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Old 05/24/2008, 6:11 PM
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Default Indy 4

I went and saw this last night.i've never been "omg its my fave movie series ever" but i've always found the movies to be enjoyable enough.

This one,however,just doesn't fit in with the series.The plot is basically based on ...um...aliens.yeah...

It just doesn't gel with indy.
Also some of the cgi was so obvious that it ruined some of the scenes.i miss the days when stunts were done by stunt teams and cgi wasn't always used...so obviously.

I think a lot of people will come away disappointed with this film,i know leaving the movies all i heard anyone talking about was the fact it was an alien plotline,instead of something a bit more....indy-ish.

My most positive aspect of the movie was cate blanchett,and the fact that its the first time i've been sexually attracted to her.good work.
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Old 07/19/2008, 9:32 PM
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Totally missed this thread. Saw this movie at the midnight showing when it premiered (with class the next morning). I was persuaded by a girl to go and it turned out to be a gamble that I lost.

The movie was shit. Harrison Ford is too old to do this anymore, and just like any franchise where too much time has passed, it has become self aware (meaning there's lots of winks and allusions to the old movie thrown in, which makes it less of a movie and more of some kind of lame tradition of some sort in my opinion).

Also Shya whatever his name is the least convincing tough guy ever. I wish Cate Blanchett wasn't in this, she had no business being there


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