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Default Blind Kung Fu Master

  • Bobby Lee ... Blind Kung Fu Master (8 Appearances)


    Bobby Lee plays the Blind Kung Fu Master. Just as his name states, he is blind and a Kung Fu Master, and is terribly dangerous -- to innocent bystanders. Blind Kung Fu Master rarely strikes the enemy, but rather the innocent victim. Not only is he a danger to those in need of help, but to himself as well, frequently injuring himself before his attackers have even thrown a punch. Blind Kung Fu Master's trademarks are his long white beard and his white eye.


    1104 Blind Kung Fu Master (Jordan, Ike, Keegan, Nicole P)
    The Blind Kung Fu Master attempts to fight men in a bar.

    1110 Blind Kung Fu Master 2 (Ike, Jordan)
    The Blind Kung Fu Master takes on two members of the legendary gang, the Warriors.

    1117 Blind Kung Fu Master: Blind Kung Fu Student (Ike, Crista, Keegan, Frank Cal.- The Evil Student of the Blind Kung Fu Master)
    The Blind Kung Fu Master is challenged by his former student.

    1213 Blind Kung Fu Master in Space #1-2 (Crista- Princess Mora, Jordan- President Torgo)
    Earth sends the Blind Kung Fu Master to space to stop the hostle world takeover by Princess Mora.

    1222 Blind Kung Fu Master vs. Galvadahl (Arden - Princess Myleen, Keegan - Galvadahl)
    The Blind Kung Fu Master must save Princess Myleen from the evil Galvadahl.

    1410 The Blind Kung Fu Master Returns (Eric - Destructor)
    After being blasted by a ray from Destructor, The Blind Kung Fu Master enjoys a few minutes of sight, before reblinding himself.

    1502 The Blind Kung Fu Master: James Bond (Adam- James Bond, Michelle- Ta Ta Aplenty, Piotr- Ernst Stavro Blofeld "Dr. No", Jeremy- Henry "The Blocks")
    The Blind Kung Fu Master confronts Dr. No in order to save his protege James Bond.

  • It is I, the Blind Kung Fu Master!
  • Why didn't you tell me that was there!

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