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Old 03/16/2004, 4:46 PM
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My review (2.5 years later!)

Hot up Herrre: This was okay. There wasn't as much to it as other music video parodies, and I was expecting so much more. I could hardly hear the audio at times, so it was just watching Michael, Bobby, Ike and Josh bump and grind pretty heavily.... looked like they enjoyed it. 2.5/5

The Jackie Chan Show: Jackie Chan was a waste of a guest star. He didn't need to be on the show, when they have Bobby, who does a hilarious impression of Jackie Chan. They could have at least used Bobby in this sketch. I still enjoyed it, but the whole guest star concept is kinda stupid sometimes. I loved "the roof is on fire" and how Owen Wilson always contradicts everything, and the Chris points that out. I love those 2 impressions. 3.5/5

Stuart: Piano Lesson: I love Stuart sketches from post season 6. They are always really sharp. Michael puts in great one liners for Stuart, like "Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet" I always laugh at it. And how all of a sudden his pants were just gone... LOL! Mo's hair was funny too. Definitely one of the better sketches of the night. 5/5

Public Schoolhouse Rocks!: Fatty Fatty Fatty: I didn't know if it was just me, but I couldn't hear parts of it. I thought it was hilarious though, especially the bit with the horse.... gross. 5/5

Emmy Awards 02: BEST thing about the night. Totally hilarious, totally awesome. Michael is balding. Stupid Steadman! He was dragging Oprah away from her biggest fan. I liked how John Ritter was on it. 5/5

50's Diner: This was pretty boring. reinforces how much I dislike Ike. He is terrible in this. Stephnie was good though, and Debra was funny. 3.5/5

Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress AD II: I loved the first one, but this one was nowhere near as good. It was still pretty funny, but I was expecting variety on the previosu sketch. They used the same jokes, the same themes, but Jill's character was funny, and so were the Druids and the ray gun kept falling apart. Rebecca Finkleberg makes these sketches. She should be a stand alone recurring character. 4.5/5

Detention: This was lame except for the last line. Josh stood out, but Ike... sheesh. He is terrible. 2/5

Insomnia talk: This was great. Frank's impression of Robin Williams was really accurate it was hilarious. 4/5

Overall: A great episode overall, but I had seen the Stuart sketch, so It kind of detracted from my enjoyment of the sketch. But the Insomnia talk, Stuart sketch, Glamazon Huntresses and Emmy Awards were great, as well as the Jackie Chan show. It feels like something is missing from the show, though.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 03/16/2004, 7:23 PM
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Default Episode #803

Music Video Parody: Father Kelly and The Priests "Hot Up Here"
This was pretty funny, not a great video parody but not awful either.

The Jackie Chan Show
This was good i liked how they used the Anna Nicole show theme. The two lead impressions were good.

Stuart: Piano Lesson
This was one of the better Stuart sketches ive seen, perhaps it was because Michael tryed something different this time with Stuart he seemed more mature or something.

Public School House Rocks: Obesity
Lol this was pretty gross but hiliarous at the same time. Although it wasnt as good as the previous ones IMO.

Emmy Awards '02
This was awesome, the interaction between Michael and Debra was good. Notice how nervous Debra was when see saw Oprah lol (and why wouldnt u be).

'50s Diner
This was pretty good, it seemed to make its point and move on.
Debra and Aries were good.

Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: AD Pt.II
I liked this one, not as good as the first but i still enjoyed it.

Steve Wellington: Detention
I expected this to be really bad from what i'd heard but i didnt think it was so bad, even if it did run on a bit too long.

Close: Insomnia Talk w/ Robin Williams and Al Pacino
Good stuff by Frank this was a great closing to the show.

I enjoyed this episode it was pretty good with none of the sketches being below par.

*All sketch names appear courtesy of Mysteres Episode Guide

-------"The real funny beneath the funny"-------
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Old 06/19/2004, 6:36 PM
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Stuart's Piano Lesson: I saw it on CC, and it made a Doreen fan out of me. I didn't think much of Doreen untill this exagerrated version of Doreen made me lol. And best, Mo tried not to crack up; it was funny! Her coming down with different hair styles was also delight. And the chicken part!

"I appreciate you're trying to give Stuart some positive feedback, but honestly!! I have heard better plauing than that from chickens at the COUNTY FAIR! Clack-glack-glack! Clack-glack-glack! Ugghhh-guhh-guhh!"

I'm a fan for the Glamzon Huntresses sketches, so I loved this one! Can't reember much from it though...

"Well, I know what you mean! My son's childcare called this morning, apparently there was a bomb scare!"

Dixie Wetsworth: I'm Dixie Wetsworth. You like? I like!

Dancer: Oh, I'm not white. I'm Navajo.
Bunifa Jackson: Well I'm not a ho, either!

Abercrombie Guy 1: So what'd you guys do last night?
Abercrombie Guy 2: Me and the guys from the Crew team went skinny dipping in the lake under the moonlight.
Abercrombie Guy 3: Solid. Yeah, me and some of my lacrosse buddies went to the old hunting lodge and took showers together.
Abercrombie Guy 1 : I played touch football in a wheat field with my girlfriend and 13 guys from the water polo team. Then she split and we gave each other hand jobs.

Cloret: Who the hell is Count-less Va-john?
Countess Vaughn: It's actually Countess Vaughn. I'm on "The Parkers", it's on the UPN.
Cloret: You on the UPN? That explains why I ain't never seen't you.

Police Officer: Was he a black man or a white man?
Ms. Swan: You know... black-a like you, black-a like me.
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Old 01/19/2007, 2:33 PM
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Hot Up Here: This was ok at best. Not a great video, it was just kind of...blah, and pales in comparison to most other music videos. ½
The Jackie Chan Show: I didn't really like this....at all. Seemed like a failed attempt to top The Anna Nicole Show, and it REALLY failed in trying.
Stuart: Piano Lesson: This is one of my favorite Stuart sketches ever, and it was almost on par with the ones from Seasons 4-5. I think Season 8's Stuart sketches were all almost as good (some of them even being better) then the classic Season 4/5 ones. But yeah, this was excellent, the best part was Doreen's hairstyles.
Public School House Rock: Fatty Fatty Fatty: This was awesome, I love the Public School House Rock videos, and this was one of the best IMO. Awesome.
Red Carpet Event: Emmys 02: Debra is great at Red Carpet events and Michael was surprisingly good, too. I liked this, but especially when they were interviewing Jimmy Fallon and said "You guys have to make movies, right?".
50s Diner: This was short but sweet. The ending was the best with the Diet Coke LOL. Pretty good. ½
Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: AD Pt.II: I actually liked this better then the 1st one. Yes, it was the exact same storyline, but I think that was the point - to show things like this are repetitive. Even though the "this show is fake" jokes have been done a million times before, I still laughed at the gun scene and when they showed the ant being moved by 2 people.
Detention: This sucked. It didn't even feel like MADtv, it felt like I was watching Full House or something. I know that was kind of the point...but they didn't really...showcase it well.
Close: Pretty good, but ran on a bit too long.

Overall: Even though Detention sucked and the show got off to a mediocre start, I liked this episode. The only sketch I truly hated was Detention, and even if The Jackie Chan Show and Hot In Here weren't good, they weren't too bad overall. Good episode.


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Old 03/02/2007, 8:41 AM
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I suppose no one would know what the songs Stuart plays in the Piano Lessons are? Or if you'd know where I could ask? That one song he played (second or third, something in the middle anyways) is just so amazing, I need to have it
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Old 04/27/2007, 6:55 PM
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This episode aired on Comedy Central today....so I guess I'll review it.

Hot Up Here: Rather weak for a music video...just not funny, really. 2/5

The Jackie Chan Show: Jackie Chan was a random guest. The sketch was pretty good, though. 3.5/5

Stuart: Piano Lesson - This was good for a post Season 6 Stuart but pales in comparison to ones from Seasons 4, 5, and 6. Not bad, though...Mo's hairstyles were a riot. 3/5

Public School House Rock: Fatty Fatty Fatty: A classic! The best of the episode, IMO. The 2nd best PSHR, only behind "Interjections". Great sketch, and so true! 5/5

The 2002 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Event: Very good...Debra and Michael were awesome together! Not as good as Will/Alex but still very good. 4/5

50s Diner: Excellent, clever one-off with great cast performance! Loved this one! 4.5/5

Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: AD Pt.II: Very funny, these sketches are hysterical. Really enjoyed this one, especially the "giant ant", and the gun part. 5/5

Detention: This one was pretty bad...it just felt odd. I didn't get it, really...I don't know, but it was weird. 1.5/5

Closing: Meh, Frank's impressions are good but sometimes they're a little boring to me...it was boring here. 2/5

Overall...a pretty good episode. Detention, Hot Up Here, and the closing sucked, but everything else was at least pretty good. I give it a B.

^This post rocks.
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Old 04/27/2007, 9:12 PM
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Did anyone else notice that when they repeated this ep on Comedy Central this time, they used the Season 7 bumpers instead of the S8 ones? Weird.

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