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Old 12/02/2008, 12:54 AM
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Default Lowered Expectations Sketches

Lowered Expectations (51)

105 Lowered Expectations: Louise, Lowered Expectations: Hank, Lowered Expectations: Patty, Lowered Expectations: Jeremy (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Mary-Louise, Ardie-Hank, Nicole S.-Patty, Bryan- Jeremy

107 Lowered Expectations: Lester, Lowered Expectations: Chanin, Lowered Expectations: Jerry (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, David-Lester, Phil-Chanin, Orlando-Jerry)

113 Lowered Expectations: Willow, Lowered Expectations: Tony Danza, Lowered Expectations: Ron (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Nicole S.-Willow, David-Tony Danza, Bryan-Ron)

115 Lowered Expectations: Rick #1-4 (Phil-Rick, Debra- Lowered Expectations Host[/thread], Orlando-Ivan)

119 Lowered Expectations: Danielle, Lowered Expectations: Bududda, Lowered Expectations: Carol (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, David-Danielle, Orlando-Budduda, Debra- Carol

208 Lowered Expectations-Deidre, Lowered Expectations-Sammy Hagar, Lowered Expectations-Kyle (Mary-Deidre, Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Bryan-Sammy Hagar, Orlando-Kyle)

215 Lowered Expectations: Connie, Lowered Expectations: Benny (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Mary-Connie, Phil-Benny)

216 Lowered Expectations: Antonia Timmens, Lowered Expectations: Betsy (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Nicole S.- Antonia Timmens, Mary-Betsy)

219 Lowered Expectations: Ginger (Mary-Ginger Snapz)

305 Lowered Expectations: Antonia, Lowered Expectations: James Brown (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Nicole S.- Antonia Timmens, Aries-James Brown Jr.)

307 Lowered Expectations: Eddie Murphy, Lowered Expectations: Rui Peranio (Debra- Lowered Expectations Host, Aries-Eddie Murphy, Will-Rui Peranio)

309 Lowered Expectations: Stan (Pat-Stan McNer)

310 Lowered Expectations: Swan #1-3 (Alex-Ms. Swan)

312 Lowered Expectations: Susan Whitfield, Lowered Expectations: Mrs Barone (Lisa K.-Susan Whitfield, Mary-Mrs. Jewel Barone)

313 [tread=7217]Lowered Expectations: Needy Evie[/thread], Lowered Expectations: Parker Sisters, Lowered Expectations: Harvey (Debra-Needy Evie, Chris-Vonda Parker, Lisa K.-Wanda Terry-Ann Lainier Parker, Aries-Harvey Lachien)

317 Lowered Expectations: Jerry Springer (Jerry Springer-Himself, Debra- Lowered Expectations Host

322 Lowered Expectations: Manny (Will-Manny)

324 Lowered Expectations: Rosie O'Donnell, Lowered Expectations: El Asso Wipo, Lowered Expectations: Vicky the Dog Girl (Alex-Rosie O'Donnell, Chris-[tread=5608]El Asso Wipe[/thread], Debra- Vicky the Dog Girl)

325 Lowered Expectations: Steven Seagal (Will-Steven Seagal)

407 Lowered Expectations: Marilyn Manson, Lowered Expectations: Stuart and Mom, Lowered Expectations: Bjork (Pat-Marilyn Manson, Mo-Doreen Larkin, Michael-Stuart Larkin, Alex-Bjork)

410 Lowered Expectations: Denise (Shaquille O'Neal-Denise Rodman)

413 Lowered Expectation: Gina, Lowered Expectations: Bunifa (Debra-Lowered Expectations Host, Nicole S. Gina, Debra- Bunifa Latifa Halifa Sharifa Jackson)

415 Lowered Expectations: Keanu Reeves (Andrew B.-Keanu Reeves)

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Old 12/02/2008, 12:57 AM
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I noticed that there is no section with all the Lowered Expectations sketches made up so I decided to make it here. I didn't put it in the character section because Lowered Expectations isn't really a character.

Dart, if you do not like this or think it's bad please don't delete it until talking to me, as I worked really hard on this.


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Old 12/02/2008, 5:08 AM
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You did a great job

you know Debra only appear 1 time basically as the rest was a clip they added in too make it seem like she been on all of them?
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Old 07/09/2009, 9:12 PM
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Thanks for making this thread! I was sad that MAD stopped doing this after season 4. I was always hoping for it to make a comeback because it's a great way to try out new characters / also just funny for the one-off characters it created!

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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