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Old 06/17/2004, 6:37 PM
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Default A Date with Mandy Moore (#606)

Mandy Moore- Herself
Louise- Debra Wilson
Brian- Will Sasso

(Mandy and Louise walk into a restaurant and walk over to a table)

Louise: Excuse me. Are you Brian?

Brian: (smoking, chokes on cigarette and nods head)

Louise: Hi, Brian. I'm Louise. I'm Mandy's manager and this, of course, is Mandy Moore.

Mandy: Hi!

(Brian shows a pack of cigarettes, signaling if she would like one)

Mandy: Oh, no thank you.

Louise: Oh, uh, Mandy... (They sit down) Brian McGregor is the winner of Seventeen magazine's Win A Date With Mandy Moore Contest

Mandy: Very nice to meet you. (puts out hand for handshake)

(Brian hands Mandy a gift)

Mandy: Oh, thank you so much.

Brian: My mom told me I should get you somethin' so there you go.

Mandy: So sweet of you. Thank you. (begins to open gift)

Brian: It's a couple vintage Atari games.

(Mandy stops opening gift)

Brian: Joust and Defender... if you don't want it, I'll have 'em back.

Mandy: Oh, no, no. I love Atari?

Brian: Well, rock on. There you go. That's yours then.

Louise: So, uh, Brian. That was a really really nice letter you wrote. You know. The contest winning letter.

Brian: Oh thanks. I meant every word. I think Mandy here's the voice of my generation.

Mandy: Exactly, how old are you? If you don't mind my asking...

Brian: I'm 38.

Louise: And how is Mandy the voice of your generation?

Brian: I, I... Well, how isn't she? I mean, you know. (starts to drink some alcohol)

Mandy: Um... So, you're 38 and you still read Seventeen magazine. (to Louise) That's kinda funny. Hehehehe.

Brian: Yeah, I've been readin' it since I was 18. You know, I wanted to start reading it when I was 17, but I forgot for a while. And then I started readin' when I was 18 and I guess I read it for the next 13 years, until I was about 31. Then I stopped readin' it for 2 or 3 years, until I was about 34. That was 4 years ago 'cause now I'm 38. And then I read it from the time I was 34 until I was 38. So, all and all, I suppose I probably read it for like, 17 of the past 20 years, right? Whoa! 17!! Hehehe. (chokes on cigarette and starts coughin') Get it? I just thought of that.

Louise: So, Brian, what do you do?

Brian: I write music and sell songs.

Mandy: Seriously?

Brian: Yeah. You know that song, Rythmnation, by Janet Jackson?

Mandy: Yeah.

Brian: Yeah, I wrote that. And I wrote Still the One for Shania Twain, and uh, I want it That Way for the Backstreet Boys.

Mandy: You wrote all those songs?

Brian: Yup. And Everything I do, I do it for You for Brian Adams, and Livin' La Vida Loca for Ricky Martin, and everything Madonna recorded after 1987, except for Vouge, which I co-wrote with my buddy, Dave... And Streets of Philidelphia for Bruce Springstein, and Who will save your Soul for Jewel, and I Believe I can Fly for R. Kelly, and Come to my Window for Mellissa Ethridge, and almost the whole album, Night Moves for Bob Seger, and No Scrubs for TLC, and--

Louise: You know what Brian? Brian, Brian, You know what? You don't have to try to impress anybody here.

Brian: What's that supposed to mean?

Mandy: You know what, Louise, it's okay.

Louise: No, no. Mandy, it's not okay. (to Brian) Are you really gonna stick to your story?

Brian: What story? I mean, I--

Louise: That you wrote all those songs?

Brian: I did. I wrote all them songs!

Louise: Really? You wrote all those songs?

Brain: Yeah.

Louise: So, can you write a song for Mandy?

Brian: Sure.

Louise: Write Mandy Moore a song right now.

Brian: Okay, cool. Yeah, sure. (picks up guitar case)

Mandy: Oh! You brought your guitar?

Brian: Yeah, well, I keep my wallet in my guitar case, so I kinda gotta bring it everywhere, right? (opens guitar case, and gets guitar) (starts tuning guitar, and does an improv jazz note)

(Mandy laughs)

Brian: (starts singing to guitar music)
I look into your eyes, I'm free
And, in your arms is where I wanna be
'Cause that's the bestest place there is for me
Oh, darlin', darlin', darlin', can't you...

Lousise: See?

Brian: see

Louise: I think we've heard enough. I think we've heard enough.

Mandy: I think it's very pretty. VERY pretty.

Louise: Mandy, Mandy. This man is a fraud and a liar and I think he's taking advantage of your sweet kindness. Okay? So, let's just go.

(They stand up and begin to walk ou)

Mandy: Thank you. Bye!

(They leave)

(Three Weeks later...) (Mandy and Louise enter a miniature golf course with a public radio playing music)

Radio host: Now that one takes you back. Coming up now, we've got the latest from the material girl herself. It's brand new, but going all the way to the top. Here's Madonna with, Everytime I look into your eyes.

(Mandy stops golfing by the radio announcement)

On radio:
Anytime, I look into your eyes, I'm free
In your arms is where I wanna be
'Cause that's the bestest place there is for me
Oh, darlin', darlin', darlin', can't you...

Louise: See?

On radio:

Mandy: You are SO fired.

(Louise looks shocked)

Mandy: Uh ah! Get to steppin', BITCH! Let's go!

Louise: What'd I do?

Mandy: NOW!

Louise: What'd'd I do?

Mandy: You heard me! GO!


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