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Old 10/15/2003, 1:06 AM
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Default Episode S06E08 (Aired 2000-12-09)

Cast: Nelson Ascencio, Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Christian Duguay, Michael McDonald, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Featuring: Stephnie Weir

Guest Starring: Cypress Hill and The Grinch Premiere
  • The Excellence In Television Awards (Nelson- Edward James Almos, Alex, Will- James Gandolfini: Tony Soprano)
  • Hammer Time! (Aries- MC Hammer, Nelson- Gerardo, Stephnie- Darva Conger)
  • Lida & Melina: Firefighters (Nicole- Lida, Debra- Melina, Michael- Captain O'Brien)
  • Mrs. Campbell: Hospital (Stephnie- Mrs. Campbell, Nelson, Alex, Debra- Melanie, Mo, Will)
  • Stuart Kidnapped #1 (Christian- Harley, Nicole, Michael- Stuart)
  • Stuart Kidnapped #2 (Christian- Harley, Nicole, Michael- Stuart, Mo- Doreen)
  • The "Grinch" Premiere (Alex & Will; Jenny McCarthy, Mary Stein, Frankie Munez, Jeffrey Tambor, Ron Howard, Richard Schiff, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Rob Zombie, Jim Carrey?)
  • Loopgarue & Hulahoop (Christian- Loopgarue, Mo- Hulahoop, Aries- Mr. Amtrack New Orleans Man)
  • Musical Performance: Cypress Hill "Superstar"
  • Close: Musical Performance: Cypress Hill "Best of Me"

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Old 02/03/2004, 8:49 AM
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An EXCELLENT MADtv episode. I love this episode. Loopgarue & Hulahoop are two of my favorite characters.

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Old 06/19/2004, 1:16 PM
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"How'd you get to be so sweet?"


"Well, I know what you mean! My son's childcare called this morning, apparently there was a bomb scare!"

Dixie Wetsworth: I'm Dixie Wetsworth. You like? I like!

Dancer: Oh, I'm not white. I'm Navajo.
Bunifa Jackson: Well I'm not a ho, either!

Abercrombie Guy 1: So what'd you guys do last night?
Abercrombie Guy 2: Me and the guys from the Crew team went skinny dipping in the lake under the moonlight.
Abercrombie Guy 3: Solid. Yeah, me and some of my lacrosse buddies went to the old hunting lodge and took showers together.
Abercrombie Guy 1 : I played touch football in a wheat field with my girlfriend and 13 guys from the water polo team. Then she split and we gave each other hand jobs.

Cloret: Who the hell is Count-less Va-john?
Countess Vaughn: It's actually Countess Vaughn. I'm on "The Parkers", it's on the UPN.
Cloret: You on the UPN? That explains why I ain't never seen't you.

Police Officer: Was he a black man or a white man?
Ms. Swan: You know... black-a like you, black-a like me.
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Old 02/20/2005, 6:46 PM
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Was this episode aired on 12/02/00?? Cause ep# 609 has the same date.

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Old 12/07/2006, 2:27 PM
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Review from CC.

The Excellence In Television Awards: Pretty funny. Not amazing but it was ok. Edward looking shocked when Alex said he was her soul mate was funny.
Hammer Time!: I actually liked this skit. Debra calling as MC Hammer's mom was the funniest part. .5
Lida and Melina: Firefighters: EXCELLENT. Lida and Melina are hilarious. Even though I don't think the S6 Lida and Melinas were quite as good as the ones from earlier seasons, this was probably the best one from this season.
Mrs. Campbell: Hospital: Was this the 1st Mrs. Campbell? Nevertheless it was funny, I always love the Mrs. Campbell sketches.
Stuart Kidnapped: One of my favorite Stuart sketches. Stuart was hilarious in it, but Mo didn't appear much. I liked Nicole S in this too.
The "Grinch" Premiere: Alex and Will = the best Red Carpet duo ever. Enough said.
Loopgarue & Hulahoop: Weakest sketch of the episode, but still not too bad. .5
Musical Performance: EW. No stars. HORRIBLE band.

Overall: IMO, this was the best Season 6 episode besides the premiere. AWESOME episode. Sadly, after this, it's all downhill for Season 6.


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Old 07/28/2008, 7:44 PM
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If you look at the blond girl at the back of Loopgarue and Hulahoop sketch, she is reading a MAD Magazine. This is the last MAD Magazine references (besides the name of the show) that has been used on the show since.


Rise from the Dead!

Planet MADtv (August 28th 2002- August 28th 2009, August 28th 2010)
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