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Default Episode S01E04 (Aired 1995-11-04)

Life With Buffer
The new show Life with Buffer goes through the daily life of boxing announcer Michael Buffer. In this show, Michael berates his family on things like his daughter’s bulimia, and his son’s inability to retain a football. When Michael's neighbour Larry Reynolds (Artie Lange) comes over, because he is currently having sex with Michael's wife Alice Buffer (Nicole Sullivan), and did not expect Michael to be there, Alice fears what Michael is going to do to her. It turns out though, that Michael knows all about the affair. When Alice asks him what she should do next, Michael says that all conversations will now be forwarded through his divorce attorney Lance Higgins, who will make sure that she gets absolutely nothing.

Credits: Nicole Sullivan (Alice Buffer), Michael Buffer (Himself), Jarrett Lennon (P.J Buffer), Jewelie Hull (Lisa Buffer), Artie Lange (Larry Reynolds), David Weisenberg (Lance Higgins)

MADtv After the Big Fight
This MADtv episode is coming on after a big boxing match between Mike Tyson, and Buster Mathis Jr. For the special event, MADtv has made a special opening dedicated to the winner of the fight, but because MADtv is filmed weeks in advance, they do not know who the winner is, so they made 4 different openings. One is celebrating if Mike won, one celebrating if Buster won, one celebrating if the fight was a draw, and one if the fight was cancelled.

Credits: Nicole Sullivan (Herself), Phil LaMarr (Himself), Debra Wilson (Herself), Artie Lange (Himself), Bryan Callen (Himself), Orlando Jones (Himself), Mary Scheer (Herself)

A man talks about his buddy Brad Doyle (Artie Lange) for the beer Highagain. Brad was with him through thick and thin. Through car crashes, birthday parties, and wedding, after wedding, after wedding for Brad. For years it has always been them, and Highagain. To him, Brad will always be Brad, because Brad died of alcohol poisoning.

Credits: David Herman (Man), Artie Lange (Brad Doyle)

Boxing Corner #1-Hair
Roy Jones Jr. is fighting for the middle weight championship. All he has to do is last one more round and he is the champion, but Roy is depressed. He is depressed because one of his boxing coaches (Phil LaMarr) has failed to mention how great his new haircut is. When he mentions it, Roy perks up, and is able to go back into the ring with confidence.

Credits: Phil LaMarr (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #1), Artie Lange (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #2), Roy Jones Jr. (Himself)

Public Relations (P.R.). An in depth look at the life of the men and woman who run the public relations to the stars. Although, sometimes there personal relationships take center stage. Today, Gary Coleman has come in. He desperately needs a new catchphrase, or else his career will be dead. However, Doug Ross (Artie Lange) is more concerned about his relationship with Carol Hathaway (Nicole Sullivan), who he feels is more worried about P.R. than their relationship. Gary career is dying fast. He will need to find a new catchphrase soon or else he will not survive. Down the hall, Adam West is talking with Peter Benton (Orlando Jones), and John Carter (Bryan Callen) to see if they can find a way to allow him to play Batman one more time. The best they can do is start a smear campaign against Val Kilmer, the current Batman, which Adam accepts. Gary is about to flat line any second, when Adam walks by saying "What you talkin about Batman". The catchphrase resonates with Gary, and he starts to say it until he comes up saying "What you talkin about Batman". His career is saved, but when another distressed caller Mark Ferman calls up, nobody answers the call, because no one wants their hands on that train wreck career.

Credits: Phil LaMarr (Doctor), Bryan Callen (Noah Wyle: John Carter), Artie Lange (George Clooney: Doug Ross), Nicole Sullivan (Julianna Margulies: Carol Hathaway), David Herman (Anthony Edwards: Mark Greene), Orlando Jones (Eriq La Salle: Peter Benton), Mary Scheer (Sherry Stringfield: Susan Lewis), Debra Wilson (Gloria Reuben: Jeanie Boulet), Gary Coleman (Himself), Adam West (Himself)

Spy Vs Spy--Umbrella **Animation**
White Spy is swallowing swords in front of an audience. Black Spy sees this, and hides under the table where the swords are. He then switches one of the swords with an umbrella. When White spy swallows the umbrella, he accidently opens it when he can't get it out, puncturing his organs.

Boxing Corner #2-Makeup
In a time out, the coaches dress up Roy like a lady.

Credits: Phil LaMarr (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #1), Artie Lange (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #2), Roy Jones Jr. (Himself)

Vancome Lady ER
Former Vancome worker Kathy Wajanowski (Nicole Sullivan) is now working as a nurse at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital, but she unfortunately takes her job too seriously, refusing a pregnant woman (Mary Scheer), and haemophiliac Bob Elder (Phil LaMarr). When Dr. Gruber (David Herman) comes in, he is appalled that Kathy is willing to turn away dying people, and fires her. When she wonders about their relationship, Gruber says that it's over. Just before Kathy is about to leave, a man (Bryan Callen) comes in, saying that he's got a flesh eating disease that's very contagious. Because he is contagious, Kathy sends him right into Gruber's office. She leaves with to the sounds of Gruber screaming.

Credits: Mary Scheer (Pregnant Lady), Nicole Sullivan (Vancome Lady: Kathy Wajanowski), Phil LaMarr (Bob Elder), Debra Wilson (Mrs. Elder), David Herman (Gruber), Bryan Callen (Flesh-Eating Bacteria Patient)

Orlando Jones comes on to talk about lying. He talks about how he has ran into the main characters of famous television shows like Barbra Eden of I Dream of Jeanie, and Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter at department stores, and when he asked them questions like if Barbra Eden can make furniture disappear, and where's Mesopotamia, they both said they couldn't do it, or didn't know. Orlando calls them out as liars, and starts to go off the handle, when Nicole Sullivan, and Phil LaMarr come in, and tell him that he couldn't have seriously thought that anything they did on TV was real. Nicole even then goes and shows Orlando the q-cards he is reading off of. That is when Orlando realizes that he is nothing but a big liar too.

Credits: Orlando Jones (Himself), Nicole Sullivan (Herself), Phil LaMarr (Himself)

Boxing Corner #3-Birthday
Roy returns to see that the coaches are gone. In truth they are just all in hiding to surprise him for his birthday. They give him a puppy, and a cake, but before he can blow out the candles, he is told that he has to go back into the ring and finish the match. Roy goes out and finishes it in seconds so he can go back and blow out the candles on his cake.

Credits: Roy Jones Jr. (Himself), Phil LaMarr (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #1), Artie Lange (Roy Jones Jr. Coach #2)

Woody Allen Action Flick
Somewhere in Manhattan, just before Thanksgiving break, an all girl’s school housing the daughters of world leaders is taken over by a team of crack international terrorists. The terrorists are demanding $1 million dollars for each child’s release. What they didn't count on though was Albee Melish the clumsy clarinet teacher, played by Woody Allen (David Herman). Crimes, Misdemeanours, and Payback. Woody Allen will tickle your funny bone before breaking it into 17 pieces. They've got him cornered, but not out witted. Albee is captured, but manages to escape, kill the terrorists, blow up the main leader (Bryan Callen), and find time to take erotic pictures his hot, young Asian girlfriend Soon-Yi Previn.

Credits: Bryan Callen (Lead Terrorist), David Herman (Woody Allen: Albee Melish), Wendy Chang (Soon-Yi Previn), Nicole Sullivan (Mia Farrow), Orlando Jones (Police Captain), Entre Hules (Terrorist), Artie Lange (Yasser Arafat)

Sex Therapist
A couple the Darren (Orlando Jones), and Patricia Humpfree (Debra Wilson) is going to see a sex therapist Anita Griffith (Mary Scheer) to talk about their problems in the bed room. They have been trying to have a baby for 6 years, but have been unsuccessful. The reason that they have been unsuccessful is because they don't know how to make a baby, mostly because they don't know what sex is. Anita first thinks that this is a joke by another therapist in the office, but her amusement turns to stunned when she finds out that they are not kidding. When Anita asks how they thing they were born, they think they were delivered by a magical stork. When Anita tells them how the act of sex works, they are disgusted with what Anita is saying, and leave her office in disgust.

Credits: Orlando Jones (Darren Humpfree), Debra Wilson (Patricia Humpfree), Mary Scheer (Anita Griffith)

Dennis Rodman PSA #1
Dennis Rodman (Orlando Jones) talks about a kid named Jimmy (David Herman). Jimmy wants to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA), but Jimmy has one problem. He is white. Despite the fact that he is a great player, Dennis doesn't want him joining the NBA because he is white, and because white people have been bringing down black people in every field for years, except basketball. Dennis tells Jimmy that he should consider a job in stock broking, or accounting because those are white people jobs, and because he thinks it's a waste for a white person to be in the NBA.

Credits: Orlando Jones (Dennis Rodman), David Herman (Jimmy)

Family Feed
A woman, Joy (Nicole Sullivan) is meeting her boyfriend(Bryan Callen)s parents Carl (Artie Lange), and Mrs. Tucker (Mary Scheer) for the first time. The family seems well adjusted, they even have their own dairy farm, but as Joy looks closer, she finds out that the family has a horrible tradition. All of the men get there milk from the women’s teats. In fact the very dairy products they produce may very well be from there too. Joy is mortified by this, and can barely keep her composure. That is when her boyfriend reveals that Joy is pregnant. The family is so thrilled that grandma Tucker than opens up her shirt and her boyfriend forces Joy into the grandma’s bosoms due to the family tradition.

Credits: Nicole Sullivan (Joy), Bryan Callen (Tucker Son), Artie Lange (Carl Tucker), Mary Scheer (Mrs. Tucker), Cindy Josten (Erica), Jeanette Miller (Grandma)

Republican Gladiators
In order to decide who should get the Republican party nomination for the 1996 election, the Republican party has found an interesting way to decide. Both candidates Newt Gingrich (Dana Gould), and Bob Dole (David Herman) will fight it out in the ring, on Republican Gladiators. Newt fails the Filbuster, and unfortunately for him, Bob wins the Battle on the Hill with his strong arm, to move on to the final round, the Podiodome against American Gladiator Fist (Lee Reherman). Bob however, loses because he gets to technical on his platform. Fist just says "taxes suck!", and wins.

Credits: Dana Gould (Newt Gingrich), David Herman (Bob Dole), Artie Lange (Larry Csonka), Mary Scheer (Lisa Molaski), Lee Reherman (Fist), Lori Fetrick (Mace),

Don Martin-Fisherman **Animation**
A man is fishing with a friend, when he catches a fish. Unfortunately, it lands in the friend’s mouth. In order to stop him from choking, the man grabs a worm, hooks it, and lowers it down his friend’s throat. However, instead of pulling up a fish, he pulls up a tire.

Two women meet in their doctor’s office. They have both been active all day. Running around, doing things. Fortunately for both of them, they both have an intimate knowledge in how to relax on drugs. Valium, Zanex, they know it all. They also know how to get all the advantages of booze, like pouring bourbon in there de-humidifiers. A message from MADtv than comes up, saying that they don't condone drug abuse, unless it's funny.

Credits: Nicole Sullivan (Woman #1), Debra Wilson (Woman #2)

Other White Meat
Artie Lange is sitting on stage and eating a sandwich when Phil LaMarr walks in. He notices Artie is eating a pork sandwich, the other white meat. Phil than sits down next to Artie, and tells him how there are other white meats. Pigeon, rattlesnake, bat, and monkey's brains. Artie than tells Phil that he is a little tired, as a way to get him to stop bothering him. That is when Phil starts talking about the yellow meats, like banana slug, and the gray meats like seagull. Artie starts to get sick, and runs out of the room. Artie than turns to the camera, and tells the audience that he is a vegetarian, and that after this sketch, he is sure that most of the audience now is too.

Credits: Artie Lange (Himself), Phil LaMarr (Himself)

Spy Vs Spy-Sewer Chase **Animation**
White Spy sends a paper boat down into the sewers. Black Spy, seeing this decides to chase the boat, thinking it might be a message. He follows the boat through the sewer until it goes up a shoot. That shoot leads to the White Spy's toilet, where White Spy is waiting for him, with a club. he clubs the Black Spy, and then flushes him down the toilet.

MADtv Does Charity/Dennis Rodman PSA Outtake
At the end of the episode, the cast reveals that they have been collecting money for charity. They check the tot board to see how much they have raised. As it turns out they didn't raise anything, because they didn't set up any phone lines, and no one knew about the charity. It will have to be done the next week. In the Dennis Rodman PSA Outtakes, Dennis chases Jimmy around the court as Jimmy runs for his life. The entire episode is dedicated to the memory of David Herman's mother, Tracy Herman.

Credits: Phil LaMarr (Himself), Bryan Callen (Himself), Nicole Sullivan (Herself), Mary Scheer (Himself), Artie Lange (Himself), Debra Wilson (Himself), Orlando Jones (Himself/Dennis Rodman), David Herman (Himself/Jimmy)


  • Bryan Callen (7A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • David Herman (5A/3S/0W/0AF)
  • Orlando Jones (5A/4S/2W/0AF)
  • Phil LaMarr (9A/2S/0W/0AF)
  • Artie Lange (12A/2S/0W/0AF)
  • Mary Scheer (8A/2S/0W/0AF)
  • Nicole Sullivan (9A/3S/1W/0AF)
  • Debra Wilson (6A/2S/0W/0AF)

Guest Stars, Special Appearances, and Featured Appearances:
  • Michael Buffer (0A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Jarrett Lennon (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Jewelie Hull (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • David Weisenberg (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Roy Jones Jr. (0A/3S/0W/0AF)
  • Gary Coleman (0A/1S/0W/0AF)
  • Adam West (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Wendy Chang (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Endre Hules (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Dana Gould (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Lee Reherman (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Lori Fetrick (1A/0S/0W/0AF)
  • Cindy Josten (1A/0S/0W/0AF)


  • (A)ppearance Credit
  • (S)tarring Credit
  • (W)riting Credit
  • Non-Speaking Credit
  • (A)rchival (F)ootage Credit

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Perfect formatting newt! If sarducci doesn't update it soon to the main thread, I will. Note: I bookmark stuff like this so I can come back to it later.

Highagain (Artie- Brad, David)

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Okay just so I don't clog up the Season 1 Archive, I'll only review SOME S1 episodes - the very good, and the very bad.

I thought this episode was one of the strongest from Season 1. I didn't care much for the Republican Gladiators sketch, and i'm still not a fan of Spy vs. Spy, but everything else was at least pretty funny, with a lot of excellent stuff (Life With Buffer, the Open, Highagain, Vancome Lady, Orlando's monolauge, Clueless Couple, Family Feed). While the boxing "theme" (that was the theme, right?) could've been done without, it still was a really good episode overall. I'm willing to give it a...


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Default Review

Life With Buffer: This was ok. The highlight was Michael berating his family with no malice.

MADtv After the Big Fight: This one didn't really make sense because I think the boxing match was moved to another day, but then again, they did make one in case of a cancellation, so I guess it does work. The highlight was the draw when Artie was talking about who the next guy was going to face, but didn't know who to say because there was no winner.

Highagain: Didn't like this one. It just wasn't very funny.

Boxing Corner #1-Hair: Not very funny, but it was surprising to see that the show was able to get Roy Jones Jr. I think he was pretty big than.

P.R.: Pretty good, Even though I don't, and have never watched E.R., it was still good. The highlight for me, among the many here was Nicole and Artie's characters arguing while dropping magazine references.

Spy Vs Spy--Umbrella **Animation**: Not the best one, and some people have died from this so.

Boxing Corner #2-Makeup: This one just didn't make sense at all.

Vancome Lady ER: You can never hate the Vancome. So on form. The highlight was Gruber screaming as the flesh eating bacteria patient goes into his office to hug him.

Lying: Full props to Orlando on this one. He turned a sketch that could have been a real dullard into a really funny one. The highlight was his facial reactions. You could see almost every vein in his head. I found it really hard to tell if he was acting or not.

Boxing Corner #3-Birthday: The best of the 3, but still pretty bad.

Woody Allen Action Flick: So great! Woody Allen is the role David Herman was born to play. The highlight was David in this.

Sex Therapist: Though unoriginal, it was funny. The whole sketch was good, but for me the highlight was the name of the couple. Darren, and Patricia Humpfree. Hump-free get it? Because they don't have sex, so they are hump free. Very inside. I also love Darren's comment of "I go to the bathroom with that thing!"

Dennis Rodman PSA #1: Funny, but doesn't Dennis find it odd that there are a lot of white people in the NBA? The highlight was the address that was labeled Keep Your White Ass Out of the NBA.

Family Feed: Disgustingly funny! The highlight was the Tucker Son telling his mom to lay off the garlic.

Republican Gladiators: Wasn't very funny, and wasn't really needed. The highlight was Fist's rebuddle for taxes. Taxes suck!

Don Martin-Fisherman **Animation**: I find it so odd that they named these after Don Martin, since he left MAD Mag like 7 years earlier to work at the rival magazine Crack. As for the sketch, again I don't really like Don Martin's.

Advice: Love Nicole's acting in this, but what do you expect, she did write it. The highlight was Nicole and Debra delivering there lines. They both did a really good job.

Other White Meat: This wouldn't stop me from eating meat. Some of those meats sound pretty good. Any of you ever try octopus testicles? The highlight was Artie's reactions to the meats Phil was mentioning.

Spy Vs Spy-Sewer Chase **Animation**: Better than the first one, but again, I like it better when one spy is about to get another spy, but then that other spy turns the tables and gets him. The highlight was Black Spy putting on the swimming suit. Why didn't he just stop the boat before it went into the sewer. It would have been easier, and less stinky.

MADtv Does Charity: When I first saw this I was like "they didn't mention this before. Did they even set up any phone lines?" And then they didn't. The highlight was Orlando saying "well that sucks", and Artie saying "boy those kids are going to be pissed".

Dennis Rodman PSA Outtake: Alright. A good addition for the end, but not really needed. The highlight was Dennis throwing the basketball at Jimmy.

Out of 105 stars, this episode got 59 1/2. That's about a C- rating. Not very good for the episode, but the episode wasn't really that bad. I didn't like the boxing theme, but I did really like the middle of the show.


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