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Old 05/10/2002, 5:19 PM
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Default Who will stay, who will leave, who will join

frank caliendo- not much done, but i think he'll get much better as time progresses.
mo collins- she's the best cast member on the show. stay now.
michael mcdonald- obviously, he's the most popular guy on the show. no reason to leave.
aries spears- pretty good
stephnie weir- she's been very good this season, i hope she'll bring more great sketches to the show
debra wilson- the second best, i hope that she'll get more airtime... OPRAH AND BUNIFA

alex- well duh, she's been out like half the season.
andrew daly- i like him, he's been getting better and better over the season, but i'm sure madtv will fire his ass out.
will- already announced he's leaving... put in good performances, but will screaming was annoying and his acting skills have been sucked out from a vacuum

kathryn- i'll save the praise for jill... but i didn't really like her that much. however she's definately joining.
taran- very good, will replace andrew
bobby- too busy getting beaten up by will sasso. i had high hopes for him, but now he's just annoying. they'd probably let him join though.
jill-michele melean- so hot, so talented, so impressionist, so latina. join now... and sit in the madtv throne of comedy.

who do you think will stay, leave, and join?

Here we are today.
You look so beautiful I wonder what you dream.
So graceful in what you say
Its all I need to hear your voice everyday.

I wish never to wake up from this dream Im in right now.
Here I am watching clouds from your bedroom window
As were laying here.

And I wake up today
Still smiling in the air.
Wish dreams could be so great.
-early november
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Old 05/10/2002, 7:50 PM
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I wish will wouldnt leave
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Old 05/10/2002, 9:58 PM
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Originally posted by snug_a_lug
I wish will wouldnt leave
i'm with you! i hope his sitcom is good and he hits it big like ray romano. that would be awesome.

as for the rest -

stay - stphanie, frank, michael, aries, debra, mo

go - alex
will ad infinitum

join - taran, kathryn

should go - bobby, andrew

jury is still out - jill..i don't know what all the fuss about her is - she ain't THAT good
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Old 05/10/2002, 11:18 PM
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Alex Borstein: Didn't we go through this already...
Will Sasso: About time
Frank Caliendo: I have a feeling, and he's been missing from a lot of shows.
Andrew Daly: Though I'm completely against this decision, you know they'll get rid of him. They never give him anything to do

Debra Wilson: She seems like she should be leaving, but I haven't heard any news
Aries Spears: No complaints here
Stephanie Weir: Starting to get more popular
Mo Collins: Though I wish she'd leave
Michael McDonald: Ditto

Kathryn Fiore: I sure hope so
Bobby Lee: Ditto
Taran Killam: I'm starting to find him funny

Jill Michelle Melean: Too new to tell. Man, she's already overrated by the people here only after 1 episode

Mad TV is very bad now. Having an episode filled with overused recurring characters is bad.
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Old 05/10/2002, 11:27 PM
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Who will stay-
Michael & Mo: Obliviously the Salt Lake City experiment worked as these two biological improbabilities are the most popular organisms on the show.
Frank- They have to keep this guy, it would be a crime not to.
Debra- Will stay, but will be the Alex of next season.
Stephanie Weir- It would be stupid not to keep her.

Who will leave-
Aires- I think he will be replaced by Bobby Lee. I think he's gotta tired and he needs to have his own sitcom. He has the bling bling.
Will- it sucks that he is leaving he is without a doubt my favorite cast member of season 7.
Alex- HOW DARE THEY! If I were to put the comments here. I would be taken away by some guys.

Who will join-
Kat- She's not great. But oh well, she makes the boys happy.
Taran- Same as Kathryn. I HATE HIM. But they will make him a cast member.
Bobby- Will replace Aires. He is so funny!

As for your comments about Jill, I know some guys.
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Old 05/11/2002, 3:55 AM
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How can anyone on MADtv be liked just for their looks when most of the time they're made up as other people?

Someone left the cake out in the [COLOR=sky blue]rain[/COLOR]...
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Old 05/18/2002, 12:11 AM
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As long as they keep all of the featured cast members, I'll be happy.
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Old 05/18/2002, 9:20 AM
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No way, Nicole was, and still IS the best Mad TV cast member ever! Nobody compares to her, she was the most versatile. I wish Mad TV would really try to get her back, at least for a few guest appearances!

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Old 05/18/2002, 1:09 PM
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Good point HiVolt. Bring her back and keep the featured cast.

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