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Old 11/08/2007, 8:39 PM
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Default Musical Performance: Make Some Changes (#1305)

Britney Spears - "Make Some Changes"


Nicole Parker - Britney Spears
Keegan-Michael Key - himself
Jordan Peele - himself
Crista Flanagan - herself
Arden Myrin - herself

[Keegan is shown driving his car]

Keegan: Hey everybody, Keegan here, i'm here on Hollywood Blvd. and i'm pulling up to the Music Box Theater, which is the new home of MADtv! It's our first day back on the job and it's gonna be awesome - you guys are gonna love this, it's gonna be a fantastic season. You know, 13 years is a long...

[Just then, a car crashed into him]

Keegan: Who the hell hit my car? Unbelievable...

[He gets out of his car and sees that it was Britney Spears who hit his car]

Britney: It's Britney bitch! *snicker*

[Britney gets out of her car as Keegan rambles on]

Britney: Okay, Sean and Preston you sit in the car please, okay, momma's gonna be back in about an hour or two...

[Britney then falls out of the car]

Keegan: Miss Spears!

Britney: Oh no! Oh no!

Keegan: Are---are you ok?

Britney: I think somebody dun' hit me...I swallowed my gum!

Keegan: It's ok, i'll take care of it, ok?

Britney: You're pretty!

Keegan: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Britney: Ok my kids need a bath and if you could give Preston his medicine...I think he's sick!

[Britney then leaves and goes to the Music Box Theater where she sees some of the MADtv castmembers]

Arden: Hey, Miss Spears! Hi!

Britney: Oh hey! Is this the Music Box The-ate-er?

Arden: Uh, close, it's the Music Box Theater!

Crista: Welcome to MADtv! I'm Crista Flanagan.

Britney: You have pretty boobies.

Crista: Thank you!

[Britney slaps Crista]

Britney: Where's my Vicodin and candy corn? I won't go on without them.

Jordan: Here they are, Miss Spears, but aren't you being randomly drug tested?

Britney: Oh, that's right. I'll just keep the Vicodin.

[She shoves a whole bottle in her mouth as she runs on stage]

Britney: Hey, kiss me, Mr. big muscle-y security man!

[Britney makes out with the security man]

Britney: Here I go!

[She runs on stage]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Britney Spears!

Britney: Hey! I'm gonna dance, y'all, yeah!

[She takes off her jacket]

Britney: Just got in a fender bender, I forgot to hit the breaks. It seems that for the last year, I've made a few mistakes.

[Clips of Britney from the past year appear on the screen]

Britney: Went to rehab, left too soon, made my hair look like the moon, then it really hit the skids, gettin' in hit-and-runs, ignored the kids, walked around in a daze while lyp-synching at the VMAs , wore a skimpy black bikini while binging on fettuchini.

Britney: But now i'm gonna make some changes, i'm gonna change what I'm all about. There's gonna be some re-arranges, so don't you throw this white trash out. Don't throw this white trash out.

Gonna get a whole new attitude, no more mixin' food with body (?), gonna get a new ringtone for my phone, gonna put the kids in a foster home, gonna find a new man that I could trust, last name Timberlake first name Justin, gonna change my make-up change my hair...and i'll finally put on underwear!

Britney: I'm gonna make some changes, i'm gonna change what I'm all about. There's gonna be some re-arranges, so don't you throw this white trash out.

Changin' is a good thing to do, like when Rosie left The View.

[A picture of Rosie and Barbara Walters appears on the screen. Then, Rosie is torn off]

Britney: Changin' never fails to please us, like when Michael Vick found Jesus

[A picture of Michael Vick and a dog appears on screen, but then, the dog's face turns into Jesus's face]

Britney: The polar ice caps are reforming, thanks to a change called global warning. That's where everybody wins, cause everybody loves swimming. And even though my career is dead, at least I got rid of K-Fed!

[A picture of K-Fed is being flushed down the toilet on the screen]

Britney: There's gonna be some re-arranges, you're gonna see a whole new me. And my very first new change is i'm singing on MADtv, MADtv! I'm singing on MADtv!

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