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Old 06/02/2009, 3:33 AM
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Default MADtv Studio History

This is a brief history of the studios, and stages MADtv has had so far in it's 15 season run.

Hollywood Center Studios (Season 1-12, 15- Present, 1995-2007, 2016- Present)

Hollywood Center Studios opened in 1919, and for years has produced some of the most famous shows ever to grace the television screen, like The Beverley Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, and Jeopardy!. Most of MADtv's most memorable moments were filmed at HCS. In 2007, after 12 years at the studio, MADtv was forced to leave and find a cheaper studio, due to the shows budget being cut. In 2016, MADtv returned to HCS for the revival of the show on The CW network.

The Henry Fonda Music Box Theater (Season 13, 2007-2008)

The Henry Fonda Music Box Theater was a stage that opened in 1920, as a musical stage. Over the decades, the Music Box became a hub of the Los Angeles music scene, with many acts playing there. The stage was usually for musical acts that were too big for clubs, but not big enough for arenas. In 2007, after having a severely budget cut brought down by the broadcasting network Fox, the hit sketch show MADtv moved there filming location to the Music Box for there 13th seasons. MADtv's move to the Music Box was not without it's troubles, as the show was having troubles filming in the complex dimensions of the Box. Due to these complications, and many other factors, the show decided to leave the Box at the end of the season, and move back to a studio setting.

The Sunset Bronson Studios (Season 14, 2008-2009)

After a not so successful season at The Henry Fonda Music Box, MADtv decided to refresh it's fortunes by moving back to a studio setting. However, since they were unable to get there old studio at Hollywood Center, so they decided to start a new in a new studio. The Sunset Bronson Studio. The Sunset Bronson Studios was built in the very beginning of the development of Hollywood, but would soon become the home of one of the biggest movie production companies in Hollywood, the Warner Bros. production company. In 2007, Warner Bros. sold the rights to the lot to the joint Sunset Bronson, and Sunset Grower group. A year later, MADtv moved into the studio for it's 14th season, in the hopes that the stage would truly begin the new era of MADtv.

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Old 06/02/2009, 11:06 AM
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Thanks Miss Information for all of that.

It's sad, their first location was great, I wish they never would have moved. I still feel like the move helped contribute to the downfall of the show, it wasn't the only thing, but it was one of them. But it cool to see that the show lasted so well for 12 years in the same place, and actually started to pick up again when they got back to a studio.

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Old 06/02/2009, 2:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Miss Information View Post
This is a brief history of the studios, and stages MADtv has had so far in it's 14 year run.

In 1995, the studio was chosen to produce what would also become one of the best television shows ever, MADtv. Most of MADtv's most memorable moments were filmed at the Center.

I think this is a great article and thanks to whoever put it together. It clearly took a lot of time, and I appreciate that, but personally, I think Miss Information should be less opinion based and more fact based (not that the tvman Kool-Aid doesn't taste great, but Miss Information shouldn't be drinking it.)
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Old 06/02/2009, 3:01 PM
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Well nick, in this case me and Miss I were both sturring the Kool Aid together if you know what I mean.


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