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Old 03/30/2004, 7:24 AM
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When Camera Crews Collide: This was pretty mediocre. I didn't like Mo's impression of Sharon Osbourne- not screechy and whiny enough IMO. Michael's impression of Ozzy was pretty great, and Stephnie's Anna Nicole, while still funny, was nowhere near as good as last weeks sketch (Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Room, which is my favourite Anna Nicole sketch). I couldn't even hear what Bobby was saying in this. While Frank's Leno impression may be accurate, it sure as hell isn't funny, and Aries was supposed to be O.J Simpson? WHAT THE ****?!?!?! The guy is the worst impressionist the show has ever had. I am so sick of him right now it's not even funny. I know this is season 8, but I've been watching season 9 too and he sucks. Anyway, there were some good elements to this sketch, but like I said before, it was mediocre. The best bit was when Anna was picking up Howards ashes. 3/5

Music Video Parody: "Translation" by Shakira This was okay... not much to really say here that hasn't been already said. I liked the animation, and I knew of the song, but that's maybe because it came out two years before I wrote this review. Mo is pretty good here, not great. It was better than last weeks ridiculous Eve video, but what was the point of all the season 8 music videos? The ones I've seen so far haven't been that great. 2.5/5

Bambi: Threesome This character wasn't even really that funny IMO. It was aiight, but kind of disgusting and WAY too long. On my second viewing, I timed it, and it was almost 9 minutes long. Bryan Cranston was great here, as was Stephnie, Mo was okay. It was funny when she kept smelling her armpits, and was putting the balls in her pants. I don't care if I don't see this character again, there was nothing special about it. The haircut reminded me of Kenny Rogers, however. 2.5/5

John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper FINALLY, the show picks up here. I love the Madden Impression, and being from NZ I barely know who Madden is (I had never heard of him before I started watching MAD tv) but this is definitely Frank's signature character because he puts such life into it. This was an excellent sketch. I loved everything about it, especially the ease with which Bobby used the Quick Pop Popcorn Popper. 5/5

News Reporter/Mrs. Campbell: Fastfood Lawsuit News Story This was an awesome Mrs Campbell sketch. I gained new appreciation for her after this sketch, having only seen 2 others- SUV's are fun (awesome) and The Apprentice (Mediocre). I loved Jill and Frank in this sketch also. I would have liked to have seen Jill develop this character more, I bet it would have gotten even better. But this sketch made the episode so much better than it was or should have been. 5/5

Wayne Brady Show: Ja Rule Oh wow, another sketch with Aries not dressed in costume, pretending to be an actor. I didn't like anything about this one. Debra was AWFUL, and it was her only sketch of the entire show, Aries as usual was awful and the guest star was twice as awful. Please, no more rappers if they aren't funny. It worked with Xzibit because he had a personality, whereas Ja Rule doesn't. I was glad when this sketch finally ended. This segment wasn't funny in season 7, or season 8, so why did they bring it back for season 9? Lazy ass writers. Worst of the night. 0/5

Wal-Mart: Rolling Over the Competition This was pretty funny. I liked all the attacks and murders. Another case for me of not knowing what the hell they were parodying, but I'm familiar with Wal Mart and we even have our own kind of Wal Mart over here so I thought this was really funny. My brother just farted in his sleep. Gross. 3.5/5

Crossing Over Michael wrote this sketch, and it was obvious because it was awesome. Seriously, they need to fire some of the writing staff and hire Stephnie and Michael. The 2 of them are easily the best writers on the show right now. Everyone was great in this sketch, even Ike, who didn't annoy me that much in this episode. I especially liked the quip about Josh's Mom watching over him, and he needs to stop masturbating all the time. LMAO. Stephnie's genital squeezing voice or whatever, this was just a great sketch. I loved the teeth also. 5/5

Earl Scheib's Police Car Body Shop This was okay. Nothing at all to say here really. Ike was okay 2.5/5

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Shaggy I stopped my tape and watched the Crossing Over sketch again when this was on .

Close: Bobby Loves the Audience Pretty creative Idea IMO. And it was funny too. When the black lady told him not kiss her, and when he rubbed his face right up on the large guys nipple... lol. Bobby is funny in the right elements. 3.5/5


Stuff I loved:
- Mrs Campbell/ Vicky Chan
- John Madden's Quick Pop Popcorn maker
- Crossing over

Stuff I thought was okay:
- Reality TV clash
- Bambi
- Wal Mart
- Shakira Video
- Bobby loves the Audience
- Earl Scheib

Stuff I hated:
- Wayne Brady show
- Shaggy

Up and down episode. Even when there are really horrible sketches, I still enjoy the show on the whole when sketches like Madden Popcorn, Mrs Campbell and Crossing Over air. I'll give this episode a 7.5/10.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 03/30/2004, 2:20 PM
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Damn i forgot to change my VCR from daylight savings time lol so i taped something an hour before MAD was on

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Old 04/09/2004, 3:59 AM
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Music Video: Shakira "Translation" transcript ("????????" Mo- Shakira; Ike & Jill, Album: Subtitles Required, Director: Ricky Ricardo Jr.)
Jill wasn't in this, it was just an extra. I've watched it at least 5 times just to see if it is her, and it's not.

What happened to Andrae?
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Old 04/09/2004, 10:30 AM
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I second that. The girl by Ike was much Thinner than Jill.

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Old 06/20/2004, 1:46 PM
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When Camera Crews Collide
- This was pretty hilarious. I loved everyone's impresssions (except Ike...it wasn't an impression). The way the shows keep colliding is so funny. And the ending was great when all the shows said they'll be back.

Music Video Parody: "Translation" by Shakira- Hmmm... I guess I'm the only one that loved this. It was funny how they made it look like Shakira couldn't speak English. "Mouth Talk", lol.

John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper- I love Frank's impression of John Madden. This was funny because it couldn't operate a simple popcorn popper. And I like how Bobby was able to use it. And when he put in the plug, thewy both jumped back, lol!

News Reporter/Mrs. Campbell: Fastfood Lawsuit News Story- I loved this; I've always been a fan for Mrs. Campbell. Stephnie had some good lines here "You know, honey, there's a war going on."

Wal-Mart: Rolling Over the Competition- I don't remember much of this, but I like how they made it look like Wal-Mart was spreading around by using those herds of smilies. And when that one smiley stabbed that lady and she was screaming, lol!!

Crossing Over- I've seen an episode of the real thing, and I like how it was parodied here. I like how they made him look fake when he asked about a person and the person he was talking to was like "No.. but my mother's name was Jane" (this is an example.. I don't remember the real thing). The teeth was interesting, I don't remember John Edwards having bad teeth.

Close: Bobby Loves the Audience- This was funny... I can't believe they don't like BOBBY! He's too funny! And it's cool to see how it's like after the tapings are over... it's almost like you're ther.

"Well, I know what you mean! My son's childcare called this morning, apparently there was a bomb scare!"

Dixie Wetsworth: I'm Dixie Wetsworth. You like? I like!

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Abercrombie Guy 1: So what'd you guys do last night?
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Abercrombie Guy 3: Solid. Yeah, me and some of my lacrosse buddies went to the old hunting lodge and took showers together.
Abercrombie Guy 1 : I played touch football in a wheat field with my girlfriend and 13 guys from the water polo team. Then she split and we gave each other hand jobs.

Cloret: Who the hell is Count-less Va-john?
Countess Vaughn: It's actually Countess Vaughn. I'm on "The Parkers", it's on the UPN.
Cloret: You on the UPN? That explains why I ain't never seen't you.

Police Officer: Was he a black man or a white man?
Ms. Swan: You know... black-a like you, black-a like me.
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Old 01/31/2005, 7:40 PM
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I would like to point out that this episode was submitted for Emmy consideration. Episode #816 was also included on the "For Your Consideration..." tape as a bonus episode.

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Old 04/02/2007, 2:48 PM
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When Camera Crews Collide: This was a creative idea, but it wasn't really all that funny. It had it it's moments, but I wasn't rolling or anything. Not a bad sketch, though, and all the impressions were good...well, besides Aries's GAWD-AWFUL OJ Simpson.
Music Video: Translation: This was pretty bad, and a huge disappointment after the awesome-ness of Whatever, Don't Matter. BUT, Mo's Shakira was of course spot on, so that earns an extra point for it.
Bambi: Threesome: I liked this, it was funny. Bambi could've been a good character, too, if she was recurred. It did run on a little too long though.
John Madden's Quick Popcorn Popper: This was AWESOME, and of course, the best John Madden sketch. 5-star sketch ALL THE WAY, this was hilarious.
Mrs. Campbell Fast-Food Action Lawsuit: Another awesome, 5-star sketch. Mrs. Campbell RULES. I loved this, this was also my favorite Mrs. Campbell sketch. Jill was good here, too, and I guess Frank.
Wayne Brady Show: Ja Rule: Debra was really funny in this, and the concept was kind of funny, but it was just ok overall. Nothing special. Aries's "impression" of Wayne Brady was also gawd-awful, of course.
Wal-Mart: Rolling Over the Competition: This was sick, twisted, and just flat out gross. Which is why it was hilarious! It was also true in every way. Woo!
Crossing Over: This was HILARIOUS, another 5-star sketch. The best parts for me were when he was talking to Frank's wife. "She seems to be making a 0 with her hands...oh yes, that's the number of orgasms you gave her.". "But...she said she loves me!". "Oh, she's holding an Oscar, saying she's a great actress!". LMAO.
Earl Scheib's Police Car Body Shop: This was alright. It was short, so it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't anything amazing.
Musical Performance: WTF?!
Close: Bobby Loves the Audience: I like the Season 8 closings. They weren't just continuations of sketches, they actually had points. This was good.

Overall: For the most part, a really impressive episode. It had THREE five-star sketches, which is pretty rare, but at the same time it had a lot of "meh" sketches (Police Car Body Shop, Shakira, Camera Crews Collide). Still, nothing was really horrible, and it was a really good episode to me for the most part.


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