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Old 10/17/2007, 3:13 PM
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Default Casting Challenge

Build a MadTV dream cast around these guidelines.

1. There must be four males and four females- no more, no less.

2. Two of the cast members (no more no less) must be on the current MadTV cast.

3. Two of the cast members you chose (no more, no less) must have spent no more than one season on the show.

4. Two of the cast members you chose (no more, no less) must have spent somewhere from 1-3 seasons on the show.

5. Two of the cast members must be either Latin-American, Korean-American, or African-American. One of these must be a male African-American cast member.

6. One of the cast members you chose (no more, no less), must be from Season One.

7. Your cast must be balanced and perfectly realistic (one that would function on MadTV). However, you can choose your favorite cast members in each category.

8. Needless to say, there can be some overlap in the catagories. I have given you requirements for 9 cast members, but there can only be eight different ones. Of those two current MadTV cast members, for example, one that you choose might be African-American, thereful overlapping with #5. The same applies for your Season One cast member.

8 example: If you chose Nelson Ascencio for your cast, you could fulfill one half of #4 as well as one half of #5, as he is Latin-American. Therefore, while you do have to fulfill the requirements, you can also expand on them. If you chose Ascencio who would double in two of the requirements, you would then be allowed to select Mo Collins, for example, who would otherwise not be eligeable.

9. As for #3 and #4, the cast members that you choose must be former cast members, not on the current show!

10. It's actually easier than it looks, so I was able to put together a cast that included Nicole Sullivan, Mo Collins, and Michael McDonald by having a few cast members that fulfilled two requirements at once.

11. Be careful! Don't fall into any of the traps, and find yourself with two cast members from Season One! Follow the rules!

12. And if you still don't understand the overlapping part, here's how it works.

Sample Cast
Two current cast members
Jordan Peele
Crista Flanagan
1 Year cast members
Andrew Bowen
Lisa Kushell
1-3 Year cast members
Paul Vogt
Nicole Randall Johnson
Nicole Randall Johnson
Jordan Peele
Season One Cast Member
David Herman

So now I do a count up...and I've got Peele, Johnson, Herman, Vogt, Kushell, Bowen, and Flanagan. That's seven! So I can add in one more....do I need a male or a female?
A quick count tells me that I have 3 females and 4 males. So for my last female...

Let's say I want to take Mary Scheer with my last empty slot. Unfortunately, I can't, because I've already got one Season One cast member. Instead, I need another female...who can't be from Season One or from Season 12. I will now choose Alex Borstein to round out the cast.

So that's how it works! Good luck!
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Old 10/17/2007, 3:51 PM
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Crista Flanagan (#2)
Keegan-Michael Key (#2, #5)
Jill-Michele Melean (#3, #5)
Christina Moore (#3)
Pat Kilbane (#4)
Ron Pederson (#4)
Nicole Sullivan (#6)
Will Sasso (#1)

Far from ideal, but still an ace cast.

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Old 10/17/2007, 4:09 PM
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Nicole Parker (#2)
Nicole Sullivan (#6)
Lisa Kushell (#3)
Jill-Michelle Melean (#3, #5)
Jordan Peele (#2, #5)
Pat Kilbane (#4)
Ron Pederson (#4)
Will Sasso (#1)

I think I did it right anyway!

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Old 10/17/2007, 5:25 PM
wonder8484 Male wonder8484 is offline
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The best one I've been able to come up with is this.

Current MadTV cast members are Michael McDonald and Nicole Parker.
The ones who have spent no more than one season on the show are Andrew Bowen and Christian Duguay.
Then I took Orlando Jones and Nicole Randall Johnson.
My selections from #5 were also Johnson and Jones.
My selections for #6 is Nicole Sullivan.

Sullivan, McDonald, Jones, Johnson, Duguay, Bowen, and Parker round out six members of the cast. The final cast member I would take is Mo Collins. That's a pretty strong cast, folks.
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Old 10/18/2007, 1:17 PM
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^Someone has two Season 1 cast members. Then again, I can't say that I'm complaining. Now, as for limiting us to only one Season 1 cast member while allowing us to have two current cast members--why, I'm all up in arms.

Nicole Sullivan [1 (female), 6]
Keegan-Michael Key [1 (male), 2, 5 (African-American male)]
Michael McDonald [1 (male), 2]
Lisa Kushell [1 (female), 3]
Andrew Bowen [1 (male), 3]
Nicole Randall Johnson [1 (female), 4, 5]
Pat Kilbane [1 (male), 4]
Alex Borstein [1 (female)]

Functional enough, I guess.

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Old 10/18/2007, 1:57 PM
wonder8484 Male wonder8484 is offline
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Posts: 319
OOOOOPS! I can't believe I did that. On second thought, I think your cast is probably the best possible one.
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