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Old 09/20/2008, 12:50 AM
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Default A Good Impression (#1311)


Fred: Keegan-Michael Key
Fred's Wife: Nicole Parker
Worker : Johnny Sanchez
George: Bobby Lee
Jerry: Dan Oster


(When something is in bold and in italics, that means that it is a descriptive moment).


(Fred is looking for his cufflinks).

Fred: Honey, have you see my cufflinks?

Fred's Wife: Right there on the bed sweetie (Fred get's them on the bed). Alright, I want your honest opinion. Should I go with the white dress or the dark one?

Fred: I think the dark one. Your kind of a messy eater and that way you can get food all over you and no one will notice (Fred's wife laughs. Especially, if there (in Bill Cosby's voice)

serving chocolate pudding tonight (Fred's wife laughs)! You wouldn't want to get chocolate pudding all over you, ya see, ya see! Chocolate pudding, we use it in the pudding pops!

Fred's Wife: Ok, ok, that's enough Dr. Huxtible (laughs). You know Fred, you should do your Bill Cosby impression at the party tonight. It's really good.

Fred: Honey, I don't know. I wouldn't want to steal focus, the parties about Georges promotion, not my Bill Cosby impression.

(Scene switches to the party, with the worker running up to make a speech).

Worker: Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is about George. 15 years and he still hasn't been fired (everybody laughs)! So in honour of this achievement, we pulled some strings, and got a very special guest to come here tonight and say a few words. Mr. Bill Cosby!

(Fred is about to get up when Jerry runs by and get's on stage).

Jerry: Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen it's good to be here tonight. A boobidy boobidy boobidy I'm Bill Closby!

(George laughs as Fred looks around miffed).

Jerry (off screen): A boobidy boobidy I'm Bill Closby!

(George laughs).

Fred: Who is this guy?

George: Some new guy in accounting. Jerry something. He's hysterical! What an amazing Cosby!

Fred: I don't know if it's amazing.

Jerry: A doopidy doopidy doopidy, ya see Rudy!

(George laughs)

George: Come on man, why aren't you laughing?

Fred: I just don't think it's that funny...

Jerry: Whoa, I like to eat the blueberries (off screen). I'm Bill Closby.

(George laughs)

Fred: I mean he calls himself Bill Closby.

Jerry: Excuse me, can you people help me, I got uncontrollable diaria ya see.

(Scene slows down as everyone is laughing except for Fred)

Jerry (in slow motion): A doobidy doobidy.

Fred: Oh come on! Bill Cosby does not have uncontrollable diaria!

Jerry: Whoa man.

Fred: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's, it's, it's just not really that good of an impression.

Jerry: Uh, no it's cool, I get it. Uh, a white guy can't impersonate a black comedian. (off screen) Sorry if I offended you.

Fred: I don't care about that it's just...

Jerry: That you’re racist?

Fred: No, it's just the ****** Cosby!

Jerry: Fine dude! Let’s hear you do it! I'm sure we would all like to hear your amazing Bill Closby.

(Fred comes up and grabs the microphone).

Fred: Fine. (in a high voice) Hey Rudy (regular voice). Sorry, just hang on (clears throat. High voice). Hey Rudy (regular voice). It's just I usually need a little practice first (low voice). Kid's say the dandiest...

Damn it. Hey Theo... Ya see.

Jerry: Yeah, um no. It's cool man. You gonna chill out now?

Fred's Wife: Sit, sit down Fred.

(Fred walks back to his seat in shame).

Fred: I just need a little water or something.

(Fred's wife consoles him).

Jerry: now where was I, oh yeah a boobidy boobidy boobidy I'm Bill Closby!

(Everybody laughs).

Fred (to George):

I guess he does an ok Cosby.

Jerry (off screen): A doobidy doobidy doobidy.

(Sketch ends).


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