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Old 04/07/2004, 5:20 AM
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Default Episode #806

Music Video: George W. Bush "Hiding in My Closet"
This was ok, nothing special here.

Lorraine: Florida University Video
I thought this was pretty funny. Thumbs up!

Oprah Winfrey's Dr. Phil Show: Plastic Surgery
I thought this was pretty good even though it was a bit long. Whats the deal with Oprah killing people anyway?

Music Video: *NSYNC "Center Of My World"
This seemed a little weird and kinda pointless.

Viagra Commercial
This was pretty good it was short too.

60 Minutes Interview w/ Eminem
This wasnt that great although i thought the guest star did a good job.

The Birthday Train
This was good, Josh's performance in this was probably the highlight.

Spears On Sports
I actually didnt mind this sketch, a different idea and at least it wasnt too long.

Musical Performance: The Strokes

Musical Performance: The Strokes perform again
No you didnt just put on another musical performace!!

Close: George W. and Barbara Bush Watch "MadTV"
A good way to end the show.

A disappointing episode overall, it was good to see Frank appear in every sketch (i thought id never see the day!) although that was still not enough to save this "average" episode.

*All sketch names appear courtesy of Mysteres Episode Guide

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Old 04/07/2004, 9:52 AM
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Originally posted by Jim_Cockhurtz
It looks like a painted on star... or just paint.

Man did this episode suck. I liked the *NSYNC video, but the impressions weren't that great- Ike was funny as Chris though. I liked Lorraine, and Fuddermuckers, the Viagra sketch was okay, but nothing was stellar. Dr Phil was bad, except Stephnie, man was she funny in that! The George Dubya video was okay... I'll edit in a proper review later. All in all, this was the worst episode of the season that I have seen so far. It was COMPLETELY unfunny, but it was odd.

Ok, I wasn't sure...............Relax I personally think it gets worse. LOL

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Old 04/09/2004, 4:57 AM
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Originally posted by Jim_Cockhurtz

Ike played Chris Kirkpatrick, and Frank played Joey Fatone. You have them listed the other way around. Ron also played a reporter and Bobby played Satan at the very end of the music video.
LOL, goes to show how much I know about Nsync. I'll update this and the 805 thread sometime soon along w/ some other edits of yours I have saved in notepad. ...I'm off to bed finally.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 04/25/2004, 5:46 PM
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I must be the only person who liked this episode. I thought every bit of it was funny. My favorite part was the Hidin' in my closet parody ( I downloaded it), and it was good to see Frank getting his fair share of airtime. Oh, well, it's just a matter of taste

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Old 03/27/2007, 2:29 PM
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Hidin in my Closet: This was lame for the most part, even if both Mo and Frank's impressions are good. I didn't laugh at this at all. How did this get into the top 3 music videos?
Lorraine at Florida University: Hilarious! Not the best Lorraine sketch, but still really funny.
Dr. Phil: This was alright, probably the only decent Dr. Phil sketch. Oprah really made the sketch here, of course. Not too bad. I also liked the "I will never have sex with anyone unless I commit female rape" part.
N*SYNC: Center of My World: I don't see why they bothered with the N*SYNC sketches anymore after Nicole and Will left. This was pretty bad. WTF was the point of this, anyway? This was just...too weird and random to work. Sometimes the random, WTF-ish sketches work, but this was just TOO weird. I'll give it a star because the worm part was kind of funny.
Commercial: Viagra: This was kind of dumb, but it was kind of funny, too. It was short, so that was good. It gave me a few laughs.
Eminem Interview: Pretty lame, except for Frank's part. Josh's Eminiem is pretty bad. This was just..dumb.
The Birthday Train: This was ok. The premise was funny, and the moustashe part was funny, but it wasn't hilarious. Not a bad one-off, though.
Spears on Sports: WTF? This was just awful. Aries sucks...especially in Seasons 8-10. This was the worst sketch of the episode...just plain awful. Mo shouldn't have been wasted in this.
The Strokes Performance: ...This is the reason i'm glad musical perfomances have been dumped. WTF was this?!?! No rating.
The Strokes Performance #2: ...As if the first one wasn't bad enough.
Close: I really liked this closing, actually, especially "Let's watch The Jeffersosns!". "Oh, The Jeffersons! Happy negroes...there's change!". LMAO. I don't rate closings, but if I did i'd give this 4 stars.

Overall: This was a really...weird episode. It wasn't really that funny either, besides Lorraine, Dr. Phil, and maybe Viagra. It wasn't awful, but it was pretty mediocre, and there were no stand-out sketches.


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