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Default Nicole Sullivan (The Suite Life of Zach and Cody: "Let Us Entertain You")


"Miss" Klotz: Nicole Sullivan
Carey Martin: Kim Rhodes
Cody Martin: Cole Sprouse
Zack Martin: Dylan Sprouse
Female Passenger #1: Rachel Winfree
Female Passenger #2: Unknown


(When something is in brackets and italicized, that means that it is a descriptive moment.).

When [...] is used, that means that the scene is jumping ahead to a scene that Nicole is in.


Nicole Sullivan's appearance as Miss Klotz on the episode Let Us Entertain You of The Suite Life with Zach and Cody. The Martin family goes on the cruise ship of the hotel the S.S Tipton. Their mother Carey Martin is under the impression that this is a vacation, but she is unaware that the vacation planned by the boys is actually a singing gig for her, and not a vacation at all.


To save time, only the parts that involve, or have a direct effect in a scene with Nicole will be included in the transcript.


(The Martin's arrive on the boat).

Carey Martin: This is so cool!

Cody Martin: And huge (off-screen). I can't believe something this

humongous can float (on-screen). Although that's the same thing I said when I saw Aunt Martha in the pool.

(Carey walks over to a sign that lists the activities for the day, including activities like a seaweed wrap, and puppy yoga)

Carey Martin: Look at all these activities. You can get a relaxing seaweed wrap. I love you! I love you! I love you.

Cody Martin: Good. We’re going to bank that.

(Klotz walks in).

Klotz: Welcome aboard, I'm Miss

Klotz, you must be Carey Martin, and this must be Zach and Cody. Gosh aren't they cute eh.

(Starts patting Zach and Cody down).

Carey Martin: You spoke to Mr. Moseby.

Klotz: At length.

Remember boys, the prison on a ship is the brig.

Cody Martin: Well that was oddly scary.

Klotz: I've got your room key right here. You'll be staying in the King Neptune suite.

Carey Martin: Ohh, do I get my own bedroom?

Klotz: And bathroom.

(Carey hugs Klotz).

Carey Martin: I love you!

Klotz: Oh.

(Carey runs over to the boys).

Carey Martin: I love you!

Klotz: Mmm, we all love each other. Can't wait to see you tonight at the Concert

Under the Stars.

Carey Martin: Ohh do I have to buy tickets?

Klotz: Yeah, like we’re going to make you pay (laughs).

(Klotz leaves).

Carey Martin: I even get complementary show tickets! I love you! I love you! I love you.

Cody Martin: Can we get that in writing?


(Scene shifts to the boat, already in the Caribbean, Carey has just found out in the dining area

that she has to sing to pay for the trip

Klotz: Attention, Carey Martin will now host our Limbo contest.


(Scene shifts to Carey trying to talk to Klotz in the lobby).

Carey Martin: Miss Klotz uh, funny story. You’re going to laugh.

KlotzSigning Something: Oh goodie, I love to laugh.

Carey Martin: Kay um, see my sons agreed that I would sing without telling me.

Klotz: Ohh not laughing.

Hope you’re a better singer than you are a comedian (laughs).

Carey Martin: That's actually rea- really my point is that I'd rather not sing.

Klotz: Ah-ha. No problem (Walks over and grabs a life buoy). Good luck floating back to Boston (walks away).

Carey Martin: Um okay, maybe could I pay for my room?

Klotz: Oh lovely. Here's the rate for the King Neptune Suite.

Carey Martin: Holy Mackerel!

Klotz: Oh no, here's the rate for the Holy Mackerel Suite.

Carey Martin: Don't you have anything less expensive?

(Scene shifts to the Martin's being sent to a storage room)


(After a restless night in the store room, the Martin's go to the dining area to eat. Carey grabs a plate).

Carey Martin: Ok guys here you go.

(Klotz smacks a piece of French bread on the table).

Klotz: The big plates are for full fare passengers only (puts the plates down). Here are the plates for the Sardine Suite.

(Klotz hands her very small plates).

Carey Martin: You’re a heartless woman.

Klotz: Ohh, didn't bother me when my 4 ex-husbands said it, doesn't bother me when you say it.

I don't know (laughs).

Carey Martin: You've been divorced 4 times?

Klotz: Oh no no. Widowed.

(The Martin's lean back. Scene shifts to the Martin's trying to balance all of their food on the little plates before Cody trips and knocks everyone’s food overboard. Due to losing their food, they go back for seconds. Klotz blocks them with the bread).

Klotz: Uh bap bap. One trip only.

Carey Martin: Okay, alright, wait wait! Please, please, please, please, please wait! Alright I'll sing, you win.

Klotz: Enjoy the big plates.

(The food is taken away by the time they get there. Scene shifts to the evening. Carey has severely burned herself sunbathing with a donut on her chest and can't move or perform, so the boys take her place. Klotz walks in very unsatisfied that the boys are singing)

Klotz: What are you doing!

Cody Martin: Lightin up the night with music.

Zach Martin: And entertaining this lovely audience.

Cody Martin: Hit it boys!

Klotz: No, no! Do not hit it boys! You hit it, I hit you (walks up to the main stage)! Give me that microphone(takes the microphone from Zach)! Ladies and gentlemen I am very sorry about this amateur display (covers microphone head with hand). I am going to drop you on an island so small your gonna have to take turns standing on it!

Zach Martin: No look Miss Klotz, were, were, were really, really sorry, but we had to do this. Our mom can't sing.

Klotz: What uh...

(Carey comes out).

Cody Martin (Off-Screen): What he means is that (on-screen) she's a great singer but she can't sing because she's so badly sun burned that she can barely move (off-screen). See (Audience ohh's). Wave to the folk’s mom.

(Carey waves)

Carey Martin: Ow, ow, ow!

Female Passenger #1: Oh so that's where my donut went!

Zach Martin: Since she always does many things for us, we figured this could be one little thing we could do for her.

(Audience is sympathetic).

Klotz: Oh, oh, oh I cannot believe you are buying this bilge!

(Audience boos).

Cody Martin: Oh looks like the bilge has been bought. Your move Klotz.

Female Passenger #2: Let'em sing!

(Audience cheers).

Klotz: Of course I'm going to let them sing. They'll do in a pinch. (Pinches the boy’s cheeks as they moan in pain).

Hit it boys!


(Transcript ends).


Rise from the Dead!

Planet MADtv (August 28th 2002- August 28th 2009, August 28th 2010)

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