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Old 10/15/2003, 6:30 PM
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Default Episode S02E19 (Aired 1997-04-26)

Cast: Bryan Callen, David Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson

Guest Starring: Adam Arkin and Bob Marley
  • Isaac Mizrahi (Adam Arkin-Isaac Mizrahi)
  • Open-Host: Adam Arkin (Adam Arkin-himself, Adam Arkin-Isaac Mizrahi, Nicole-herself)
  • Mary Tyler Moore (Adam Arkin-Edward Asner: Lou Grant, Bryan-Ted Knight: Ted Baxter, David-Gavin MacLeod: Murray Slaughter, Mary-Mary Tyler Moore: Mary Richards, Nicole-Valerie Harper: Rhoda Morgenstern)
  • El Asso Wipo (David Herman-El Asso Wipo, Phil)
  • Kenny Kingston Show (Bryan, David-Kenny Kingston, Orlando-O.J. Simpson)
  • Good Doc, Bad Doc (Adam Arkin-Dr. Barnes, David, Orlando-Charles, Mary-Ms. Donnelly)
  • UBS Charity (David, Phil-UBS Guy: Jaq)
  • Joel & Connie-College (Bryan-Mark Linder, David-Joel Linder, Orlando-Carl, Mary-Connie Linder)
  • Lowered Expectations-Ginger (Mary-Ginger Snapz)
  • Monologue-Bob Marley (Bob Marley-himself, Phil-himself)
  • Spy Vs. Spy-Ants **animation**

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Old 11/08/2004, 6:55 PM
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Another of the great Season 2 eps! Pretty much everything here works, despite Nicole's curiously muted presence. (She appears in only the opening and the well-acted "Mary Tyler Moore" coming-out parody.) I've always found the whole "Argentinian wrestlers" recurring sketches to be somewhat tedious; however, the sketch featured in this eppy (w/ Pablo Francisco as a pre-Chris Hogan El Asso Wipo) is actually pretty funny. In all honesty, though, if (like me) you saw Season 3's recurring sketches before viewing this, then the "Senor Bag of Crap" joke at the end would seem a bit obvious. The UBS sketch is one of Phil's funnier ones, to me at least (for WTF that's worth!) Guest star Adam Arkin's impression of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi is suitably drama-queenesque. Bob Marley's monologue rocks, too, even if the performer no longer wears his trademark dreads. (Yes, these are the jokes, people!)

For my nonexistent money, though, the three best sketches in this eppy are "Good Doc, Bad Doc," the "Kenny Kingston Show" parody, and the Joel and Connie sketch. In the first, David Herman and Arkin play doctors who try to get Orlando Jones to "confess" to having a kidney disorder. Really witty play on the whole "good cop/bad cop" bullsh*t you see on police dramas. In the second, David Herman's Kingston talks with Orlando's O.J. Simpson about his "search"--on various golf courses!-- for his wife's real killer. (Frankly, ol' Juice seems a bit more concerned w/ his handicap than with "solving" the crime...lol.) And what more can I say about the Linders except that I'm glad that they're not my parents?!? (Hell, mine are bad enough...hehehehehe.)

The only thing that drags down this ep is Mary Scheer's "Lowered Expectations" bit. Interestingly enough, hardly anyone in the audience laughs during the sketch; in fact, no one applauds until the end. Hmmm, care to guess why?

"Spy vs. Spy"...whatever.

Anyhoo, I'm giving Ep 219 an official 4.5/5 stars. Now I'm gonna shut the f**k up and see about getting one of those cool messages to place under my Nic pic; for, as you see, this is my...

100TH POST! I ROCK...or something.

Ah, yes, the anticipation mounts!

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