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Old 11/29/2002, 2:11 PM
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Default Season 8 thus far

So now that 6 episodes are done so far from this season, lets analise it. First of all, the season 8 has a distinct difference from that of season 7.
-No Encores
-Less Recurring Characters
-Fairly decent cast
-No cast closings, just a finishing sketch
-More recurring celebrities/parodies
-More Music Videos

Having no encores is a good thing. Heck, what IS there to encore from last season. Less recurring characters is better, although the Stuart ones still run too long. The new way of ending the show is a good way to see the cast in improve which makes them more likeable. However there are too many music videos and music guests like in season 6. The guest star list isn't exactly overly impressing either. Some good ones, some terrible ones, none very rememorable though. There is much more emphasis on recurring celebrities and parodies: especially TV shows. Only 1 trailer so far (AAA) which isn't good but that's what MAD Magazine was all about and it's easier to keep these fresh. The cast isn't perfect but has improved...
Mo Collins, Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson and (he's getting stale) Aries Spears are all great. Stephnie Weir has really made a name for herself fitting in very nicely with some older castmembers and is becoming a MAD diva the way she's going. Frank still seems a little shy to fit in but his impressions are keeping him healthy. Bobby Lee I can see tries hard for the roles he's given but he isn't given an equal shot as some others. he always plays an extra in sketches and id denied star roles. Jill-Michele Melean is treated like a featured player and has been absent during half the episodes. She's very talented but isn't given a chance. Ike and Josh have too many roles for featured players: more than some perminant castmembers which is wrong. They overshadow who this year's talent is suppose to be, not that they aren't talented but it's not their show! Simon and Ron also seem pretty funny.
Animation has also returned by popular demand. PSHR's are back and It's a Big Ass Pumpkin Chucky Brown are warmly welcome. Some episodes have around 15 sketches instead of 8. And for some reason the non-cast video sketchs (Indiana U and Jump Rope sketches) are a nice treat.
So, it's getting better. The cast has done their part but the writers are not. The satire sketches are all great this year though. Overall, not season 5 quality but I would say around season 3 some episodes or season 6.

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Old 11/29/2002, 6:39 PM
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Well said Mad Dog, I'd have to agree... Its a much better improvement over last season... My only wish is that they stop doing less musical performances, those really kill the show IMO... I mean who wants to watch these performers sing a short version of their songs on a comedy show, it has nothing to do with it... Sure, have celebrity guests appear in sketches, that's awesome, I always loved that...

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Old 12/01/2002, 8:38 PM
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I agree. The musical performances are getting old. Too many of them kill the show. Last week it was Kelly Osbourne and next week it's SUM41. I also think the cast should do their farewells like they did in the other seasons. I hate the fact that it ends with a small continued sketch. KEEP THE STUARTS COMING! I don't mind the Stuart sketches at all. Stuart makes the show good when the other sketches suck
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Old 12/11/2002, 7:03 PM
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Default Yeah..

I think that Season 8, so far, is about equal to Season 7, which isn't that good. And personally, I miss the recurring characters. I don't miss the outplayed ones like Stuart or Miss Swan, but I really miss characters like Bunifa, Antonia, Jasmine Wayne-Wayne + Michael McLoud, and Lida + Melina. I know that many of the actors who played those characters have left, but there are no new recurring characters that even come near some of those characters.

The void left by cast members leaving is more obvious than ever right now. Nicole's dissapearance left the biggest gap the show has ever had, one which has never been filled. I do like Stephanie Weir though. She is the only fairly new cast member that I can even tolerate. I thought that maybe some of these new people would grow on me, but so far not a single one. In my opinion, Debra is the standout one this season. Last weeks skit she did at the slushie shop made me laugh harder than almost anything this season. And her interviews at the Emmys and the 007 premire made me almost forget that Alex and Will weren't there anymore because she just shined. Still, Season 5 is my favorite season so far.

Matt (the OTHER one)

"If you want to be a better actor - a better lawyer, doctor, teacher - anything - be a better human being." ~ Debra Wilson
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Old 12/14/2002, 5:32 PM
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Default In Agree-ance

I have to agree w/you all. The music 'talent' is lacking quite a bit, and is usually a good time for me to grab for the remote. I would also like to see more of our favorite recurring char's. I keep hoping to see more Dot. Stephanie has done a really great job, and is great in the spot-light. And sadly, both of the Lorraine sketches I've seen this season just didn't have the same 'Mo' feel to them like before. But, on I watch, hoping for the best episode ever, like a junkie waiting for his next fix!
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Old 12/16/2002, 7:26 AM
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Debra has appeared half naked twice in one episode.
A definate improvement over the other season.
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Old 12/16/2002, 7:55 PM
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Speaking of Stephanie weir...

Has anybody noticed that Stephanie Weir's "annoying, obnoxious" voice wasn't really present this season? It seems like a big improvement over season 7, where her whiny voice was there all the time. It's not like I have anything against her "Dot" voice, but I really want to see her more now that people are feeling better about her. A lot of people who watched MADtv thought that she wasn't serious about comedy when she started the "Dot voice" habit but now I guess they've changed their minds.

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Old 12/17/2002, 1:37 PM
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Lorraine's in the next episode! Woowoo!

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