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Old 03/06/2009, 10:00 PM
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Default Recurring Sketches

*This thread regards all recurring sketches that are too small for their own section, and do not involve any characters.

Snapshot Stories (5 Sketches)

409 Pat Kilbane
413 Nicole Sullivan
419 Aries Spears
423 Debra Wilson
424 Mo Collins

Cragg Short Films (10 Sketches)

Steven Cragg (MADtv Writer, 10 Appearances)

1008 One Last Breakfast
1017 Reality TV
1018 Hidden Sex Camera
1110 Make A Wish
1111 Black Friends (Keegan-Michael Key- Himself, Jordan Peele- Himself)
1113 Father-Son Football Game
1116 Good Samaritan
1117 Zombie Surprise Party (Ike Barinholtz- Male Zombie #1, Male Jordan- Zombie #2, Female Daniele Zombie #1, Crista- Female Zombie #2, Arden- Female Zombie #3)
1118 Father-Son Day
1121 Practical Jokes

24 with Bobby Lee (10 Sketches)

Bobby Lee (10 Appearances)

1021 24 with Bobby Lee (Nicole- Herself)
1103 24 with Bobby & Jordan (Jordan- Himself, Pauly Shore- Himself)
1107 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena #1-2 (John Cena- Himself, Crista- Herself)
1116 24 with Bobby Lee: Louie Anderson Audition (John Cho- Himself, Louie Anderson- Himself)
1206 24: Bobby Lee gets a Physical (Jordan- Himself)
1212 24 with Bobby Lee & Mary Lynn Rajskub (Mary Lynn Rajskub- Herself, Ike- Himself, Kennith Lee- Himself)
1219 24 with Bobby Lee and Jamie Kennedy #1-2 (Jamie Kennedy- Himself)
1305 24 with Bobby Lee: Carlos Mencia (Carlos Mencia- Himself)
1316 24 with Bobby Lee: Dave Navarro (Dave Navarro- Himself)
1414 24 with Cheech and Chong (Tommy Chong- Himself, Richard "Cheech" Marine- Himself, Shelby Chong- Herself)

MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD (4 Sketches)

Ike Barinholtz (4 Appearances)

1104 MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD
1105 MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 2.0
1106 MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 3.0
1107 MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 4.0

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