobby Gets Judged - I've been liking these S12 openings, I must say. The Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell impressions were great, as usual, although I didn't really like Nicole's Randy Jackson impression (I think she could really make it work with a little time, though), but that's just nitpicking. Bobby was good, but the best part was Frank coming out, pretending to be an AI 'contestant' only to be instantly shunned, causing him to run away crying.

Montel Chilliams: Backstage - I liked this too, although it wasn't super-funny. Jordan did a good job writing this (as per usual), but as I said, I didn't find this hilarious. Still good, though.

Unused "Law & Order" Openings - I didn't see the need for four of them (they could have cut out the first two, which just didn't work nearly as well as the last two), especially with another sketch utilizing this theme somewhat (more on that later.) .5

L.A.P.D. Pinatas - I'm convinced, Ike really knows how to make 'lame' things work, and this sketch is proof. Solid tongue-in-cheek, no more, no less.

"Democratic Woman of the Year" Speech - Would have been better if it weren't so long, plus I found it to be a tad overrated as well. Nonetheless, I really liked Keegan doing a Bill Cosby impression, and how this did well in telling us that Barack Obama is supposedly "Mr. Personality" whereas nobody really cares too much about Hillary Clinton (I sure as hell don't.) OBAMA FOR '08! .5

Proposal at the Aviary - All I can say is that bird sh!t better have been oatmeal. Decent one-off, with typically great performances from Michael McDonald/Nicole Parker. .5

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space - Normally I don't like this character, but for whatever reason, this was HILARIOUS! There, I said it. This was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Or as tarza would say, hi-LAR-ious. It didn't feel nearly as forced as past BKFM sketches, and had more of a cartoony, over-the-top, Will Sasso-like quality to it that was killer IMO. Of course, some parts WERE rather forced (like BKFM breaking out of a window, never seen that before ), but other than that, this was (almost) gold. .5

Wing Woman - Remind me never to bring someone like Arden to a bar with me. This was all Arden, without a doubt. Arden is at her irritating best here (yes, that's a good thing here), with the best part being Arden getting into fights with other ladies.

Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog - Another great Celebrity Pets claymation bit, although nothing super. .5

3-Minute Meal: Valentine Edition - Since the first 3 Minute Meals was by far the best thing Crista's ever done, why NOT give it a second go? While not flat-out awesome like the first (it didn't really break much new ground from that now-seminal sketch), it was still good stuff, and one of the better S12 sketches so far. Next time around, though, Wendy (Crista) is going to have to do nothing short of impaling her head on a steak knife in order to reproduce the magic of the first.

Treasure Hunt - This sketch was 'okay but nothing too special' right up until it incorporated the "Law and Order Unused Openings" theme used earlier in the episode. That was absolute genius IMO. That ALONE deserves...

Quite a good episode overall. High points include 3 Minute Meals, the Treasure Hunt, and BKFM (that's right Rurry ), and there wasn't a SINGLE crappy sketch in this (except for maybe the first two Law and Order Unused Openings.)


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Old 02/12/2007, 3:25 PM
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Default Here's something you probably didn't know ...

I received a PM from Frank Caeti over the weekend, and he said that he played the robot in the Blind Kung Fu Master sketch. Thank you very much for that tidbit, Frank.
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Old 02/14/2007, 7:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Cagnazzo View Post
Quite a good episode overall. High points include 3 Minute Meals, the Treasure Hunt, and BKFM (that's right Rurry ), and there wasn't a SINGLE crappy sketch in this (except for maybe the first two Law and Order Unused Openings.)
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Old 02/17/2007, 11:38 PM
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My favorite sketch from this one was Proposal at the Aviary for some reason. It just made me laugh the most. The new 3 Minute Meal was still great though.
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Old 06/02/2007, 4:52 PM
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I just re-watched this episode (it reran last Saturday and I recorded it and just got around to watching it) so I guess I can do a review, I haven't done a long one in a while.

Open: American Idol - I loved this one. It was so clever and all 3 impressions were great! Bobby and Frank were quite good, too. A great open. 5/5

Montel Chilliams - This was quite a funny sketch. Good job in writing it, Jordan. The Montel parodies are always hilarious. 4/5

Unused Law and Order Openings - Although they weren't hilarious, they were short little bits that helped to glue the show together. I liked them, my favorite was the one with the lamp. And the Kate Walsh one. 3.5/5

LAPD Pinatas - A very funny commercial. Ike was excellent here and usually I don't like him...now if only he could do more things like this! Anyway I liked the part with the tazer the best. 5/5

Democratic Woman of the Year - Nicole and Keegan both had great impressions & Arden, Nicole RJ, Crista, and Jordan were good as well. This one was good, it's great how MAD can do political humor without turning it to a Bush-bashing fest (not that I like Bush), like some other shows (SNL ) do. 4.5/5

Aviary Proposal - Disgusting! But still pretty funny. 3.5/5

Blind Kung Fu Master: Star Wars - Usually this character is grating, but this one was pretty funny, actually. 3.5/5

Wing Woman - Arden at her funniest! This was great. 5/5

Celebrity Pets - These are good sometimes but this one was a snoozer. 2/5

3 Minute Meal: Banana Splits - Crazy, but so funny! I was on the floor! Possibly 1213's highlight. 5/5

Treasure Hunt - Was slow until the end, but the end was so hilarious that it didn't even matter. 4/5

Overall, if you average all of the sketches together it comes out to about a 4/5, which in my book is an A or an A-. Very good episode. The only thing that wasn't good was Celebrity Pets.

^This post rocks.
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Old 08/13/2007, 11:59 PM
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Proposal at the Aviary = HALARIOUS!!!!!! I just saw it for the first time on youtube....nicole and michael were great!

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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Old 02/18/2008, 1:54 PM
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Poll is up. This is a hard one, because the American Idol Opening, the proposal sketch, 3 minute meals and wing woman sketches were all great, but the Hilary/Obama sketch TRUMPS. ALL. Those two impressions own and the chemistry between Nicole and Keegan? Super fantastic. Can't wait to see more of them once the strike is officially over!

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 02/18/2008, 2:47 PM
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Oh my God, I'm actually agreeing with you again, Kurt. Now, now, I realize this is a scary phenomenon for both of us; however, we'll just have to make the best of it. But yeah, it's difficult not to go with one of the best sketches of the season. In addition to Nicole P. and Keegan, I'd also like to give props to NRJ, who gives perhaps her most hilarious supporting performance ever (although "ever" is a relative concept when you're unjustly limited to only two seasons ).

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Old 02/07/2009, 1:08 AM
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Default My Review

Bobby Gets Judged: Good opening. Michael's Simon is great, and so's Nicole's Paula. The highlight was when Simon called Bobby Blobby.

Montel Video: Another appearance by Montel Chilliams is always good to see. The highlight was him counting how many people he will bang.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #57: Ah, this was really filler.

L.A.P.D. Piñatas: Funny. Not side splittingly funny, but funny. The highlight was Pete beating the Piñata saying that he came at him and that he had to do it.

Barack Obama Crashes Hillary Clinton's Woman of the Year Celebration: The first appearance of what would be many Barack Obama impressions by Keegan. This was one of the best. The highlight was Barack's anger in being compared to Wayne Brady. Beware the wrath of Barack!

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #112: Filler.

Proposal at the Aviary: Disgusting and I loved it! Only MADtv would come up with something so gross and disgusting, and actually have the balls to put it through. The highlight was at the end when Michael and Nicole are covered in bird poop. This was mostly due to the fact that Nicole's face was completely covered and looked like she had a weird shaped bowl on her head.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #204: This one was one of the better ones. The highlight was Ike's non-shalaunt way of noticing that there is a dead body in the corner of the warehouse.

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #1: Nothing like the world's greatest warrior to bring some comedy. The highlight was him getting kicked in the crotch.

Wing Woman: Arden just proves how annoying she is. The highlight was Arden crying drunk and going off on Bobby.

Unused "Law & Order" Opening #189: This one doesn't make sense because, how could this ever be a Law and Order opening? Sometimes it's ok if a sketch doesn't make total sense, but in this case it is not ok. The highlight was Jordan's reaction to finding the lamp.

Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog, Rufus *Claymation*: Like we didn't know this already.

3 Minute Valentine: Love Wendy! She is great, and to see another one of these is a gift. I do wish however that there were more problems. I mean, the only physical problems were the ice cream, and the nuts. The highlight was when Wendy got so mad that she tried to bite through the nuts with her teeth and lost one.

Unused Law and Order Opening: Treasure Hunt: It seems so odd that MADtv would spend all this money to get such a high profile actress like Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy, and use her at the end of the show, for such a low grade sketch. Why not use her in a Grey's Anatomy parody. That would have been funny. Maybe they could have combined Grey's with House? The highlight was the finding of the dead cat. That cat was scary.

Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #2: Again, Filler. Probably wasn't even needed.

Out of 75 stars this episode got 511/2. That's a C+ rating. Not too bad of an episode.


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Old 07/28/2010, 1:44 AM
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I was watching a Genie Mose segment on the Kings of Leon bailing on a concert on account of being pooped on by birds, and in the segment they showed scenes from the Proposal at the Aviary sketch at 2 separate times during the sketch in the middle and the end! I've seen them use MADtv stuff before for her segments, one of her segment directors must be a fan, and that's alright with me.


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