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Planet MADtv's

Episode #101 10/14/95
Cast Search
Cast Open
Vudwiser #1: Tongue
Vancome Lady: Make-up Counter
Music Video: Ice-T & Ice Cube "It Ain't Easy Being Me"
Vancome Lady: 911 Operator
Spy Vs Spy: Bomb
Kato Kaelin Reminder #1
Don Martin: Camping
Nicole Sullivan's Monologue
Gump Fiction
Spike Lee Red Devil Ham
Kato Kaelin Reminder #2
Kato Tells All
MTV's Spend A Week With Poison Contest
Dave Herman's Monologue
Spy Vs Spy: Pogo Stick
Second Hand Cancer
Debra Wilson's Monologue
Don Martin: Out of Gas
Star Trek Deep Stain Nine
Vud #2: Watch Out
Artie Lange's Monologue
Close: Beer All Gone

Episode #102 10/21/95
LAPD Correct
Nicole's Room
Quantum Dream Team
Powerbook #1: Newt
Don Martin- Ice Cube Boy
Virtual Homeless
Bryan's Monologue
Pick Up and Delivery
Spy Vs Spy-Gorilla
Phil's Monologue
Crimson Tide 2
Post Office Massacre
Powerbook #4: Snoop
Don Martin-Frog Legs
New Neighbors
Mary's Monologue
Air Guitar Store
Spy Vs Spy-Train
Powerbook #2: McVeigh

Episode #103 10/28/95
Phone Sex
A.D.D. Girl
NDI Vs AE&E; #1-Nicole
Outing Dummy
Psychic Cop
Spy Vs Spy-Tuba Bang
Debra and Debbie
Racism Vs Spam
First to a Million
Don Martin- Wish Bone
Apollo the 13th
Phil's Mulatto Monologue
Don Martin- Blow Up Girl
Cookin' With Sherry
Circus Guy
Homeland Improvement
NDI Vs AE&E; #2-Woman
Rolling Stones Video-Like A Rolling Stone

Episode #104 11/4/95
Life With Buffer
Boxing Corner #1-Hair
Spy Vs Spy--Umbrella
Boxing Corner #2-Makeup
Vancome Lady ER
Boxing Corner #3-Birthday
Woody Allen Action Flick
Sex Therapist
Dennis Rodman PSA
Family Feed
Republican Gladiators
Don Martin-Fisherman
Other White Meat
Spy Vs Spy-Sewer Chase

Episode #105 11/11/95
Conference Call
Krishna Rock
Lowered Expectations-Mary
Urine Monologue
Affirmative Crips
Got Urine?
Don Martin-Beach Shovel
Larry King Gone Mad
Lowered Expectations-Artie
When Harry Met Willy
Lowered Expectations-Nicole
Midnight Golfer
IZM-Drug Deal
Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam

Episode #106 11/18/95
QVC: O.J. Plates
When We Knew...
Calvin Klein Ad#1
Stop Smoking #1
Oprah Winfrey: Severe Traumas
Swimming Pool
Stop Smoking #2
Calvin Klein Ad#2
Stop Smoking #3
Clueless of the Lambs
Monologue-Dana Gould
Don Martin-Harp Fall
Nicole's Monologue
Movie Trailer
Party of Five-Nicole's Visit
Spy Vs Spy-Slinky
Debbie Dander-Seminar Training
Calvin Klein #3
Spy Vs Spy-Sunbeam
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #107 11/25/95
Lowered Expectations: Lester
Open: Ken Norton Jr.
Vud Light #1: Organ Donors
Disruptive Principal
Lowered Expectations: Chanin
Navajo Football League
Don Martin: Waterskiing
Tyson vs. Barty
Hard to Oppress: Dark Territory II
Vud Light #2: Mob
Spy Vs Spy: Funland
Happy Happy Storytime Lady
Lowered Expectations: Jerry
Mary's Tapeworm Monologue
Don Martin: Fat Freak
Math Made Easy
Monologue: Dave Foley - Canadian Identity
Vud Light #3: Devil
Imaginary Friends
Spy Vs Spy: Torpedo
Duck, Duck, Goose
Close: Phil & Real Friends

Episode #108 12/9/95
Sweatin' to the O.G.'s
Lottery Losers
Daytime Jane-Ellen
Monologue-L.L.Cool J.
The Octoroon
Don Martin-Scalpel
Daytime Jane-Larry
Gump Fiction
Scat Chat
Spy Vs Spy-Jail Spring
UBS Promotion
Daytime Jane-Ed
Ejaculation Monologue
Fabulous--featuring RuPaul
Don Martin-Rescue Plane
Lady Madness
Spy Vs Spy-Dream Boat

Episode #109 12/16/95
Easy to Assemble
Wonder Rake 5000
Vancome Lady-Dept. Store Santa
Fruitcake Vs Santa
Spy Vs Spy-Plunger
Raging Rudolph
College Advisor
The X-mas That Santa Forgot
The Bank
Monologue-Pauly Shore
Donut Shop
Happy Go Lucky Phil
Last Call
Spy Vs Spy-Tank Bomb

Episode #110 1/6/96
US Commercial
Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti Door
Handicapped Toilet Police
The Go-Between
Get Smarty
Don Martin-Brick Layers
Mafia Management
Monologue-Andy Kindler
Spy Vs Spy-Fleas
Line of Duty
Emotional Prostitute
Don Martin-Cake Machine
Mime Psychiatrist

Episode #111 1/13/96
Candidate #1
The Presidents of the United States Commercial
Lounge Lawyer
Spy Vs Spy-Macaroni Factory
Office Window
Don Martin-Civil War
Window of the Soul
Candidate #2
I Could Do That
The Presidents of the United States Performance-"Lump"
Candidate #3
Time Manager
Spy Vs Spy-Lab Fly
Big Game Dan
Take a Letter
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Don Martin-Bear Hunt
Mad About Jew

Episode #112 2/3/96
Cotton Swabs
Heart Pops
Spy Vs Spy-Magnet Nail
Poetry Class
Menace II High Society
Don Martin-Tennis
Rescue 911
Gordy Lane
Spy Vs Spy-Kill Command
Crisis Center
Needy Guy
Instant Personality

Episode #113 2/10/96
Lowered Expectations-Folk Singer
Vista Card-Militia
Dr. Goodwrench
Spy Vs Spy-Rock Drop
Memory Power
XXX Files
Lowered Expectations-Danza
Your Cheatin' Head
Don Martin--Chemistry Set
Jim Carrey School of Acting
Lowered Expectations-Bubble Ron
Vancome Lady Hostage Negotiator
Sick of It
That's How They Get You
Quality Time
Foreign Psychiatrist

Episode #114 2/17/96
Happy News Network
Michael Jackson Infomercial
Wannabe Grilling-Featuring Brian Austin Green
Rude Lady
Spy Vs Spy-Hair Dryer
Davey and The Son of Goliath
The Instigator
Sports Injury
Coffee House
Don Martin-Beach Ball Boy
Good Cop Bad Cop
All About Whoopi-Featuring Whoopi Goldberg
Don Martin-Tee Pee guy
Goliath Intro
UBS Wake
Odds and Evens: The Movie
Disruptive Waitress

Episode #115 3/9/96
Coffee and Donuts
Ink Blot
Lowered Expectations-Rick #1
That's My White Mama
Terms of Imprisonment
Lowered Expectations-Rick #2
Dream Stealer
Joel and Connie: Small Claims
Lowered Expectations-Rick #3
Spy Vs Spy-Bomb Assembly
Eddie Murphy Audition
Monologue-Dave Higgins
Gohhar and Hagop
Don Martin-Assembly Line
Lowered Expectations-Rick #4

Episode #116 3/16/96
X-News #1
International Coffee-Hangover
Ozark Singled Out
Dole Commercial
Casino Man
International Coffee-Ripped Off
X-News #2
Doctor's Visit
Insanely Disappointed
International Coffee-Kidnapping
X-News #3
Survival Weekend
Spy Vs Spy-Slam Dunk
The Big Game

Episode #117 4/6/96
Claudia Schiffer Intro
O.J. Video Bloopers
Leevis Diaper
That's My White Mama 2
In Your Ear #1
In Your Ear #2
Lethal Talkin'
For Your Files Only-Featuring Claudia Schiffer
Spy Vs Spy-Monkey Business
Homegirl Surgeons-Featuring Kim Coles
Intimidation Commercial

Episode #118 5/25/96
X-News #1
Headache #1
Beauty Pageant
The New job
Spy Vs Spy-Projector
X-News #2
Headache #2
Babewatch Mice Intro
Drug Bust
Monologue-Bruce McCulloch
Leevis #2
Funeral DJ
Headache #3
Spy Vs Spy-Love Robot
X-News #3
Spy Vs Spy-Fail Safe

Episode #119 6/22/96
Martial Arts #1
Spishak Margarine
Meet The Folks
Lowered Expectations-Danielle
Martial Arts #2
Spy Vs Spy- Sidewalk Switch
Party Dad
Lowered Expectations-Budduda
Gumboy and Poker
Martial Arts #3
Joey Devanzo
Monologue-Harland Williams
Lowered Expectations-Carol
I'll Kick Your Ass
Zany and Madcap

Best Of Mad TV--Season One
OJ Outtakes
XXX Files
Highagain Beer Ad
UBS Guy #1--Pick Up & Delivery
Vancome Lady--Vancome Counter
Ink Blot
International Coffee
That's My White Mama
Happy Happy Storytime Lady
Terms of Imprisonment

Episode #201 9/21/96
Bob Dole Strong Arm
Opening--Host: Christina Applegate
X-News #1
Schizophrenic Jeopardy
That's My White Mama--White Boy
Action Jackson
X-News #2
Two Mouthy Chicks
Spy Vs. Spy--3 Pigs
Time Machine
Snoop Doggy-Dogg's Vegas Act
X-News #3

Episode #202 9/28/96
Open: Ice-T
Antonia: Free Pizza
Dolemite Debate
Blow It Out Your Hole
Cabana Chat
Don Martin: Chiropractor
Regis & Kathy Lee: No Sweat
The Bruce Aint Gay Show
Musical Performance: Ice-T & Mr. Wesside "Bouncing Down The Strezeet"
Spy vs. Spy: Phone Gun
Close: Ice-T & Cast/ Gifford Outtakes

Episode #203 10/5/96
Opening--Host: Kim Coles
Helpful Hand Insurance
Substitute Teacher
Spy Vs. Spy--Cats Cradle
Turner Family Classics:
Little Red Riding Hood
Vancome Lady --Betty Ford
Sex Toy Story
Golden Souls Tan
Don Martin-Balloon Head
Turner Family Classics:
Joel & Connie--Birds and Bees
Turner Family Classics:
3 Little Pigs
The Visit
Rabbit Frenzy

Episode #204 10/19/96
Spishak Maxi Pad
Opening--Host: Jack Wagner
Cabana Chat
Mother of Mercy
First Day
Pre-Teen Debate
Spy Vs. Spy Embassy
Dr. Kevorkian's 100th Customer
Monologue--Taylor Negron
The Minors
Don Martin--Fancy Restaurant

Episode #205 11/2/96
The Witness
Opening--Host: Neve Campbell
Spishak Spishwax
X-News #1
Dentist in a Box
Republican Party of Five
Dead McMahon Walking
X-News #2
Church Choir
X-News #3
Monologue--Craig Anton
Airport Guy
Spy Vs. Spy--Cactus

Episode #206 11/9/96
Under The Bed
Open: Kevin McDonald
Walls Mart #1
Shock Treatment In A Box
Walls Mart #2
Annie Ho
Walls Mart #3
UBS Date
Spy Vs Spy: Headphones
Vancome Lady: Casino
Bad Day
Monologue: Kevin McDonald
Home Video
Close: Kevin, Bryan & Cast- Pool Boy Dance

Episode #207 11/16/96
Game Show Woman
Opening--Host: Joe Rogan
Spy Vs Spy-Embassy 2
Cabana Chat
The Raisinberg Trials
Trick Question #1
Body Warmth
Trick Question #2
The Dive
Joel & Connie--The Affair

Episode #208 12/7/96
Lowered Expectations--Deidre
Opening--Host: French Stewart
Serenity Acres
Talk Faster
Nice-a Slice-a Pizza
Cosmetic Surgeon in a Box
Lowered Expectations--Sammy Hagar
Cosby's Crib
Make a Good Impression
Spy Vs Spy--Mirror
My Boyfriend the Bank
Lowered Expectations--Kyle
Serenity Acres

Episode #209 12/14/96
Opening--Host: Harry Connick Jr.
UBS Vs Sped-Ex
The Greatest Action Story Ever Told
Cabana Chat
Spy Vs Spy-Karate
The Reinfather
Harry Connick Jr. Song--"Must Have Been Old Santa Claus"
Vancome Lady Christmas Pageant
Granny's Liver
Harry Connick Jr. Song--"This Guy's in Love With You"

Episode #210 1/4/97
Opening--Host: Andrea Martin
Slang Gang
Christian Groupies
Drunk President
L.A. Valet
Speckie the Speculum
The Basement
Spy Vs Spy-TNT
Monologue--Andrea Martin

Episode #211 1/25/97
Whitney Houston Sings the National Anthem
Sleeping with Brian Bosworth
Cocoa & LeBlanc
The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #1
Vancome Lady--Locker Room
Vud Bowl V
Mr. Woogie
Spy Vs Spy--Pool Table
The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #2
Children's Letters to Dennis Rodman
UBS Superbowl Party
Monologue--Dom Irrera
The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #3
The Lumberjack, The Alien, and the Bedridden Mom #4

Episode #212 2/1/97
X-News #1
Opening--Host: Rodney Dangerfield
The R&B; Meeting
Spy Vs Spy--Training Camp
X-News #2
Suddenly Millenium
Cabana Chat
X-News #3
Steve 'n Roger

Episode #213 2/8/97
The Man
Opening--Host: Queen Latifah
Larry Parker
Rick's New Friends
Young Alanis
The Mailbox
Monologue--Queen Latifah
Progressive Parenting
Joe Don's New Job
Grubbin' With Charlie
Borrow Your Car
Spy Vs. Spy--Microphone

Episode #214 2/15/97
Opening--Host: Tommy Davidson
Recording Session
Never a Bride
Where's Cecil? CD Promo
Switch Your Ride
The General
The Ladies Room
Monologue--Tom Kenney
Al Casdy-Self Confidence Training
Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti

Episode #215 3/8/97
Lowered Expectations-Connie
Opening--Host: Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Seatbelt
Dance Calling Couple
Employee of the Month
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Fork
Where Do We Stand?
Lowered Expectations--Benny
Who'd A Thunk It?
Monologue--Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Plastic Bag
Angel Of Death
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Cape
Una Guava
Spy Vs Spy

Episode #216 3/15/97
Ebonics Address
The Writer
Beach Blanket Ebola
Cabana Chat--Pauly Shore
Test Pattern
Suicide Note
Lowered Expectations-Antonia
Drunk on the Job
Spy Vs. Spy-- Bullet Brigade
Monologue-Pauly Shore
Lowered Expectations--Betsy

Episode #217 4/5/97
Black History Minute
Opening--Host Thomas Callabro
Cha-Cha the Gorilla
Discount Undertaker
Furious George
Stupid Anonymous
Talking To
Corky and the Juice Pigs
Trial T.V.
Dr. Flavin
Spy vs. Spy--Gallows

Episode #218 4/12/97
Opening--Host: Mark Curry
Ike meets Ike
When Babies Attack
Monologue--Pablo Fransisco
Kenny Kingston Show
Guilt Ridden #1
Where Do They Get Those People?
Spy Vs. Spy-- Air Attack
Guilt Ridden #2
Never Say Die
Guilt Ridden #3

Episode #219 4/26/97
Unzipped-Isaac Mizrahi
Opening--Host: Adam Arkin
Mary Tyler Moore
El Asso Wipo
Kenny Kingston--O.J.
O.J.: The Search
Good Doc, Bad Doc
UBS Charity
Joel & Connie--College
Lowered Expectations--ginger Snaps
Monologue--Bob Marley
Spy Vs. Spy--Ants

Episode #220 5/3/97
Hell Date
Opening--Host: Ryan Stiles
Lex Jackson
Perfect Match
Monologue--Ryan Stiles
Toby Robbins
Apartment Visitor
The Presentation
Spy Vs. Spy--Brick Wall

Episode #221 5/10/97
I Do
Opening--Host: David Faustino
Hot for Teacher
Welcome Home
Tea 'N' A
Lil Miss Adorable
Helpful Hand Gangsta
Meat Haven
Day Off
Breakin' Into the Biz
Spy Vs. Spy--Guillotine

Episode #222 5/17/97
Gangsta-Shop Quartet
Open: L.L. Cool J
The 3rd Annual H.L. Chubb Music Train Awards
Manic Depressive Stripper
Don't Talk To Me
The Breakup
Bossy Boss
Miss Barone
Spy Vs. Spy: Teatime
Town Meeting
Close: L.L. Cool J & Cast

Best of Mad TV-- Season Two
Spishak Spishwax
Action Jackson
Talk Faster
UBS vs. Sped-Ex
Dentist in a Box
The Greatest Action Story Ever Told
Drunk President
Cabana Chat--Ice-T
Sex Toy Story
Serenity Acres

Episode #301 9/20/97
Opening-Sandra Bernhard
Spy Vs Spy: Ladder Bed
G.I. Jackson
Vancome Rescue
Sandra's Superstar Kit
Ta Vare
Sandra Bernhard Monologue
Close: Sandra & Cast

Episode #302 9/27/97
Marv Albert Song
Open: Carmen Electra
Batman V
Bwisk Ad
Cabana Chat: Poolboy Contest/ Salt N Pepa
You Got That From Me
Coffee Guy
Salt N Pepa & Rick
Carmen Electra vs. Will Sasso
Spy Vs. Spy - Guillotine
Close: Carmen & Cast

Episode #303 10/04/97
Darlene McBride: Greatest Hits
Liar Liar II
Juice Pigs: REMember
Dennis Miller: Police Negotiator
The Klumps on Eddie Murphy
The Rosie Show w/ Oprah Winfrey
Milton Cladwell: Accounting Ad #1
Cops in Hollywood
Accounting Ad#2
Accounting Ad#3
Juice Pigs: Burn Victim Girl
Spy Vs Spy: Trick Glasses
Close: Chevrad

Episode #304 10/11/97
NewsAt6 Windstorm '97
Open: Chris Hogan
Slingblade II
Eyewitness Swan I (NewsAt6)
Swan #2
Antonia: Word Association
Spishak Cola Taste Challenge #1
Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Will Sasso
Lean Bulime - Daisy Fuentes
UBS on Strike
Spishak Cola Taste Challenge #2
Funky Walker: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Spishak Cola Taste Challenge #3

Episode #305 10/25/97
Fun with the Chads
Open: Pat
Man in the Mirror
Lowered Expectations: Antonia
Charlie Newell Will Yell At Your Kids
Talkin' American: Spike Lee
Jerry Clayvin Telethon #1
T.G.I. Saturdays
Lowered Expectations: James Brown
Jerry Clayvin Telethon #2
Antonia & James
Coffee Lover Tour
Jerry Clayvin Telethon #3
Get Yo Ass Outta Bed Today Show
Spy Vs. Spy - Spaghetti

Episode #306 11/01/97
Farrah Fawcett Body Brush
Clinton Town Meeting
Corky & the Juice Pigs: Dolphin Boy
Leaving Metropolis
Barry White Knight
The Enforcers
Hate Guy
Bill Cosby Video
Stockholm & Berger

Episode #307 11/08/97
Kenny's Country Broasters
Open: Will
I Love Lucy '97
Lowered Expectations: Eddie Murphy
Rod Shaft
The Erascists
12 Angry Men & A Vancome Lady
Eisner Intros. And Sex Toy Story
Eyewitness Swan II
Lowered Expectations: Rui Peranio
Ebonic Pyramid
???Spy Vs Spy: Zoo Monkey???
Close: Chris & Cast

Episode #308 11/15/97
Spishak: Baby Blaster
Talkin' American: Howard Stern
Weekend at Tupac's
Wonderful Zone of Disney
Encore: Lean Bulime - Daisy Fuentes (#304)
Funeral Songs
Buffy the Umpire Slayer
Funky Walker: Gilbert Gottfried
Spy Vs. Spy - Headphones
Sick Sloppy Crush
Don Martin - Fancy Restaurant

Episode #309 11/22/97
Gassy Clinton
Darkness '97
Clops II
What Happened to Dad?
Lowered Expectations: Stan
Juice Pigs: Pandas/Enviro Girl
XXX Files (from #113)
Darlene McBride Tour
UBS: Answering Machine
Spy Vs. Spy - Training Camp

Episode #310 12/06/97
The Love Titanic
Lowered Expectations: Swan I
Furious George (from #217)
Big John's Shirts
Guys Love That
Lowered Expectations: Swan II
Planet of the Vancomes
Parker Sisters
UBS Xmas Party
Lowered Expectations: Swan III

Episode #311 12/13/97
Wraparound #1
Spishak: Limbo
G.I. Jew
Wraparound #2
Cabana Chat: Howie Long
Wraparound #3
A Pack of Gifts Now
G.I. Junkie/G.I. Janitor
Wraparound #4
Juice Pigs: Xmas Dreams
Klumps Xmas
Wraparound #5
Mexican Wrestling Theater
Wraparound #6
Antonia: Xmas
Wraparound #7
Corky & the Juice Pigs: Omen

Episode #312 1/03/98
Titanic Happy Meal
Opening - Pam Grier
Swan Files
Cabana Chat: Pam Grier
Roadkill Lunchmeat Power Press
Corky & the Juice Pigs: Phone Sex Girls
Negro Justice League
Lowered Expectations: Susan Whitfield
The Susan Whitfield Show
Lowered Expectations: Mrs. Barone
Spy Vs. Spy Embassy #2
Closing - Pam Grier

Episode #313 1/10/98
Needy Evie
Epidemic '98
Tonight Show w/ LaToya
Lowered Expectations: Needy Evie
Chris Rock
The Power of Ellen
Corn on the Cop
Spy Vs. Spy: Karate
Lowered Expectations: Harvey
Route 666

Episode #314 1/17/98
Lando Calrisian: Exotic Massage
Rosie Show w/ Barbara Streisand
Barbara's Sex Tapes
Rosie Show w/ B.S.
Vancome: Guidance Counselor
Emotional Lawyer
Fiona Apple video
Dinosaur Dan
Anti-Depressercize: Tony Little
Mind Reader
German Tourist (Dweezil & Ahmet)
Spy Vs. Spy: Mirror over Fireplace (from #208)

Episode #315 1/31/98
Kenneth Starr
Spice Girls Hunt Opening
Eracists: Stand Off
Claylien Resurrection
Spice Girls Hunt #1
Coffee Guy: Exam
Spice Girls Hunt #2
Antonia: Suicide Hotline
Spice Girls Hunt #3
Evangelista's Market
Spy Vs. Spy: Microphone
Savante: Career Day
Mexican Wrestler's Theater: Mockingbird

Episode #316 2/07/98
Paul Timberman's Workshop
Olsen Twins
Allergy Taste Test
David Duchovny Live!
Corky & the Juice Pigs: "Hot Squat Hombre"
Funky Walker: Mark Hamill
Darlene McBride: Valentine's Album
Mass Suicide
Talkin' American: Alanis
Corky & the Juice Pigs: "Skateboard"
Home Birthing Video
Movie Buffs
Spy Vs. Spy - Bulletproof

Episode #317 2/28/98
Kenny's Ice Cream Parlor
Opening - Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer Show
Caroline in the City
Clops III
Vancome at Heaven's Gate
Lowered Expectations: Jerry Springer
Andy Griffith '98
The Day Joe Told Off His Boss
Close - Jerry Springer

Episode #318 3/07/98
El Chevito
Opening - Contest Winners
Cabana Chat: Phyllis Diller
Spice Girl Auditions: Inbred Spice
Corky & the JP: Too Fat to Rock & Roll
Grace Under the Influence
Spice Girls Auditions: Swan
Tea N A
Spice Girls Auditions: Diller
Spice Girls Auditions: Sideshow Spice
Tucker N Perez
Contest Winners Sketch

Episode #319 3/14/98
Lassie the Snitch
Vancome at the Oscars
Big John's II
UBS Dentist
Riggs & Murtaugh
Spice Girls: Voodoo
Kirk & Spock Variety Hour
Spice Girls Auditions: Sumo Spice
Coffee Guy: First Date
Spice Girls Auditions: Man Spice
Susan Whitfield: Makeout Party

Episode #320 3/28/98
Open: Debra
Swan IV: All the President's Manicurists
Hanson Interview/Video
Encore: LA Valet (#210)
Eracists Go To Jail
Playin' Chicken
A Thousand Lays
Cabana Chat: Anna Nicole Smith
Night of the Terribly Proper Dead
Big & Bigger
Spy Vs. Spy: TNT (#210)
Don Martin: Frog Legs (#102)
Close: Chris & Cast

Episode #321 4/11/98
Sleaze Lawyer
Darlene's Songs for Kids
Wet Stain
Dharma & Gregs
Ritalin Room
Suddenly Millenium
Coffee Guy: Stupormarket
Gumby Old Men
Power Friend
Spy Vs. Spy: Bucket Brigade (216)
Stupid, Fat & Ugly
Anti-Depressercize Jr.

Episode #322 4/25/98
Kids Say The Stupidest Things
Opening - Lou Diamond Phillips
Mexican Wrestlers for Clinton
Funky Walker: Lou Diamond Phillips
Corky & the JP: Janitor/Psycho
Spishak Country Sausages
Lowered Expectations: Manny
Rosie O' Donnell 2150
Spy Vs. Spy: Air Attack (218)
Corky & the JP: TODD
Close - Lou Diamond Phillips

Episode #323 5/02/98
That Was Me
South Parknuts
Antonia: Airport
Window of the Soul
Lucy II
Celebrity Funeral: David Boreanaz
This Close
Waving His Thing
Loud Restaurant
Art Party
Close - David Boreanaz

Episode #324 5/09/98
Lowered Expectations: Rosie
Swan Fu (remote)
Swan Fu (live)
Lowered Expectations: El Asso Wipo
Dennis the Menace II Society
Let it Die
Something So Perfect
Lowered Expectations: Vicky the Dog Girl
Family Scene
Corky & the JP: Pants
Mother of Mercy
Corky & the JP: Circus Freaks
Darlene McBride's Mother's Day Special
Other Woman
Corky & the JP: Private Dancer

Episode # 325 5/16/98
Teepee Condoms
Open: Halle Berry
Funky Walker: Halle Berry
Lowered Expectations: Steven Seagal
Parker Sisters: Interns
Davey & Goliath II: Pet Cemetary
Antonia: Heart Attack
17th Annual Music Awards
Dead Beat
Spishak Pictures
Entrance To Ecstacy
Close: Halle Berry & Cast

Best Of Mad TV--Season Three
Dentist in a Box
Vancome ER
Furious George
Rescue 911
Clinton Town Meeting
Gangsta Shop Quartet
Ice-T/Ice Cube
Annie Ho
Cabana Chat: Ice-T
Menace II High Society

Episode #401 9/12/98
Open: Ms. Swan
There's Something About Monica
Keanu Reeves School Of Acting
Al Gore's Bedroom Tips
Nerve Gas
Sonny's Widow & Cher Show
Rusty: Dorm Room Roommate
Funky Walker: Vivica Fox
Spy Vs. Spy: Cactus (#205)
Savante With Usher
Close: Aries & Cast/ There's Something About Monica

Episode #402 9/19/98
Open: Howard Stern
Siegfried & Roy: Glitter On The Streets
Marvin Tikvah's Workout
News At 6: Cop On The Beat
Back To School Days At JC Penny
Cookin' with Kenny and James
Rocket Revengers
Happy Folger: Titanic Survivor
Encore: Spishak Records - Gangsta Shop Quartet (#222)
Trina At The Ob/Gynie
Spy Vs. Spy: Guillotine (#221)
Close: Debra & Cast

Episode #403 9/26/98
Open: Jesse Jackson & Bill Clinton
Steven Seagal's America
Virtual Hills
UBS Stud
Lorraine: Yard Sale #1
The Dick Van Dyke Show '98
Omni Bowl
Lorraine: Yard Sale #2
Stuart Gets Lost
Encore: Dentist in a Box (#205)
Lorraine: Yard Sale #3
Spy Vs. Spy: Embassy #1 (#204)
Close: Alex & Cast

Episode #404 10/03/98
Mark & Sammy #1
He Got Gay
Mark & Sammy #2
Donnie & Marie #1
Just Between Us Girls
Donnie & Marie #2
Judge Magic
Mark & Sammy #3
Pudding Problem
Donnie & Marie #3
MADClassic: South Parknuts
Spy Vs. Spy: Monkey Business
Mark & Sammy - Empty Stage

Episode #405 10/12/98
Open: UBS Guy
Talking American: Monica Lewinski
Lily: Dead Body
Trina & the Baby Shower
The Rosie Show: Kevin Sorbo
The Negotiator 2
Encore: Olsen Twins (#316)
Spy Vs Spy: Bucket Brigade
Horde Now Hiring
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #406 10/31/98
Open: Vancome/KISS
Swan Halloween
KISS Action Figures
Mad-O-Ween #1
Kenny Rogers Duets Of A Lifetime
Mad-O-Ween #2
Mad-O-Ween #3
Stuart Halloween
Mad-O-Ween #4
KISS My Parents
Mad-O-Ween #5
KISS Vs. Michael Jackson
Mad-O-Ween Epilogue
Li'l Nestor
Close: Michael & Cast

Episode #407 11/07/98
Open: Coffee Guy
Little Hassan Taylor
Saving Ryan's Privates
Johnson JeoParty
Lowered Expectations: Marilyn Manson
Melina & Lida's Parlor Of Beauty & Stuff
Lowered Expectations: Stuart & Mom
Storytime With Mr. Sasso
Encore: When Babies Attack (#218)
Lowered Expectations: Bjork
Bill & Hilary Aftermath
Close: Phil & Cast

Episode #408 11/14/98
Open-Nic Cage
Vancome Game Show: Tcha, You Know What?
Clinton Commemorative Plates
Love of My Life
James Brown: 1000 Faces
Rusty: College Bowl
Antonia: Switched at Birth
Dad Dance
MADClassic: Terms of Imprisonment
Spy Vs. Spy: Teatime
Love of My Life Reprise

Episode #409 11/21/98
Open: Stuart & Mom
One True Impact
Jaq: Thanksgiving Monologue
Cooking With Kenny & James
Lida & Melina: Thanksgiving Monologue
Thanksgiving Stuffing
Snapshot Stories: Pat
Ms. Swan: Thanksgiving Monologue
Stuart's Thanksgiving
Darlene McBride's Thanksgiving Album
Sally Kowalski: Thanksgiving Monologue
Happy Thanksgiving Misadventure
Encore: Clops II (#309)
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #410 12/05/98
Open-Shaquille O'Neal
Erascists-Middle East
Comedy of Riggs & Murtaugh
Forgive or Forget
Meet Jo' Black Mama
Pass It On
Rick's Dating Game
Comedy of Kenny & Pappy
Lowered Expectations: Denise
Toby Braga
MADtv Classic: Woody Allen Action Flick
Close-Pat/Shaq dance

Episode #411 12/12/98
Open: Ellen and Anne
Yule Blazers
A Very Rusty Christmas #1
Swan: Sharpest Image
A Very Rusty Christmas #2
Paul Timberman's Workshop: Christmas Tree
A Very Rusty Christmas #3
Stuart Christmas
Storytime With Mr. Sasso: Christmas
I Know What You Did Last Christmas
A Vancome Carol
A Very Magic Kwanzaa Special
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #412 1/09/99
Open-Jesse Ventura
Head of the Family
Comedy of Steven Seagal
Shaunda-Ladies Room
Comedy of Keanu Reeves
Riggs & Murtaugh-Hospital
Dawson's Crib
At home with Ellen and Anne
MADtv Classic: Swantonia
Sally Kowalski-Sports Bar

Episode #413 1/16/99
Open-James Brown
Spishak Razor
Celine Dion #1
Introducing Bunifa
Celine Dion #2
Celine Dion #3
Will's Little Sister
Snapshot Stories: Nicole
Lowered Expectations: Gena
Swan ATM Scam
Lowered Expectations: Bunifa
Charlie Sheen PSA
Pimps Say the Darndest Things
MADtv Classic: Slingblade II

Episode #414 1/30/99
Open: Keanu Reeves
Just Dial
Antonia: Super Bowl Coin Toss #1
Antonia: Super Bowl Coin Toss #2
Antonia: Super Bowl Coin Toss #3
Vancome Vendor
Kenny's Super Bowl Half-Time Salute
Gap Troll
Spy vs. Spy: Air Attack
Encore: Cocoa & LeBlanc (#211)
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #415 2/06/99
Open: Kenny Rogers
Antonia Perfume
Behind The Movies - Randy Newman
Bunifa: Big Top Circus Burger
The Artist Formerly Known As The Prince Of Egypt
Bret Hart Sketch Gone Bad
Stuart Goes To The Doctor
Music Video: Alanis Morrissette "Wash Me"
Odd Couple III
Lowered Expectations: Keanu Reeves
Encore: CLOPs III (#317)
Close: Debra & Cast/Will & Bret Hart

Episode #416 2/13/99
Magic PSA
Bunifa's Dating Game
Swan at the Movies #1
Tres Companeros
Swan at the Movies #2
Harrison Ford
Old Man Sasso-Valentine's Day
Rocky Runner #1
Cooking for One
MADtv Classic: Antonia and James
Close: Nic Cage/Rocky Runner

Episode #417 2/20/99
Open: Swan Sings Theme
Ally McMeal
Turbo-product #1: Turbohaler
Goodnight Dad
Patch Kevorkian
Turbo-product #2: Turbopeep
Turbo-product #3: Turbowave
Change of Heart
Blameless in Boulder
Courthouse Steps
Stepmom II
Encore: Sleaze Lawyer
Close: Michael & Cast

Episode #418 2/27/99
Open: Aries And Nicole
Paul Timberman's Workshop: Lazy Susan
Music Video: Vancome Lady Featuring Mase "It's A Vancome Life"
Dishing the Dirt
Welfare Boardgame
Arm Wrestling Grudge Match
Stuart: Photographer
Son of Dolemite #1
Spy vs Spy: Mirror over Fireplace (#208)
Son of Dolemite #2
Close: Mo & Cast
Wrestling Counselor Roddy Piper

Episode #419 3/13/99
Open: Cher
Gap Tyson
Todos En La Familia
UBS Guy: Video Store
Stuart Plays Tee-Ball
Snapshot Stories: Aries Spears
Singing Telegram
Erascists: St. Patrick's Day
Li'l Nestor: Ice Skating
Arma Get-It-On
Encore: Lean Bulime (#304)
Close: Alex & Cast

Episode #420 3/27/99
Open-Swan Magic
Honeydipper Dan
Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #1
I know What you Need
Heroin PM
Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #2
Rusty does a Commercial
Catwoman Cable
Happy Folger Wedding
Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #3
The Hustler
Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #4
MADtv Classic: I love Lucy
Spy vs. Spy: Headphones

Episode #421 4/10/99
My Gay Dad
Fired Up
Coffee Guy: Starstrucks
Kenny's Testicle Exam
Rocket Revengers-Super German
Tammany-the Date
MADtv Classic-Klumps
Spy vs. Spy: Ants

Episode #422 5/01/99
Open-Swan & Springer
Estrella Viaje
Erascists-Behind the Music
Spishak 1 out of 10
Coca-Cola Polar Bear
Melina and Lida on Springer
Rosie & Howard
Lorraine buys a Car
Shaunda-Holding Tank
Bunifa & Springer

Episode #423 5/08/99
Open-Kenny & James
Jeffersons '99
Swan Noir
Aussie Hunter-Crocodile
Aussie Hunter-Shark
Snapshot Stories: Debra
Rocket Revengers-Atlantica
Rolling Thunder
Aussie Hunter-Cheetah
MADtv Classic: Switcheroo

Episode #424 5/15/99
Who's Idea was This Anyway?
Snapshot Stories: Mo
FANatic Donny Osmond
Lorraine at the Market #1
Falconman and Birdboy
Lorraine at the Market #2
MADtv Classic: R&B Meeting
Lorraine at the Market #3
Spy vs. Spy: Training Camp
Close- Debra

Episode #425 5/22/99
Open: Céline Dion
Hey, It's Ice!
Aussie Hunter #4: Gorilla
Virginia Slims Aerobic Dance Competition Finals
Spore Attack! '99
Aussie Hunter #5: Elephant
Vancome: MADtv Misadventure
Aussie Hunter #6: Ants
Cold Angry Bed
An Actor's Nightmare
Lorraine Buys A Car
Close: Nicole/Season Clips

Episode #501 9/25/99
Open: Season 5 Open Extravaganza
Blair Witch Report
Tee-Hee-Hee Shirts For Toddlers
Pretty White Kids With Problems
Stuart's Wishing Well
Making The Video: Britney Spears "Lick My Baby Back Behind"
MAD At The Emmys
Tae-Bo The Movie
Good News
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #502 10/02/99
Open: Best Comedy
The Tenors
The Pepsi Sense
Lida & Melina: Ricky Martin Concert
Albanian Pie
Hollywood Squares
Swan Homecoming
Musical Performance: Busta Rhymes "Do The Bus A Bus"
Encore: Little Hassan Taylor (#407)
Spy vs. Spy: Cactus (#205)
Close: Phil & Cast

Episode #503 10/09/99
Show Open-Rick
No Blacks on the TV Screen
Politically Incorrect
Slap Happy
Stick Chicks
Star Wars '99 Misadventure
Father & Son Competition
Bunifa at the Mall
Spy vs. Spy-Air Attack
Show Close-Michael

Episode #504 10/16/99
Show Open-Jesse Ventura
Scared Straight
Meet Hoppy Potty
Rusty, Peer Counselor
Party All the Time
Kenny's Phychic Friends Hotline
Hillary's Listening Tour
Encore: Catwoman (#315)
Show Close-Alex

Episode #505 10/23/99
Open: Nicole, Will, Aries
The Stolen Ruby
DJ Kid Sasso Bumper #1
Melina & Lida Beauty Pageant
DJ Kid Sasso Bumper #2
Sasso Gets His Job Back
Steven Seagal Meets The Dalai Lama
Mickey's Fear Of Flying
Pretty White Kids With Problems II
Encore: Riggs & Murtaugh's (#319)
Close: Pat & Cast

Episode #506 10/30/99
Show Open-Mickey
The Today Show
Illeana Douglas Runner #1
Vancome Halloween
Illeana Douglas Runner #2
Hoppy Potty Video
Richard Simmons' DreamMaker
Illeana Douglas Runner #3
Illeana Douglas Runner #4
Lenny Kravitz Storytellers
Illeana Douglas Runner #5
Illeana Douglas Runner #6
Show Close-Aries

Episode #507 11/06/99 (100th Episode!)
Show Open-100th Episode
I Love Lucy-The Revenge
MAD Clip #1- Cabana Chat-Pool Boy
MAD Clip #2- OJ Bloopers
MAD Clip #3- Greatest Action Story Ever Told
Blue Heat
MAD Clip #4- Klumps
Stuart at the Zoo
MAD Clip #5- Vancome Santa
MAD Clip #6- Lex Jackson
FANatic-Nicole Sullivan
MAD Clip #7- My White Momma
Bush performance
100th Close-Full Cast

Episode #508 11/13/99
Fight Like A Girl Club
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? #1
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? #2
Reality Check
Reading Caboose
UBS: Mitch Pileggi
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? #3
Wedding Night
Inside the Actor's Studio: Andie MacDowell
Artie Lange Returns
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #509 11/20/99
Open: Lida & Melina
G Thang
Thanksgiving And The Heater's Broke
James Bond "The World Is Not Enough" Premiere
Dolemite vs. Blackbelt Jones
Behind The Song
Antonia Pottery
Encore: Bris-O-Tine (#412)
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #510 11/27/99
Open: Aries
Tinsel Talk Of The Town
Lida & Melina Meet Ricky
Martial Law
Dateline: Devon's Creek
Gap Troll Trainee
Buenas Dias, San Diego
Hospital Scene
Close: Nelson & Cast

Episode #511 12/11/99
Show Open-X-mas Swandie
I Saw Santa Claus
Mariah Misadventure
Rooftop Memories
Darlene McBride's X-mas Album
Martin Lawrence's Brushes with Death 4
Stuart X-mas with Deborah Harry
Blondie Performance
Alison, the Musical
Show Close- X-mas Swan & Blondie

Episode #512 1/08/00
Show Open- Steven Seagal
Nicky Malone, Teenage President
Reality Check II
Monica Lewinsky Handbags
Madtv At The 1999 Billboard Music Awards #1
Second Hand Lorraine
TRL: The 3 Tenors and 98 Degrees
Madtv At The 1999 Billboard Music Awards #2
Madtv At The 1999 Billboard Music Awards #3
Don Martin-Fat Freak (107)
Show Close- Phil

Episode #513 1/15/00
Show Open-Etheridge and Crosby
Mambo #6
Angela's Ashes, the Game!
Smith Comma John #1
Marvin Tikvah at Yoga
Grease Spoof
Smith Comma John #2
INT- Car Night
Smith Comma John #3
Mistake of Your Life
Shorty Holding the Baby
MADClassic-Honeydipper Dan (420)
Frieda O'Keefe
Show Close-Debra & Brooke

Episode #514 1/29/00
Show Open- Jesse Jackson
Blind Date
Rocket Revengers in Excitocolor
Hatman Williams
Stick Chicks III
Captain Kirk Show
Reading Caboose III (Tim Robbins)
Good Job
MADClassic- Vista Card Militia (113)
Show Close- Debra

Episode #515 2/05/00
Open: Lorraine
Being James Brown
Lida & Melina Wedding
S****ers #1
Will's Little Sister Video
S****ers #2
Swan Homecoming
S****ers #3
Bunifa's Driving Test
Musical Performance: Third Eye Blind "Never Let You Go"
Funky Walker: Carmen Electra
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #516 2/12/00
Regis Runner #1
Reality Check: Tommy Hilfiger
Regis Runner #2
Reading Caboose II: David James Elliott
Regis Runner #3
Who Wants To Be The President?
Regis Runner #4
Stuart At The Pet Shop
Mannequin Manslaughter
Musical Performance: Q-Tip "Vivrant Thing"
The Kiss
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #517 2/19/00
Open: Seth Green
The Syndrome
Rusty At A Bar
Brightling Greetings
Disney Singles Club
Dolemite In Space #1
Dolemite In Space #2/ Earth, Wind, & Fire "Shining Star"
Musical Performance: Earth, Wind, & Fire "September"
Close: Michael & Cast

Episode #518 2/26/00
Malcolm X In The Middle
Paul Timberman's Workshop: WonderTool 2000
Lorraine All You Can Eat
Law & Order Audition Tape
Bar Fightin'
Swan Homecoming Pt. 4: Taxi
Musical Performance: The Cure "Maybe Someday"
Touched By An Atheist
Close: Musical Performance The Cure "Inbetween Days"

Episode #519 3/18/00
Open: Love Of My Life Medley
Spishak Home Theater
Steven Seagal's Letterbox 2000
Reality Check: Oscar Funkfest 2000
Spice Girl Interrupted
Wizard Of Oz Lost Footage
The Planet With Some Apes
Master P's Theater
Musical Performance: Marc Anthony "You Sang to Me"
Encore: Patch Kevorkian (#417)
Close: Musical Performance: Marc Anthony "I Need to Know"

Episode #520 4/08/00
Celine Dion Farewell
Shatner's Sperm Bank
Conversations With Elvis 1
Stick Chicks 2-Big Bang
Conversations With Elvis 2
Mahir I Kiss You
Conversations With Elvis 3
Phoney Phuneral
Creed "Higher"
Knight & Day
Show Close w/ Mo & Nelson

Episode #521 4/15/00
One-Hit Wonder Songs
On The Streets With Jewel
Celebrity Pajama Party
Antiques Road Show #1
FANatic: Shania Twain
Antiques Road Show #2
Dylan & Kerry's Wedding
Antiques Road Show #3
Alison: Musical Chairs
Antonia Perfume
Bunifa: Judge Joe Brown
Close: Mo, Michael & Cast

Episode #522 4/29/00
Open: David Arquette
The Soprano Family Feud
Mickey In The Waiting Room
Melina & Lida Big Boys
Stuart At Mommy's Work
Good Morning Boulder
Power Friends
Musical Performance: Goo Goo Dolls "Broadway"
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #523 5/06/00
Show Open w/ Susan Sarandon
Rusty 18th Bday Party 1
Rusty 18th Bday Party 2
ABC News This Week: Zapruder Home Movies
Previously on Swan
Swan the Conclusion
Storytime w/ James Brown
Susan Sarandon Tag
Lay Down Lorraine
Show Close w/ Alex

Episode #524 5/13/00
Show Open-Will Hits Big Time
Afro Puffs
LaVerne & Shirley 2000
A. Spears Show-Shaloub
Literally: Diving Meet
Classic-B. Spears, Making the Video
Catherine O'Hara
Reading Caboose 4 w/ George Carlin
Show Close w/ Will

Episode #525 5/20/00
Love Connection
Paul's Crush
MAD Clip #1: Brightling Greetings (#517)
Bunifa vs. Katisha
MAD Clip #2: Thanksgiving And The Heater's Broke (#509)
Marvin Takes a Pitch
MAD Clip #3: No Blacks On The TV Screen (#503)
As The Ankle Turns
Trina: Collecting Collectibles
MAD Clip #4: Wizard Of Oz Lost Footage (#519)
Miss Sylvia School Nurse
Antonia Guard
MAD Clip #3: Paul Timberman's Workshop: WonderTool 2000 (#518)
Close: Alex & Cast

Episode #601 10/07/00
Cribs: Justin Timberlake
Music Video: Sisqo "The Wrong Song"
Vagina Monologues
Will's Little Sis Party
Live With Regis, Cassidy And Cody
Marvin Tikvah Nude
Lida & Melina: Say What? Karaoke
Sluts And The City
Musical Performance: No Doubt "Bathwater"
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #602 10/14/00
Music Video: Madonna "My Movies"
Whitney Screws Up The Classics
Late Show With David Letterman: Meg Ryan
Un Hombre, Dos Mujeres
You, Your Body & You
Stuart At Grandma's
Stripper - Jack Hammer
Elvis & The Band
Meet The Parents (N.Y. Premiere)
Close: Debra & Cast

Episode #603 10/21/00
Fox NFL Auditions
Dateline: Is Money Driving Negros Crazy?
Larry Lamont-Pizza Party
Sexual Harrassment
Literally 3
Musical Performance: Barenaked Ladies "Pinch Me"
Encore: FANatic-Nicole Sullivan (#507)

Episode #604 10/28/00
Halloween with Cher
Penny Marshall Project
Halloween with Enrique
Halloween with Macy
Spring Mist
Halloween with Jolie
Early Show
Halloween with Garofalo
After the Tour
MAD Encore-Vancome Halloween
Doggy's Angels Perform
Snoop Dogg

Episode #605 11/04/00
Music Video: George "Dubya" Bush "Country Slammer"
Steven Seagal's America: Voting
Al Gore Door to Door
Bill's New Job On General Hospital
Reading Caboose: National Convention
Chyna And The Rock
Office Fightin'
Reality Check: George W. Bush
Jib Jab Animation
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #606 11/11/00
Nelson's People
Mandy Moore & Mickey
Lorraine Mini-Golf
Littlest Hoochie
Charlie's Angels Premiere
A Date With Mandy Moore
Mannequin Manslaughter 2
Mandy Moore Performs "Candy"

Episode #60711/18/00
Salon Nookie-Nook
Music Video: Hillary Clinton "*****ing Lucky"
Win Your Land Back
Girly Time
Trina's Thanksgiving
Alison: Shrinky Dink
Birth Control Pilgrim
This Cold House #1
Musical Performance: Outkast "B.O.B."
This Cold House #2
Encore: Darlene McBride's Thanksgiving Album (#409)
This Cold House #3
Close: Nelson & Cast

Episode #608 12/02/00
The Excellence In Television Awards
Hammer Time!
Lida & Melina: Firefighters
Mrs. Campbell: Hospital
Stuart Kidnapped #1
Stuart Kidnapped #2
The "Grinch" Premiere
Loopgarue & Hulahoop
Musical Performance: Cypress Hill "Superstar"
Close: Musical Performance: Cypress Hill "Best of Me"

Episode #609 12/09/00
Arnold Clone Movie
Boogie Bass
Depressed Tow Truck
Richard Lewis Backstage #1
Shaunda: Rock & Harpist
Drop in Sketch - Oval Office
Richard Lewis Backstage #2
Tiger's Caublasion Eatery
Tito, Etc.
Richard Lewis Backstage #3
Encore: Just Between Us Girls (#404)
Close: Nelson & Cast

Episode #610 12/16/00
This We Promise You
More Oscar Gold for Randy
Alex's Wish
How The Grinch Stole Christ
Night Before Dolemite #1
Night Before Dolemite #2
Madtv At The 2000 Billboard Music Awards
Funky Xmas Story
Everclear "When All Goes Wrong"
MAD Encore- Raging Rudolph (109)
Everclear "AM Radio"

Episode #611 1/13/01
This Week in Latin History - Pinata
Gap Troll Trial
Bunifa on Regis
Gay Mob Boss
Lennox Lewis Press Conference
Lennox Lewis Has Dinner With Debra Wilson
Dateline: Mr. Graham
Pay Per View
Francesco's Date Dot Com
Encore: Rocket Revengers Excitocolor (#514)
Close: Debra & Cast

Episode #612 1/20/01
eorge Bush Speech
La Isla De Gilligan
Music Video: Michael McLoud And Jasmine Wayne-Wayne "This Is The Land That I Love"
Loopgarue & Hulahoop: Movies
Crack House Calls
Clinton Farewell
Melanie's Recovery Journal
Encore: Swan Noir (#423)
Musical Performance: Vitamin C "Itch"
Close: Nicole & Cast

Episode #613 1/27/01
Dude, Where's Air Force One
Superbore No More #1
Superbore No More #2
The Breakup
Superbore No More #3
What Men Want
Put Down the Gun
Antonia - Help Wanted
Kirk the Waiter
Pot Luck
Encore - All You Can Eat Lorraine (#518)

Episode #614 2/03/01
Music Video: Jesse Jackson The Outkast "I'm Sorry Mrs. Jackson"
West Wing
Mr. De Niro
Depressed Again
Radio Shack #1
Child Genius
Radio Shack #2
This 'N' That With Rusty: "Angel" Set
Radio Shack #3
Musical Performance: Incubus "Drive"
Encore: ABC News This Week: Zapruder Home Movies (#523)
Close: Musical Performance: Incubus "Pardon Me"

Episode #615 2/10/01
Music Video: Ricky Martin "Chavez"
Remember Denzel
Stuart Tooth Fairy
Brightling Bon Voyage
Trina's Valentine
Pacific West Air
Handicapped Parking
Encore: Stick Chicks (#503)

Episode #616 2/17/01
Cribs: Bobby & Whitney
N'Sync Movie: "Never Stop The Dance"
TRL #3: George "Dubya" Bush Featuring Li'l Dick Cheney "Country Slammer"
This 'N' That With Rusty: Freddie Prinze Jr.
112th Grammy Awards - Clinton
TRL #2: Jesse Jackson The Outkast "I'm Sorry Mrs. Jackson"
TRL #1: Britney Spears "Lick My Baby Back Behind"
Ally McBeal
Musical Performance: Nelly "Ride Wit Me"
Caution! Danger! Beware!
Close: Musical Performance: Nelly "Country Grammar"

Episode #617 2/24/01
Music Video: Limp Bizkit "Posin'"
Celebrity Millionaire
Mrs. Campbell In D.C.
Marvin Tikvah: Secretary's Day
Will's Little Sister: Tony Hawk
CNN News Center - Bernard's Last Day
Musical Performance: Jay Z "I Just Wanna Love U" (Give It 2 Me)
Encore: Swan Going Home (#502)
Close: Will's Little Sister: Tony Hawk

Episode #618 3/10/01
E.R. et al
Fightin' Ron at Principal's
Buenos Dias San Diego 2: O-Town
Reality Check - Black History
Debra's Garden
ENCORE - Star Wars '99 (#503)
Green Day "Warning"

Episode #619 3/24/01
Oscar Medley
Crouching Cops/Hidden Badges
Andy Griffith 2001
Lorraine in Hollywood
The Other Oscars
Men Mars Women Venus Cybill Hell
Almost Famous 2 with Patrick Fugit
Real Castaway
Encore - Wizard of Oz Lost Footage (#519)

Episode #620 4/14/01
55th Annual Tony Awards - Brockovich
Queen Latifah
Pop Stars #1
Pop Stars #2
Hot Tub Lorraine
Pop Stars #3
All In The Family 2001
Marshall McBride LP
Encore: Lida & Melina Meet Ricky (#510)
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #621 4/21/01
Elton John Duets
Tonight Show
Jazzyburger Edward
Mary Poppins
NBC Promo
The Plumber
Trina Gets Some
Encore - Will Hits the Big Time (#524)
The Talk

Episode #622 4/28/01
Reality Check - Clinton
Tom Green Improv - Cow
Swan Pick Up
Driver's Ed
New New Newlywed Game
Point of No Returns
Green Day Performs "Blood Sex Booze"
CBS News - Survivor
Encore - Spishak T-Hee Hee Shirts (#501)

Episode #623 5/05/01
MTV Cribs: George W. Bush
Kenny Rogers' Jackass
Child Genius - Just Cloning
Bring on the Sugar & Spice
The Rock Junket - Mummy Returns
Marvin Tikvah: House For Sale
Psychic 2
Musical Performance: Memphis Bleek Featuring Jay Z "Do My"

Episode #624 5/12/01
Family Feud
Stuart & The New Babysitter
New Therapy With Bob Newhart
Lida & Melina At McHooters
Dr. Kylie: Fashion Illness
Encore: He Got Gay (#404)
Close: Nelson & Cast

Episode #625 5/19/01
Will & Grace
Vancome's Last Stand
Arnold's Recording Session
Blockbuster Awards 2001
Missing Link Lorraine
This 'N' That With Rusty: Chris Kirkpatrick
MTV Icon - Whitney Houston
Encore: Mariah Carey Featuring Missy Elliott "Love Muffin" (Remix) (#511)
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #701 9/22/01
Music Video: Lady MADtv
Blind Date
Trina's Speed Date
Rock Star Premiere
Family Feud 2
Wedding Video
Encore: Sopranos (#624)
Close: Mo

Episode #702 9/29/01
Music Video: Sugar Ray "The Music's Over"
Celebrity Fear Factor
Craig Kilborn Fan Club
Mike Tyson Grill
Swan: Protection
Brian's Secret Skill
Bjork K-Mart Commercial
Celebrity Exhaustion Telethon #1
Celebrity Exhaustion Telethon #2
Close: Brian's Secret Skill Outtakes

Episode #629 10/06/01
The More You Know: Maya Angelou
Stuart: The Wedding Party
Blind Man & Faulty Voice Box Boy
Kid Gap Troll
Bunifa: Antiques Roadshow
Crackhouse Eyewitness
Literally: We Love a Parade
Encore:I Love Lucy 2000 (#507)
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #703 10/13/01
The Lanse Bass Show
Rusty At The Movies
Helms Commercial: Take One
Reality Check: The Revenge
Child Genius: Home Schooling
Special Coach
Musical Performance: Alien Ant Farm "Smooth Criminal"
Encore: Arnold Clone Movie (#609)
Close Will & Cast/ Episode Outtakes

Episode #704 10/20/01
Huge Momma Fatso
Depressed But Patriotic
Liz Allen
Will vs. Lance
Walter And Amber Do Their Part
Alex & Joey Fatone
Embarrassing Parents: Denny's
Encore: Estrella Viaje (#422)
20/20: Aaron Spelling
Close: Michael & Cast/ On The Line Outtakes

Episode #627 11/03/01
The More You Know - Melanie Griffith
Rusty English Please
At the Playground
Hall Monitor
Hey, Randy
Angela Camping
Bunifa in the Hospital
Motivational Speaker
Encore - Scared Straight (#504)

Episode #705 11/10/01
Gonna Git Some
Kung Fu The Movie
Jeannie Fanucci Story
Rusty with Drew Barrymore
Politically Incorrect
Who Do You Love?
Rusty with Penny Marshall
Encore - Devon's Creek (#510)

Episode #706 11/17/01
A Word From the President
NYPD Blue: Cursed
Cleo and Mrs. Campbell
Michael Jackson's Short Film: "I Do Like Girls"
Wigs for Kids
Dateline Titus
Stuart Gets A Rival
MTV Beach Party With Jessica Simpson
Musical Performance: Jessica Simpson "A Little Bit"
A Commercial About Nothing
Close: Debra & Cast

Episode #707 11/24/01
Music Video: *NSYNC "John"
The Price is Lorright
Oprah and Dr. Phil
Bunny the Vampire Slayer
Madden News Segment
Weakest Link: Retro TV
Leave It To Blink 182
Harry Potter Premiere
Close: Alex & Cast

Episode #708 12/01/01
Family Values Tour 2001
7th Heaven
Yes, Noah
Marvin Tikvah: Miata
Randy Newman - America's Song
Fun With Green Screen
Forever Furniture
Drama Queens 101
Encore: Vagina Monologues (#601)
Close: Andrew & Cast

Episode #709 12/08/01
Open: Triple H Potter
Bad Hair Day
Music Video: Destiny's Child "Beyoncé"
George Bush And Triple H
Don't Call It A Comeback
Highschool Wrestling Meet With Triple H
Real M************ Talk
Fightin' Ron: Anger Management
Lenders Bagels
Encore: Music Video: Limp Bizkit "Posin'" (#617)
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #710 (Christmas Special) 12/15/01
Music Video: Col-P With Dubya-B "World, World, World"
Santa's Elves
Holiday Greetings - Kenny Rogers
Trina's Christmas Miracle
Destiny's Child - Message to the Troops
One Christmas Morning
VH1 My Music Awards
MC Hammer - Message to the Troops
Not Me Lord
Kingsford Family Christmas
Sandy Pym's Movie Minute - Lord of the Rings
Close: Aries & Cast/ Trina's Christmas Miracle Outtakes

Episode #626 1/05/02
Lorraine: Dancing Lesson
Steven Seagal on Jay Leno
Oprah's book club
Death of a Salesman - Regis Philbin
Depressed Persian tow truck man
The Kitchen
Encore: Nsync Video (#616)

Episode #711 01/12/02
Reality Check: White House
Music Video: Shakira "Whatever, Don't Matter"
The Olsen Twins: The Miracle Worker
The O'Reilly Factor
MADtv Diary: Andrew P. Daly
Musical Performance: Ja Rule "Always On Time"
Encore: La Isla De Gilligan (#612)
Close: Kathryn & Cast

Episode #712 01/26/02
Snow Dogs
Cell Mates
Antiques Road Show #1,#2,#3
Reality Check Strikes Back
Mickey Therapy Session
Encore - MTV Icon: Whitney Houston
Usher performs "U Don't Have To Call

Episode #713 2/02/02
MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #1
Coors Commercial
Happy Days En Espanol
MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #2: Valu-Plus
Inside The Actor's Studio: Frankie Muniz
Andy Dick Meets Daphne
MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #3
Encore: Stuart At The Pet Shop (#516)
Musical Performance: Wu Tang "Uzi"
Close: MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #4

Episode #714 2/06/02
Baby Gap Line
Wheel of Fortune
Stuart: Scary Valentine
Palm Captain 5000 Organizer
Sorority Row
Terminator 2 - The Musical
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos And Chris Klein Backstage #1
Encore: Swan Airplane (#507)
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos And Chris Klein Backstage #2
Close: Will & Cast

Episode #715 2/16/02
Talcum X
Open: Stone Cold Steve Austin & MC Hammer
Fightin' Ron and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Public Schoolhouse Rock!: Interjection
Politically Incorrect: Jiminy Glick
Celebrity Family Feud
Ms. Swan: She Look Like A Man
Tony Little's Ultimate Push-up Machine
Close: Michael & Cast

Episode #716 2/23/02
Girls Gone Wild Barbie
A Crosswalk To Remember
Dot On Oprah
DMX - Motherly Advise
Stuart: Birthday
Carolla & Kimmel On Ice
Absolute Vodka
Melissa Joan Hart & President Bush
Encore: Swan At The Movies (#416)
Close: Frank & Cast

Episode #628 3/02/02
The More You Know: Lance Bass
Denzel's Cable
The More You Know: Tom Cavanaugh
Doctor's Office
Walmart Greeter
Mannequin Manslaughter: Trial
Bunifa At The Movies
Todos En La Familia
The Rosie O'Donnell Show: The Lion King
The Winleys
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #630 3/09/02
The More You Know: George W. Bush
Olympic Gymnasts #1
Ms. Swan: Dinner Date Part 2
Olympic Gymnasts #2
Olympic Gymnasts #3
Sex Face
Olympic Gymnasts #4
Extras Seminar
MADTV ENCORE - Intensity
Stevie Comes Out of the Closet
Close: Nicole

Episode #717 3/16/02
The Probe
Music Video: The Calling... "You Sound Like Me"
Chips 2002
Public School House Rocks!: Nouns
Angela: Sexism Project
This 'N' That With Rusty: Shakira
Baskin Robins
Encore: New Therapy With Bob Newhart (#624)
Musical Performance: Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes"
Close: Andrew Daly & Cast

Episode #718 3/23/02
Lords Of The Bling
Music Video: R. Kelly "The Greatest"
The Score
Real M************ Talk: Enron/Oscar Picks
Tara Reid Game Show
Candy Band
Inside The Actor's Studio: Tara Reid
Product Placement
Encore: Brightling Greetings (#517)
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #719 4/06/02
Sorority Row: Spring Carnival
Nicky Noodles The Clown Of God
MAD Saturday Morning
Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne Behind the Music #1: Master P
Drama Queen: Greg the Bunny Audition
Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne Behind the Music #2: Insane Clown Posse
Who Knows The Band
Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne Behind the Music #3: Barry Gibb
Jenny Jones: Stripper Makeover
Encore: Stuart: Visit With Grandma (#602)
Nice Angry Boss
Close: Alex & Cast

Episode #720 4/13/02
Entertainment Tonight: Providence Set
Walter and Amber On Change Of Heart
Bar Scene: Asian Stereotypes
Embarrassing Parents: Camping Trip
Stoner News
Sexual Talk Trial
Encore: Dolemite: Dolemite vs. Blackbelt Jones (#509)
Baseball Man/ Bobby Joins Cast
Close: Bobby & Cast

Episode #721 4/20/02
Bean Town Bums
The Royals' Fighting Championship
The Fun Room
Drama Queen: Dinner Date
Wayne Brady: American Cotton Council
Lorraine: Mardi Gras Concert
Alex and Will Lookalikes
Bunifa: Making It Through Customs
MADTV ENCORE - "You, Your Body and You" (#602)
Close: Taran

Episode #722 4/27/02
Music Video: Britney Spears "I'm Not A Child"
Joe Namath Film Strip: VD - What A Drag
Politically Incorrect: Marriage
Dot: Rescuing The Glove
Kenny Rogers Jackass 2
Musical Performance: Tenacious D "Tribute"
Encore: Stuart: Tooth Fairy (#615)
Musical Performance: Tenacious D "Lee"
Big Tank And The Cigarette Bitches
Close: Mo & Cast

Episode #723 5/04/02
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Therapy Session
Public School House Rock!: Dysfunction Junction
Fendernagle Enterprises
Sunrise Yoga With Sage Hagen
Music Store
Encore: Reading Caboose: JFK Assasination (#508)
The 54th Annual Emmy Awards: James Gandolfini
Passing Out From Masturbation
Close: Debra & Cast

Episode #724 5/11/02
Glamazon Huntresses
Bunifa: MTV Dismissed
The Real Deal
Sony Neighbors
Jenny Jones Meets Laura Bush
Gay Dating
MADTV ENCORE - Goodnight Dad
War Songs
Close: Taran

Episode #725 5/18/02
Lance Bass Show: Rod Roddy Interview
The Real West Wing
Mrs. Campbell: Car Accident
The Wayne Brady Show: Celebrity Variety Show
Marvin Tikvah: E! True Hollywood Story
Trina's Wedding Day
Encore Dr. Kylie: Fashion Illness (#624)
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #801 9/14/02
Music Video: Eminem "What's on TV"
Anna Nicole Show
Jenny Jones Show: Lazy SOB Baby
Celebrity American Idol #1: The Performances
Nightline Interview: Kelly Clarkson
Allen Iverson Basketball Camp
Doctor Visit
Celebrity American Idol #2: We'll Be Right Back
Celebrity American Idol #3: We'll Be Right Back Again
Close: Celebrity American Idol Winner Announced

Episode #802 9/21/02
The Koppels
The Improved Koppels
Angela: Racism Project
Real Footage Film Strip: America at War
The Seven Buddy Cops
COPS: The World's Queeniest Police Chases
Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #1: Sprint PCS
Dr. Kylie: Baby Delivery
Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #2: Chili's
The Oprah Winfrey Show: Economy Advice
The O'Reilly Factor: Condoleeza Rice
Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #3: World of Mattress Liquidators
OZ - The Martha Stewart Years
Close: Catherine Zeta-Jones and the Seven Buddy Cops

Episode #803 9/28/02
Music Video Parody: Father Kelly and The Priests "Hot Up Here"
The Jackie Chan Show
Stuart: Piano Lesson
Public School House Rocks: Obesity
Emmy Awards '02
'50s Diner
Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: AD Pt.II
Steve Wellington: Detention
Close: Insomnia Talk w/ Robin Williams and Al Pacino

Episode #804 11/2/02
Music Video: Eve featuring Alicia Keys "Gangsta Lover"
A Wedding Story
It's the Bigass Pumpkin Chucky Brown
Basketball Team for the Blind and Mildly Retarded
Double Dutch #1: Bankruptcy
Senator Debate
The Anna Nicole Show: Tony Hawk
Doube Dutch #2: Isreal and Pakistan
Real ********** Talk: Homeland security/Internet/Saddam Hussein...
Bible Dude: Teen Party
Double Dutch #3: Plane Crash
Musical Performance: Xzibit "Multiply"
Close: Go Basketball Team for the Blind and Mildly Retarded!

Episode #805 11/9/02
When Camera Crews Collide
Music Video: Shakira "Translation"
Bambi: Threesome
John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper
Mrs. Campbell: Fastfood Lawsuit News Story
The Wayne Brady Show: Ja Rule
Wal-Mart: Slashing Prices...
Crossing Over with John Edward
Earl Scheib's Body Shop Police Special
Musical Performance: Shaggy "Strength Of A Woman"
Close: Bobby Loves the Audience

Episode #806 11/16/02
Music Video: George W. Bush "Hiding in My Closet"
Lorraine: Florida University Video
Oprah Winfrey's Dr. Phil Show: Plastic Surgery
Music Video: *NSYNC "Center Of My World"
Viagra Commercial
60 Minutes Interview w/ Eminem
The Birthday Train
Spears On Sports
Musical Performance: The Strokes
Musical Performance: The Strokes perform again
Close: George W. and Barbara Bush Watch "MadTV"

Episode #807 11/23/02
Marvin: Father and Son Talk
Open: Jack Osbourne Sings
McDonald's Fatass Meal
Indiana University Commercial
CHiPs 2002 II
7th Heaven Thanksgiving w/ The Osbournes
MAD at the Die Another Day Premiere
Stuart: Bright Shiny Lucky Day
Pet Peeves
Musical Performance: Kelly Osbourne "Shut Up"
Close: Debra and Mo Argue

Episode #808 12/7/02
The Price is Right
The Real Bachelor
Reality Check: Airplane
The Rob Nelson Show
Snow White Returns to the Forest
Bambi: Just for Lesbians Commercial
Cloret: Just Juice
Smartypants Challenge
Average Asian
Musical Performance: Sum 41 "Still Waiting"
Close: Jesse Jackson and Rosa Parks Barbershop Press Conference

Episode #809 12/14/02
Music Video: Justin Timberlake "Like I Am You"
The Lords of the Bling: The Two Ta-Tas
Sears Themed Portrait Studios
Trina: IHOP Job Interview
Double Dutch: Terror Alert
The O'Reilly Factor: Interview w/ Janeanne Garafolo
Sorority Row: Cookie
Bunifa: Laker Girl Audition
Dot: The Good News Forum
Backstage: Ike w/ Puddle of Mudd
Musical Performance: Puddle of Mudd "She Hates Me"
Close: Ike Flirts with the Girls

Episode #810 12/21/02
Epstein Brothers Christmas Tree Patch Commercial
Primetime Interview w/ Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
How Winona Stole Christmas
Ruthy: Elf
Seeing Santa*
Lorraine: Holiday Shopping
Bible Dude: Greed During Christmas
Politically Correct Office Holidays
Musical Performance - Bon Jovi
Close: Forgetting Santa*

Episode #811 1/18/03
Scrabble's 50th Anniversary
Celebrity New Year's Resolution #1: John Madden
Oprah’s Cash Giveaway!
Celebrity New Year's Resolution #2: Shaquille O'Neal
Real Mother****ing Talk: News
Alcoholic Support
Celebrity New Year's Resolution #3: Madonna
Jenny Jones Show: Clips
Encore: V.D. What a Drag (#722)
Musical Performance: Queens of the Stone Age
Close: Musical Performance: Queens of the Stone Age

Episode #812 1/25/03
John Madden Advertises FOX
The Heave Boat
Spishak: Hey It's Ovens for Kids
Adopted Korean Baby
Prehistoric Glamazon Huntresses A.D.: With Eggroll You Get Danger Part 2
Crank Call from Las Vegas
QVC - Evander Holyfield's Fashion Line
Encore: The Lost Interracial Footage of the Wizard of Oz (#519)
Close - Madden Closes the Episode

Episode #813 2/1/03
Hooked on Phonics Video Game
The Dating Game: Terrorists
Music Video: LL Cool J “Love Me Better
Bunifa: Trading Spaces
Boys Gone Wild
Connie Chung Tonight: Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorette
Dr. Kylie: Colonoscopy
Homeowners Dispute
Encore: The Price is Lorright (#707)
Musical Performance: Nelly “Airforce One”
Close - Connie Chung

Episode #814 2/8/03
People's Court – Fightin’ Ron vs. Marvin Tikvah
Fox Reality Show Lies
Sorority Row Games
Road Runner “That Wacky Iraqi”
CBS Fat Guy Mondays
Reality Check: Trent Lott
Spishak’s Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! 98!
Shaq Time!
Drama Queen: Purse Snatcher
Encore- Politically Incorrect 3
Close- Sorority Row Games

Episode #815 2/15/03
Music Video: Christina Aguleira "Virginal"
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Marital Breakdown
Sponsor: How To Lose Eight Bucks In Two Hours
Happy V.D. Chucky Brown
Joe Millionaire II
O'Reilly Factor: Self-Debate
Dare Devil Premier
Connie Chung Tonight: Fond Memories
Encore: Trina's Valentine (#615)
Dot: Nursing Home
Close: Connie Chung Tonight

Episode #816 2/22/03
Look Who's Talking This Time: Honey, I Touched the Kids!
Angela: My Big Fat Canadian Cousin
Ryan Seacrest #1
Stuart: Chinese Restaurant
Ryan Seacrest #2/ Music Video Winner #3: George W. Bush "Hidin' In My Closet" (#806)
Daphne Aguleira "Filthy"
A Little Pill Called Ecstacy
Ryan Seacrest #3/ Music Video Winner #2: "Lady MADtv" (#701)
Piano Bar
Ryan Seacrest #4/ Nelly Introduces...
Music Video Winner#1: R. Kelly "The Greatest" (#718)
Supergrass Performance
Angela: Closing

Episode #817 3/8/03
Music Video: P.Diddy & Kim Jong – Il “Bomb, Bomb Bomb”
Angela: Hidden Video
Queen Of Queens
Jump Rope #5: Grand Theft Auto
Commercials From Around The World
Saddam's Party
Bush Family Fitness
Encore: Birdsitter (#714)
Dating Your Mom
Musical Performance: t.A.T.u. "All The Things She Said"
Close: Jump Rope #6: Cellular Phone

Episode #818 3/15/03
Reality Check: Michael Jackson
Sorority Row: Kappa Salutes Our Workers
The Other Half
Steve Wellington: Swirly Time
Grand Theft Auto, The Game Show
Entertainment Tonight: Just Married
The Tonight Show: Gay Animal Trainer
Encore: Lords of the Bling (#718)

Episode #819 3/29/03
Connie Chung Tonight: Oscar for Best Picture "Chicago"
Oscar nominee for "The Hours"
MIRIMAX Pictures Livin' In The Hood
Mrs Campbell: Plastic Surgery
Just Made In 10 Days
The 2nd Annual REAL ***********' OSCAR TALK
Rusty: Sunset BouleWeird movie script
Al Pacino Experiment (APX)
Woody Allen's Teen Sex Comedy "Annie, Hall Monitor"
Encore: Rick & Queen Latifah (#620)
Close: Rusty's student film

Episode #820 4/5/03
*Celebrity Man vs. Beast
Music Video: Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey "I'm Not Insane"
Jenny Jones: Reunited And It Feels So Good!
Why Women Leave
Johnny Woo's Liquor Store And Super Lotto Emporium
Nightline: Mafia
Drawing with Jerry!!
Encore: Second Hand Lorraine (#512)
Mary Tyler Moore 2003
Shopping for a Prom Dress at TJ Max
Musical Performance: OK Go "Get Over It"
*Close: Man vs. Beast

Episode #821 4/12/03
Dr. Phil makes a house call
Anna Nicole #1: VIP Guest- Commercial Countdown Party
Mickey: Bank Robbery News Interview
Anna Nicole #2
Commercial Parody Winner #3: Spishak: Hey It's Ovens for Kids (#812)
Vera Magnus the Pychic Lady
Anna Nicole #3
Commercial Parody Winner #2: John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper (#805)
Mr Folger: Poetry Group
Anna Nicole #4
Commercial Parody Winner #1: Ecstacy Anxiety Medication (#816)
Musical Performance: Folksmen "Blood On the Coal" & ??"Start Me Up"??
Cloret meets Countess Vaughn: United Airlines
Close: Anna Nicole

Episode #822 4/26/03
Oprah: Thinning Camera
2003 Riviera Club Open
Mom & Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary
This n' That w/Rusty: Mandy Moore
The Honeymooners 2003
Encore: Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Therapy Session (#723)
Godsmack "Straight Out Of Line"
Close: Honeymooners Outakes

Episode #823 5/3/03
Correspondence School
Public Schoolhouse Rocks: Substitute Teacher
Garage Sale
Stuart Meets His Father
Actors Studio/Drama Queen
Missy Elliott
Annoying Brother Sirel
Encore: Whitney Screws Up the Classics (#602)
Close: Stuart Outakes

Episode #824 5/10/03
DPTTM: Mother-in-Law
The Seven Buddy Cops Western
Sunday Morning w/ Graham Clark
Special Patrick: Bagboy
Spears on Sports
The Schnitzer Family
Bad Aim Beat Cop
Encore: Mrs. Campbell: Car Accident (#725)
Close: The Seven Buddy Cops Outtakes

Episode #825 5/17/03
Johnny Woo's In Da Hood Paralegal & Notary Public Palace
Hey, It's Cars For Kids
Oprah's Jackass
Marvin Tikvah: Father Daughter Dance
Lorraine Visits the Dentist
Feuding Parents
Nightline: Herbal Essences
Encore: Stuart & The New Babysitter (#625)
Season 8 Show Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #901 9/14/03
Music Video: 50 Cent "C.R.A.P."
Andy Dick Attacks "Frostbite" the MADtv Penquin Mascot
Fake TV
Marvin Tikvah Takes Advantage of Young Hollywood Hopefuls
California Recall Governors Debate 2003 #1
Rod Roddy Divorce Lunch Date
California Recall Governors Debate 2003 #2
The Incredible Dot Hulk
Bible Dude Takes on Illegal Music Downloading
Musical Performance: Mya "My Love Is Like... Wo"
Close: Andy Dick & Michael

Episode #902 9/21/03
Kmart Joe Boxer
Lorraine Goes To The Beach
Shaq and the Super Lakers
Dr. Kylie: Puberty
Music Video: Jewel "Prostitution"
Real **********ing Emmy Special
Madonna Childrens Book
7am Condo Report
The Fighting Temptations Premiere
Encore: A Wedding Story (#804)
Close: Red Carpet

Episode #903 9/27/03
Olive Garden
Boy Meets Goy
Music Video: Kobe Bryant "Consensual"
Sean The Freaky Floor Leader: Middle Management
QVC: Hefty Hoofer Collection
Perry's Love Therapy
MADtv At The Emmys - Mo & Paul
Affleck Insurance
Encore: Hooked on Phonics Video Game (#813)
Close: Red Carpet

Episode #904 10/4/03
Archie Tomlinson Oldsmobile
Celebrities Uncensored
Queer Eye For The Strange Guy
The O'Reilly Factor: Gray Davis
Snuggle the Fabric Softner Bear Goes On A Bloody Rampage
Stuart Sees A Therapist
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Snuggle
Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Restaurant
Mrs. Campbell: Emergency Room
Ike and Josh Hitprov
Musical Performance: Chingy "Right Thurr"
Close: Jack Nicholson

Episode #905 11/1/03
Average Asian: Angry Asian
John Madden For Vagisil
Angela's Funniest Home Video
MTV's Direct Effect
Feline Feline & Hairball
Music Video: Coldplay "The Narcissist"
A Football Thing
7am Condo Report 2
The Powerslut Girls
Matrix Revolution Premiere
Close: Bobby Outside The Studio

Episode #906 11/8/03 (200th Episode!)
Music Video: Orlando Jones "Hey MAD"
Vancome Lady: The Bachelorette
MAD Clip #1: The Sopranos (#624)
MAD Clip #2: Oprah Winfrey: Thinning Camera (#822)
Kenny Rogers Punk'd
Artie Lange Toasts MADtv
MAD Clip #3: Terms of Imprisonment (#115)
Stuart Goes Shopping For New Shoes
Literally: MADtv Audience
MAD Clip #4: Funky Walker: Halle Berry (#325)
Ms Swan: DMV
MAD Clip #5: Wizard of Oz Lost Footage (#519)
Dot Reunited With Her Sister
MAD Clip #6: I Love Lucy '97 (#307)
Real M************ Talk: Healthcare
MAD Clip #7: CLOPS III (#317)
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #907 11/15/03
Music Video: Britney Spears featuring Madonna "Me Against Madonna"
The Washington Journal
Sean's Surprise Birthday Party
Wheel Of Fortune: Government Worker Week
Werewolf Charges
Trina: Matchmakers Costume Carnival
Sleeper Cells
Cat In The Hat Premiere
Close: Cat In The Hat Premiere

Episode #908 11/22/03 (Thanksgiving Special)
Everybody Loves Raymond's Lesbian Cousin
TRL: Music Video: Emcee Esher: ..... In The ......
Connie Chung Tonight: Paige By Paige
Shaq And The Super Lakers: Heavyweight Waterboy
Football Game Marriage Proposal
Hollywood Squares: Stars Of UPN
Geert The Dutch Boarder
Feuding Parents: Thanksgiving Dinner
Entertainment Tonight: Kathy Griffin's D-List Celebrity Thanksgiving Special
Close: Feuding Parents

Episode #909 12/06/03
The Today Show: Winter Concert
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Plane Ride
Mexican Mariachi Band
60 Minutes: Andy Rooney Censored
Spishak Bug Zapper
Special Patrick: Special Olympics Championships
Saffron Johnson
Dr Phil: I Hear Voices
2003 Vibe Awards
Close: Vibe Awards

Episode #910 12/13/03
Lords Of The Bling: The Return Of The Bling
The Boys Of Abercrombie & Fitch
Fake Sponsor: Hilton Hotels
News Retractions
The Lillian Verner Game Show
Lorraine Makes A Baby Room Raucous
Postal Workers Go Postal
Connie Chung On E!: Kate Hudson's Baby Shower
Access Hollywood: Smashmouth
Close: The Lillian Verner Game Show Bloopers

Episode #911 12/20/03 (Christmas Special)
An Elizabeth Smart Christmas
The Powerslut Girls: Miracle On 34th Calories!
Bowling For Christmas
A Happy Channukah from Woody Allen and Soon-Yi
Suge Night's Court Ordered Holiday Album
Happy Holidays From Renee Zellweger
A Marvin Tikvah Christmas
Feuding Parents: Christmas
The Babysitter Mutilator
Musical Guest: West Side Connection "Gangster Nation"
Close: Vibe Awards: LL Cool J

Episode #912 1/10/04
Music Video: Michael Jackson Featuring Chingy "Neverland Ranch"
Sprint Text Messaging
The Simpler Life
Hidden Family Videos
OnStar: Britney Spears
Drama Queen: Soup Kitchen Dinner Theatre
Celebrity Injustice
Flu Sex
Snow White Casting Call
Encore: Dot On Oprah (#716)
Close: The Simpler Life

Episode #913 1/17/04
John Madden's Movie Review
Scare Tactics
Fake Sponsor: Everybody Loves Raymond/ NoDoz/ Easy-Off/ Palmolive
Dr. Kylie: Fertility
Celebrity Survivor #1
Celebrity Survivor #2
Fireballs Press Conference
The Simple Life
Encore: Angela: Racism Project (#802)
Close: Survivor Outtakes

Episode #914 2/7/04
Gabmore Girls
Fake Sponsor: Ivory Soap/ Pepsodent/ Paper Mate
Mrs. Campbell: The Apprentice
The Kim Jong-Il Show
Stuart: Next Door
Aries' Vocal Tips
The Bride Of Funkenstein
Chrysler Drive & Love
Encore: Senator Debate (#804)
Musical Performance: Ruben Studdard "What Is Sexy"
Close: The Bride Of Funkenstein Outtakes

Episode #915 2/14/04
Ambercrombie And Fitch 2
Crazy As Hell News
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Valentines
Meet Mickey
Two And A Half Men
The Bureau Of Porno Actors Registration
Real M************ Talk: Black History Month
Action News
Phillip Morris Awareness Campaign
One For The Road
Close: The Lillian Verner Game Show Outtakes

Episode #916 2/21/04
Mike Tyson's Gettin’ It All Back Tour
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno #1: Opening Monologue
Payless Shoe's
The Price Is Right: Circa 1974
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno #2: Guests
Bae Sung Master Translator: Lady Samurai
Happy Trails Lorraine
Static Electricity
Encore: Angela: My Big Fat Canadian Cousin (#816)
Close: Happy Trails Lorraine

Episode #917 2/28/04
Crest White Strips
Dot: National Spelling Bee Championships
Rusty: Academy Awards Seat Filler
American Political Idol
Family Feud: Cold Mountain vs. Lord Of The Rings
Fake Sponsor: BET Films...
The Hip Hop Sock Shop
Judgement On Grand Avenue
Encore: Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! 98! (#814)
Close: American Political Idol

Episode #918 3/13/04
Trojan OvaMax Contraceptive Patch
The Wayne Brady Show Gets Cancelled
Cold Case
Taco Hell
Wedding Day
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Jay Walking Mania
Pirate Party Productions
A Farewell To Frasier
Fake Sponsor: UCLA Body Donor Program...
Encore: Public School House Rocks!: Nouns (#717)
Close: Cold Case

Episode #919 3/20/04
Over The Rainbow #1: M&M's
Who Wants To Be A Super Duper Millionaire
Over The Rainbow #2: Ambian/ Absolute Vadka
It's A Small World: Revenge Of Satans Undead Dolls
7am Condo Report 3
Crossing The Hell Over
ABC Schedule
Bae Sung: Airport
Hulk 2: Me Out Of Closet
Fake Sponsor: FCC/ American Idol/ NOS and...
The Kim Jong-Il Show: JC Chasez
Encore: Kenny Rogers' Jackass (#623)
The Rear View To The World-Wide Websters Dictionary
Close: Crossing The Hell Over

Episode #920 4/10/04
John Madden: Easter/Spring Break
Not A 24 Parody
Geert: Sunglass Shack
QVC: Fashion Over 40
Hitprov: Romeo & Juliet
Fake Sponsor: TrimSpa...
Encore: Mrs. Campbell: Fastfood Lawsuit News Story (#805)
Supermarket Superheros
Sam Adams
Close: Sam Adams

Episode #921 4/17/04
Average Asian: Dating
Kiss The Twisted Eye Of The Beholder Of The Ya-Ya Double Jeopardyhood
The Price Is Right: Circa 1986
Funkenstein Against Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Bae Sung: Court Interpreter
Encore: The Oprah Winfrey Show: Thinning Camera (#822)
Italian Restaurant Proposal
Choppy The Janitor
Close: Funkenstein Outtakes

Episode #922 5/1/04
Angela: Montel
The Wizard Of Oz
Marvin Tikvah: Chubby Chaser
The O.C.
Sean Gidcomb: Bring Your Child To Work Day
The Food Network - The Eggsellent Marathon
Encore: Stuart Gets A Rival (#706)
Close: The O.C. Outtakes

Episode #923 5/8/04
Whoopi Goldberg For Slimfast
Dr. Kylie: Chinese Bird Flu
Inappropriate Assembly Behavior
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Mother's Day
Choppy: Sexual Harassment Training
Drunk Guy In First Person
Encore: Child Genius (#614)
Close: Dr. Kylie: Chinese Bird Flu Outtakes

Episode #924 5/15/04
Brown Business
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Prom Night
Hollywood Squares: Desperate Gimmick Week
Doggone Tired Of Them!
Dominic The Giant At Work
Shot In The Head
Sorority Row: Makeover
Encore: Loraine: F.U. (#806)
Fox Action News
Close: Brown/Squares Outtakes

Episode #925 5/22/04
Baby Abercrombie
The Superstitious Knights
Letters To Lincoln
Stuart: Poker Game
Real M************ Talk: FCC/Tonys
The Price Is Right: Circa 1134 BC
Funkenstein Against The Werewolf Hookers
Close: Aries & Cast

Episode #1001 9/18/04
Open: Opening Credits
Crazy as Hell Movie Review #1: Alien Vs. Predator
Crazy as Hell Blooper Outtro
Angela: Presidential Stalkers
Crazy as Hell Movie Review #2: Benji Off the Leash!
Jell-O Shots
Crazy as Hell Movie Review #3: Vanity Fair
Abercrombie And Fitch Vs. Lane Bryant
Ron Pederson Outtro
Jeopardy: Ken Jennings
Jeopardy Outtro
The Amazing Presidential Race #1
Pizza Hut Twisted Crust Pizza Compléte-za!
The Amazing Presidential Race #2
Connie Chung Outtro
Close: Bobby Lee

Episode #1002 9/25/04
Growing Up Gotti
Open: Stephnie - Gotti Sketch Excuses
Alien Vs. Princess Diaries Vs. Snuggle
Alien Vs. Princess Diaries Outtro
Chili's BBQ Ad#1
Coach Hines: Memorial Service
Coach Hines Outtro
Chili's BBQ Ad#2
MADtv Presidential Debate #1-2
MADtv Presidential Debate Outtro
Chili's BBQ Ad#3
Bae Sung: Restaurant
Trading Spouses
Close: Ike Barinholtz Gives Out Autographs

Episode #1003 10/2/04
Open: MADtv 'Your Wildest Dreams Have Come True'
Election 2004 Update
TRL: Choose Or Lose Rock the Vote Special
TRL Outro
The Letourneau Family
Real M************ Talk: Election Eve Special
Real M************ Talk Outtro
The Ashlee Simpson Show
Crazy As Hell: Open Water Premiere
My Pet Goat
Outtro: Ike Asks Christina Milian For a Date #1
Musical Performance: Christina Milian featuring Joe Budden "Whatever U Want"
Outtro: Ike Asks Christina Milian For a Date #2
Close: The Ashlee Simpson Show

Episode #1004 11/6/04
Open: Ashlee Simpson
The Duckling
The Fantanas!
Outtro: The Fantanas!
7am Condo Report: Special Hurricane Edition
MTV Diary: "Delicious" Morissette
Outtro: MTV Diary
Bush Post-Election Party
I Love the 00's
Abercrombie & Fitch: Apple
Outtro: Alanis and Ron Agree To Do an Album Together
Sherry the Stripper
Outtro: Sherry the Stripper
Outtro: Bobby
Close: Frank Does Impressions

Episode #1005 11/13/04
Open: Professor Gigglepepper #1
Average Asian: Expert Ping-Pong Asian
Music Video: Britney Spears featuring Bobby Brown "My Predicament"
Outtro: Ike & Bobby
Kobe's Thunder-Jammer
Kenny Rogers Reality Show #1-2
Outtro: Will Sasso
Stuart: Vacuum Sale
The Superstitious Knights: Regional Wedding Champs
Outtro: The Superstitious Knights
Musical Performance: Marilyn Manson "Personal Jesus"
Close: Professor Gigglepepper #2

Episode #1006 11/20/04
Open: COPS: Black on Black
Punk'd: George Bush
Outro: Punk'd: George Bush
The Wizard of Odd
Dot: Tiny Lil' Miss Petite Princess Contest
Norah Jones Party Album
Outtro: Norah Jones Party Album
Real M************ Talk: Thanksgiving Special
George Foreman Gobbler Grill
Outtro: George Foreman Gobbler Grill
Musical Performance: Ja Rule "Wonderful"
Outtro: Ja Rule
Close: Nora Jones Party Album

Episode #1007 11/27/04
Open: Steph - Minilogue
Celebrity Quarters
Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet
Outtro: Sean Gidcomb
Rufus Champagne: Little People Traffic Stop
2004 Vibe Awards
Drama Queen: Airplane Musical
Funkenstein Vs. The Creature from the White Lagoon Vs. A Special Appearance by Blacula
Outtro: Funkenstein
Outtro: Courtroom
Close: Official MADtv T-Shirts

Episode #1008 12/11/04
Death to America!
Outtro: Death to America!
The Right Time to Make Love
7am Condo Report: Flu Shots
Outtro: 7am Condo Report
The Lillian Verner Game Show: The Anti-Star Wars
Outtro: The Lillian Verner Game Show
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: John Kerry
Musical Performance: Avril Lavigne "Nobody's Home"
Outtro: Avril Lavigne
Close: Death to America!

Episode #1009 12/18/04
The Fantanas!: Holiday Flavors
Celebrity Quarters: Holiday Edition
Outtro: Aries
Abercrombie & Fitch: All-White Christmas
Shaq and the Former Super Lakers: Big Christmas Game
GAP: Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz
2004 Billboard Music Awards
Real M************ Talk: Holiday Show
Holly and the Mistletoe Tappers
Outtro: Holly and the Mistletoe Tappers
Musical Performance: Nelly featuring Jazze Pha "Na-Nana-Na"
Close: 2004 Billboard Music Awards

Episode #1010 1/8/05
The Peoples Court: Loves 'Em and Piles of Leaves 'Em
Bae Sung: Auto Repair Shop
Outtro: Bae Sung
Special Patrick: Newscast
Ray's Grudge: Blind Date With Terror!
Inside Looking Out
Marvin Tikvah: Swimming Lessons
Outtro: Marvin Tikvah
Open Water Affairs
Musical Performance: The Hives "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones"
Outtro: The Hives
Close: Special Patrick: Newscast

Episode #1011 1/22/05
Music Video: Kelly Clarkson & Friends "Since We Were On"
Bible Dude: Choir Boy
Outtro: Bible Dude
Dr. Kylie: Breast Implants
Outtro: Dr. Kylie
Garnier Nutrisse Vs. Pantene Vs. Queen Helene
Morbidly Obese Albert
Fake Sponsor: Kodak Film/ NHL
Hero Worship - Jake
Outtro: Hero Worship
The Kim Jong-Il Show: Donald Trump
Musical Performance: The Donnas "I Don't Want to Know"
Close: Paul

Episode #1012 2/5/05
Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Deluxe Extreme Makeover Edition
MADtv's Super Bowl Saturday Pre-Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Show #1
Dot: Rest In Peace
Outtro: Dot
MADtv's Super Bowl Saturday Pre-Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Show #2
Swan of Hearts
Super Bowl XXXIX Media Day
Brightling Crush
Union Strike
Outtro: Union Strike
Close: MADtv's Super Bowl Saturday Pre-Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Show #3

Episode #1013 2/12/05
John Madden Valentine's
Phantom of the Oprah
Handicap Helpers
The Price is Right: Death to America!
Outtro: The Price is Right
Lida & Melina: MTV's Spring Break Beach Bonanza Blowout
Outtro: Lida & Melina
Reality Check: Ashlee Simpson
Outtro: Reality Check
Bae Sung: French Airways
Outto: Bae Sung
Desperate Housewives
Close: Desperate Housewives

Episode #1014 2/19/05
Music Video: Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams "Smoking Too Much Pot"
Hallmark #1
Stuart: Moving On
Outto: Stuart
Hallmark #2
Lorraine Goes Bowling
Hallmark #3
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Carol Fiddy Returns
Outtro: The Lillian Verner Game Show
Felicia Visits Family
WXRU Evening News
Close: Stuart Outtakes

Episode #1015 2/26/05
Lost #1
Lost #2
7AM Condo Report: Special Oscar Edition
Outtro: Artie
Inside Looking Out 2
The B.S.
Outtro: The B.S.
Black History Minute
Close: Survivor Host Audition

Episode #1016 3/12/05
Dr. Phil: Parenting In America
The Michael Jackson Trial
Outtro: Jackson Trial
Rusty: Presidential Questions
MADtv At The American Idol Final 12 Party
Tank: Night Club
Outtro: Tank
Luanne Lockheart: Stand-up Comedienne
Peggy The Rollar Skate Champion: Audition
Million Dollar Baby II: The Forty Million Dollar Baby
Close: Rusty

Episode #1017 3/19/05
TRL: Maroon 5 Special Tsunami Edition Video
Designer Imposters, Channel No. 5 Perfume
Outtro: Channel No. 5 Perfume
QVC: Mexican Amigos Collection
How To Telephone A Girl
Outtro: How To Telephone A Girl
News Picture
eBay Commercial
The Party
Steven Cragg: Reality TV
Encore: Cold Case (#918)
Close: Anna Nicole Outtakes

Episode #1018 4/09/05
Rufus Champagne: Little People Domestic Disturbance
Marvin Tikvah Goes To Rehab
Outtro: Marvin Tikvah
Taco Hell II
Old Man Stan
Outtro: Old Man Stan
Married Female Seeks Fun
Outtro: Married Female Seeks Fun
Sexual Harrassment Accusation
Steven Cragg: Hidden Sex Camera
Encore: Music Video: P. Diddy & Kim Jong Il "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb" (#817)
Outtro: Korean Song
Close: Old Man Stan Outtakes

Episode #1019 4/23/05
The Barbecue Bus
Sprint Ringtones
Coach Hines: Career Day
Pimp My Bride
Outtro: Pimp My Bride
Mini Big Cooper
Inside Looking Out At Mom
Outtro: Inside Looking Out
Christie Brinkley's AB Zapper Deluxe
Detroit Institute For Star Naming
Yo, Here We Go
Outtro: Yo, Here We Go
Close: Sprint Ringtones

Episode #1020 4/30/05
Open: Michael The Dog Trainer
Sherry the Stripper: By the Pool
Choach Hines: Basketball Game
Outtro: Coach Hines
Marital Role Playing
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Fuzzy Albino
Outtro: The Lillian Verner Game Show
Inside the Actor's Studio with Artie Lange
Favorite Prime Time TV Parody Winner: Sopranos (#624)
Miss Teen USA
Outtro: Miss Teen USA
Close: The Lillian Verner Game Show Outtakes

Episode #1021 5/07/05
Celine Dion's Las Vegas Miracle Tour a la Bebes
Vehicular Verb Alert
24 with Bobby Lee
The Real M********ing Talk Mother's Day Special
Funkenstein vs. Queen Nefertiti Plus Starring Some White Stewardesses And A Special Appearance By Bruce Lee's Cousin
The Cosby Show 20th Anniversary Reunion
Outtro: The Cosby Show 20th Anniversary Reunion
A Wedding Story: The Zizmors
Outtro: The Zizmors
Close: 24 with Bobby Lee

Episode #1022 5/14/05
Open: Displaced Kidneys
Tank: Playboy Party
Outtro: Tank
Mrs. Campbell Goes To the Movies
Outtro: Mrs. Campbell
TRL: Emcee Escher
The B.S.: INS Officer
Outtro: The B.S.
The Kissing Game
Bible Dude: Video Games
Whitney and Bobby Return
Close: Tank Outtakes

Episode #1023 5/21/05
Make A Wish
Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion
Outtro: Nicole Sullivan
Average Asian: Birthday Party
Superstitious Knights: Regional Hamlet Champs
Outtro: Superstitious Knights
Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harassment
Your New Neighbor
Outtro: Your New Neighbor
MADtv Presents Frank Caliendo
National Security Advisor
Close: Aries and the Cast

Episode #1101 9/17/05
Mike's Hatemail
Premiere Party - 2005 Teen Choice Awards
Music Video: Jessica Simpson Not Featuring Nick Lachey "The Dukes Are Not Worth Watching"
Mrs. Campbell Sells Her House
March of the Animals In Morgan Freeman's Back Yard
Jazzed For Crafts
The Psychiatrist
Musical Performance: OK Go "A Million Ways"
Close: Stephnie & Cast

Episode #1102 9/24/05
Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids
Presidential Address
Wedding Crashers
The Silver Fox
The View
Tank: Arcade
57th Annual Emmy Awards
Music Video: Coldplay "I'm The Most Important Part Of Coldplay"
Clownin and Krumpin
Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks
Close: Clownin and Krumpin

Episode #1103 10/2/05
The Return of the Rolling Stones
Open: Kanye West
Eric Balfour Backstage
FOX NFL Sunday
24 with Bobby & Jordan
Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard"
Angela: Sexually Active 8th Graders
Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard" Chapter 34
George Bush Rebuttification
Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard" Chapter 189
Intelligent Conversation
Commander In Chief Promo
Musical Performance: The Dandy Warhols "Smoke It"
Close: FOX NFL Sunday

Episode #1104 11/5/05
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Duke Flickman Product Integration #1: Cluskers
Hollywood Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting
Cluskers Tomato Juice
Duke Flickman Product Integration #2: Duralog
Blind Kung Fu Master
Drama Queen: Hurricane Relief Telethon
Duke Flickman Product Integration #3: Goodyear
Baby's First Steps
Duke Flickman Product Integration #4: Ugg Boots
MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD
Close: Duke Flickman Product Integration #5: Mercedes

Episode #1105 11/12/05
Dr. Larry's Sleeping Pills
Open: Ike's Hot Grandma
Abercrombie & Fitch: Blackercrombie
Inside Looking Out: Compact Discovery
Kurt Jones Buick Autoplex
Wheel of Fortune: Stacked
Goodnight America Late Night Tonight Show Show
Sanford and Son 2005
MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 2.0
Close: Michael & Cast

Episode #1106 11/19/05
Boob Whisperer
Open: Kung Kung
Only Vegas #1: Buffet
FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbone
Only Vegas #2: "A New Day" Starring Celine Dion
Dot's School Play "America's First Thanksgiving"
Camp Winnetonka
Juvenile Hall Break
Voyage of the Sailship Mayflower
Holly Meadow Estates Crime Watch Meeting: Holiday Edition
Lorenz: Kid-Aid
MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 3.0
Close: FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbone

Episode #1107 11/26/05
Open: WWE Champion John Cena
Boston Legal
Jazzed For Crafts: Monster Truck Rally
Marvin Tikvah's Search for a Star
Coach Hines: Bus Ride
24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
MADtv's on/tHe/DoWnLoaD 4.0
Close: 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena

Episode #1108 12/10/05
Music Video: Black Eyed Peas featuring George W. Bush "My Slump"
Open: Britney & Kevin Clear Everything Up
Runaway TV Audience Bleachers
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Another Baby
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Sick Day
2005 Billboard Music Awards
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Segway
Ho Nuva Leva
Close: Bobby & Cast

Episode #1109 12/17/05
Memoirs of a Geisha
Open: Neil Patrick Harris
QVC: Quacker Factory
Stuart Meets Santa
Sean The Floor Leader: Going Away Party
Inside Looking Out: Kwanzmas Carols
Jazzed for Crafts: Rodeo
The Silver Fox: Holiday Show
Close: Ike & Cast

Episode #1110 1/7/06
Action 5 News
Open: Katie Holmes
Bae Sung: Monday Night Football
Superstitious Knights: Casino
Laguna Biotch
Blind Kung Fu Master 2
Mid-Season 1 Word Title Replacement Shows
Shop America
Steven Cragg: Make A Wish
Close: Laguna Biotch

Episode #1111 1/14/06
Snow White: Wonderfully Normal Day
Crazy as Hell 2005
George Bush: Looking Forward #1
Celebrity Obsessed
32nd Annual People's Choice Awards
Curb Your Enthusiasm
George Bush: Looking Forward #2
Krumpin Clowns: Retirement Home
Steven Cragg: Black Friends
Paula Zahn Now
Close: George Bush: Looking Forward #3

Episode #1112 1/28/06
Music Video: Hilary Duff "Sake Of My Fame"
Walk The Line: Deleted Footage
Montel Chilliams
Jordan's Driving Lesson
Grey's Anatomy
Luann Lockhart: Warm Up Act #1
Partial Payment
Luann Lockhart: Warm Up Act #2
My Loss Is Your Gain
Close: Jordan's Driving Lesson

Episode #1113 2/04/06
Music Video: Snoop Dogg "Get Paid"
Show Open: Jaime Pressly
FOX NFL Sunday: Superbowl Special
Last Holiday
QVC Quacker Factory: Valetines Edition
Tank: Superbowl Tailgate Party
My Name Is Dubya
Marvin Tikvah: Search For A Star II
Queshon: Valentines Day Cookies
Cragg: Father-Son Football Game
Show Close: Crista and cast

Episode #1114 2/18/06
Black History Minute 2006: Water Polo
Show Open: Blacks Take Over
Lillian Verner: Survivor Edition
Bigg Wangs
The Hype Jingleberries: Krump Lesson
George Bush: Audience Q & A
'Ho' Nuva Level: Jeff Probst
Encore: Carolla & Kimmel On Ice (#716)
Show Close: Arden Says Goodnight


Episode #1115 3/4/06
Fart Camp
Jovan Muskatelle: Oscar Report
Music Video: James Blunt "Beautiful"
Sesame Street: New Management
Ike And Bobby Go To The Movies
Laguna Biotch: Biotch Saves The Day
Encore: Memoirs Of A Geisha (#1109)
Marvin Tikvah's Search For A Star: Winner Revealed
Musical Performance: Jason Mraz "Geek In The Pink"
Close: Michael and Cast

Episode #1116 3/18/06
Brokeback Mountain II: The Cowgirls
Open: You Didn't Ask
24 with Bobby Lee: Louie Anderson Audition
George Clooney Commercial
Weekends With Maury and Connie
Bae Sung Switch
Music Video: Ashlee Simpson "L.O.S.E.R"
Hello, Hollywood! Hello!
Starbucks Superheroes
Cragg: Good Samaritan
Close: Nicole's Date Outtakes

Episode #1117 4/8/06
Hamburger Helper
Show Open: Michael's Adopted Baby Beth
Yvoone Criddle: Stolen Parking Spot
Blind Kung Fu Master: Blind Kung Fu Student
Karen's New Girlfriend
HNL: Ice Age II Cast
Never-ending Conga Line
Let's Be Honest
Cragg: Zombie Surprise Party
Close: Yvoone Gets Arrested

Episode #1118 4/15/06
The Best Of Bo Bice: "Red, Bice and Blue"
Everybody Hates Morgan
Tammy the Stripper
60 Minutes
Network Censor
MADtv At The Playboy Mansion
Handicap Hostess
Teen Fraternity Keg Party
Cragg: Father-Son Day
Close: Frank Caeti and the Cast

Episode #1119 4/29/06
The Jeffersons '06
Baby's First Playdate
Coach Hines: Oliver Twist
Batteries Not Included
Ka-Son: Club Liason
Stuart: Big Brother
Knobs 2
Close: Knobs

Episode #1120 5/6/06
Weekends with Maury and Connie II
Show Open: Teen Nicole
Ike and Bobby Go Clubbing
Dr Kylie: Medical Malpractise Trial
Rise and Shine, North Dakota
Hello, Iraq! Hello!
Red Flag Girls
Encore: Stuart: Moving Day (#1014)
Close: Rise and Shine, North Dakota

Episode #1121 5/13/06
Graduation Speech: George W. Bush
1st Annual Video Game Awards
Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Tapped Out
Graduation Speech: Randy Jackson
Metal Workshop Pizza Party
Encore: Stuart Meets His Father (#823)
Cragg: Practical Jokes
Graduation Speech: William Shatner
Close: Ike and Bobby Go To Nascar

Episode #1122 5/20/06
The Land Before Jesus
MADtv Wrap Party Preparation
Office Groper
The Three Minute Meal
The Ring-Arounds
Bae Sung On The Sopranos
Encore: Stuart Gets Lost (#403)
Close: Michael Wraps Up Season 11

Episode 1201 9/16/06
Survivor: Cook Islands #1
High School Musical #1
Survivor: Cook Islands #2
Coach Hines: Steroids
Weekly News with Toby: Mel Gibson
Survivor: Cook Islands #3
Celebrity Obsessed: Movie Theatre
Music video: Kim Jong Il "Crazy"
My Super Sweet 30
Survivor: Cook Islands #4
HNL: Gridiron Gang cast
High School Musical #2
Kevin Federline performs
Close: Bobby's Parents Backstage

Episode 1202 9/23/06
The Hills
Real Police Video
The Crazy Life with Maury and Connie
Iraqi Children Need Our Help
Music Video: Runnin Game
Suri Cruise's Cry for Help #1
Larry King Loves Lost
24 with Bobby Lee and Howie Mandel
The Change #1
Suri Cruise's Cry for Help #2
Red Carpet: Nip/Tuck Premiere
The Change #2
Weekly News with Toby: Barry Bonds
The Change #3
Ka-Son: Airport Security
Suri Cruise's Cry for Help #3
Overhand Left Performs "Can't Forget Your Past"
Close: Bobby Opens for Howie Mandel

Episode 1203 9/30/06
"The Marine" Deleted Scenes #1
Dane Cook Stand-Up #1
Superstitious Knights: Dealz
Music Video: The Dixie Chicks "I Will Never Apologize"
Madea's Ladies Night
Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive
Keiko the Antiseptic Busboy
Weekly News with Toby: Pope Benedict XVI
Dane Cook Stand-Up #2
"The Marine" Deleted Scenes #2
Nicole Backstage at "Fame Becomes Me"
Dane Cook Stand-Up #3
Calgona Performs "Keep Up With Your Love"
Close: Dane Cook Stand-Up

Episode 1204 11/4/06
Open: Back on Track
Project Runway #1
Terrorist Darbie
Project Runway #2
Inside Looking Out: Inside Looking Back
First Light Yoga
Project Runway #3
Sesame Street: Internet Pedophile
John Kerry Stand-Up #1
HNL: Nelly Furtado
Weekly News with Toby: Michael J. Fox
Condi Comes to Harlem
John Kerry Stand-Up #2
Fluffy Jump Spoon
John Kerry Stand-Up #3
Close: Sesame Street Outtakes

Episode 1205 11/11/06
Intervention: Bobby Lee
Cartoon Network Rejects #1: Go! Go! Amputee, Go!
Just Because I’m Black
Music Video: Nelly Furtado & Timbaland “Syphilis Girl”
Asians Have Magic Powers
Madonna’s Adopted Baby #1
The Tom La Pont Real Estate Network: “I Will Cut Off Your Penis and Balls”
Making of “Family Guy”
Madonna’s Adopted Baby #2
Arnold Directs MADtv #1
HNL: Eva Longoria
Madonna’s Adopted Baby #3
Arnold Directs MADtv #2
Commercial: Levitrol
Commercial: Huh?
Sunday Sermon with Rev. Ted Haggard
Arnold Directs MADtv #3
No Faux Killa Performs “Survivah”
Cartoon Network Rejects #2: Xing Lao Gan – American Hero
Close: No Faux Killa

Episode 1206 11/18/06
Open: Britney & K-Fed's Thanksgiving Memories
Defrauding Bums #1-3
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Celebrity Obsessed: Larry in Love
Studio 69 on Van Nuys Boulevard
24 with Bobby Lee: Bobby's Physical
Celebrity Pets: Mariah Carey's Dog
HNL: Deck the Halls Press Junket
Dax Strutter Performs 80's Hits Medley
Close: Dax Strutter Performs 80's Hits Medley

Episode 1207 11/25/06
Show Open: Black Friday
Capote: Infamous
Coach Hines: Homecoming Game
Capote: Capote-er
Capote: Capote-est
The 2006 Cactus Ridge P.G.A. Desert Classic
Celebrity Pets: Tom Cruise's Cat
The Sound of Music Alternative Endings
Dane Cook Quits Stand-Up
OJ Simpson Interview: "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened"
Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. II
Weekly News with Toby: Celebrity Divorces
Red Carpet: "Happy Feet" Premiere
Close: Coach Hines: Homecoming Game

Episode #1208 12/9/06
Open: Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #1
Iraqi Protesters
Mechanical Hands
Music Video: Sly Stallone "Bring It Back!"
Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #2
Celebrity Pets: Vince Vaughn's Dog, Lenny
Apocalypto Press Junket
Commercial: Donimo's Pizza and Brownies
North Korean Nuclear Test Footage
Red Carpet: 2006 Billboard Music Awards
Weekly Kids News with Toby: "WORD!"
Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #3
Adam Tells a Story
Talking Magazine Cover: Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock
Flavor of Love
Close: 2006 Billboard Music Awards

Episode #1209 12/16/06
Open: Secret Santa #1
Commercial: Tickle Me Emo
Holiday Sex Party
President Bush Requests Santa's Help
Channel 43-C Thailand Cable Access: Movie Review Show
Secret Santa #2
Saw 4: Jingle Hell
Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular
Tori McLachlan Performs "Merry Xmas"
Frosty the Snowman
Secret Santa #3
Jeff Probst Sings the Songs Inspired by "Survivor"
Luann Lockhart: Christmas Luann
Close: Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular

Episode #1210 1/6/07
The Fast
Music Video: My Chemical Romance "The Black Tirade"
Commercial: Post-it!
The King Henry Show
Grand Theft Auto: Kansas
Stuart: Candy Store
L.A. Kings Remote
Commercial: Yusuf Islam's Greatest Hits
Crazy as Hell: News Stories of 2006
Elephant-Gorilla Conference
Close: L.A. Kings Remote

Episode #1211 1/20/07
Open: Steve Jobs Reveals the iPhone
Sesame Street: Dirty Bomb
Splash Cola Open
Coffee Twins
TVIO Playlist #1: George W. Bush
Channel 43-C Thailand Cable Access: Many Shows!
Who'd a Thunk?
Madison's Bat Mitzvah
TVIO Playlist #2: Tom Cruise
Medium with Bae Sung
Weekly Kids News with Toby: Rosie is Evil
TVIO Playlist #3: Tommy Lee
Brutha on the Make
Suicide Note
Close: Many Shows!

Episode #1212 2/3/07
Ike & Bobby: Football
Battle Speech #1
Superstitious Knights: Regional Football Champs
WQRW Channel 8 News #1
Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Condoleezza Rice
WQRW Channel 8 News #2
Football Talk
Live Interview with Paula Abdul
24 with Bobby Lee & Mary Lynn Rajskub
WQRW Channel 8 News #3
QVC Quacker Factory: Monday Night Quackball
WQRW Channel 8 News #4
Battle Speech #2
2007 Toyota Yaris
Close: Ike & Bobby Play Football

Episode #1213 2/10/07
Open: Bobby Gets Judged
Montel Chilliams: Backstage Video
Unused "Law & Order" Opening #57
Commercial: L.A.P.D. Pinatas
"Democratic Woman of the Year" Speech
Unused "Law & Order" Opening #112
Proposal at the Aviary
Unused "Law & Order" Opening #204
Blind Kung Fu Master in Space
Wing Woman
Unused "Law & Order" Opening #189
Celebrity Pets: Dick Cheney's Dog, Rufus
3 Minute Meal: 3 Minute Valentine
Treasure Hunt
Close: Blind Kung Fu Master in Space

Episode #1214 2/17/07
Open: Tim Gunn
Music Video: Gwen Stefani "Aren't Asians Great?"
Grey's Anatomy with House M.D.
Great Moments in African-American History with Flavor Flav #1
Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. III
Great Moments in African-American History with Flavor Flav #2
The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ugly Betty
Cupid's Lesson Gone Wrong
Ike Meets Bobby's Family
Luann at the Laundromat #1
Great Moments in African-American History with Flavor Flav #3
Luann at the Laundromat #2
Close: Ike Meets Bobby's Family

Episode #1215 2/24/07
Open: Oscar Fashion
Music Video: Forest Whitaker "Gimme Dat Oscar"
Nice White Lady
Celebrity Obsessed: Oscar Madness
Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #1
Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #2
The Lillian Verner Game Show: Oscar Edition
Ike & Bobby: Oscar Mania!
Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition
Red Snow
Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special #3
Encore: Fart Camp
Close: Celebrity Obsessed: Oscar Madness

Episode #1216 3/10/07
Open: Silence of the Spears
The Ballad of Yao Ming
Steve Jobs Reveals the iRack
Silent Vengeance
Shark Cam
Coach Hines: Ice Cream Parlor
Celebrity Pets: Lindsay Lohan's Dog, Chloe
Condi Comes to Harlem II
Commercial: Glad Sandwich Bags
Grandmother vs Granddaughter
Curious Old Lady
Close: Steve Jobs Reveals the iRack Outtakes

Episode #1217 3/17/07
Open: Edge's Workout
$40-a-day #1: Breakfast
Last Speech
$40-a-day #2: Lunch
Girls' Soccer Awards Ceremony
Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. IV
Brutha at the Cinema
$40-a-day #3: Dinner
Adam Gives a Toast
Crafty Gals: Video Store
Close: Last Speech

Episode #1218 4/7/07
Open: Spring Break Stories
Morning Before Pill
The Hype Jingleberries: STD's
Knobs: She Loves Me Knob
The Best Weed Ever
Ike & Bobby: No Clouds
Celebrity Pets: Paris Hilton's Monkey, Baby Luv
The Lillian Verner Game Show: College Edition
The Tyra Banks Show
Young Grillz
Korean Family
Close: Ike & Bobby: No Clouds

Episode #1219 4/14/07
Open: Bobby Wins the Asian-American Hope with Dignity Award
Dr. Phil: HD Truth Cam
Date Grape
Inside Couples Therapy
24 with Bobby Lee and Jaimie Kennedy
Celebrity Obsessed: Television Comedy
Deal or No Deal
Celebrity Pets: David Blaine's Dog, Houdini
Senior Speed Dating
Office Comedian: More Laughter
Close: 24 with Bobby Lee and Jaimie Kennedy

Episode #1220 4/28/07
Open: Bad Girls Ratings Stunts
Seal "Reborn" CD Commercial Shoot
Hungover Presentation
"Gone with the Wind" Alternate Endings
HNL: Leah Remini
E.R. & Famous #1
Celebrity Pets: Tara Reid's Dog, Scout
E.R. & Famous #2
Officer Friendly
Close: Joey

Episode #1221 5/5/07
Open: Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Survivor: Holy War 1-2
Big Man Deodorant Commercial Shoot
Larry King Reviews "House M.D."
Election '08 TV Campaign Spot
Survivor: Holy War #3
The Best Mom Ever
Divorce Court Archival Footage: Spears vs. Federline
Who'd A Thunk: Mushrooms
Sissy Felony Jackson Performs
Close: Big Man Deodorant Commercial Shoot

Episode #1222 5/19/07
Open: MADtv Season-Ending Cliffhangers
Blind Kung Fu Master vs Galvadahl the Wicked Wizard
The King Henry Show: Burger King
Coach Hines: High School Prom
Church Roasts Jesus
Tori McLachlan: Graduation Song
I Shouldn't Be Alive
Astroman vs Killbrain the Fury: Car Dealership
Celebrity Pets: Kim Jong-Il's Dog, Kim Jong-Gae
Crafty Gals: Video Store 2
Close: Coach Hines: High School Prom

Episode #1301 9/15/07 MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation

The Wizard of Oz: Lost Footage (#519)
Brown Business (#924)
Batteries Not Included (#1119)
ABC News This Week: Zapruder Home Movies (#523)
Commercial: RU486 (#1206)
Father Kelly & The Priests: "Hot Up Here" (#803)
Sesame Street: Bird Flu (#1108)
John Madden: Valentine's Day Birdhouse (#1013)
A Football Thing (#905)
Brian's Secret Skill (#702)

Episode #1302 9/22/07 Survivor: MADtv (The Best of MADtv's Television Parodies)

The Sopranos on PAX (#624)
Survivor: Cook Islands (#1201)
Larry King Loves Lost (#1202)
Grey's Anatomy in the House (#1214)
iPad (#1104)
Montel Chilliams (#1112)
Commercial: Coors Beer (#713)
Phantom of the Oprah (#1013)
Claymation: CLOPS III (#317)
Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive (#1203)

Episode #1303 9/29/07 I Want My MADtv (The Best of MADtv's Pop Culture Parodies)

Kenny Rogers' Jackass (#623)
P. Diddy & Kim Jong-Il: "Bomb Bomb Bomb" (#817)
Britney & K-Fed's Thanksgiving Memories (#1206)
High School Musical (#1201)
Steve Jobs Unveils the iRack (#1216)
My Chemical Romance: "The Black Tirade" (#1210)
Memoirs of a Geisha (#1109)
James Blunt: "I'm Beautiful" (#1115)
TRL: Emcee Escher (#1022)
Commercial: Tickle Me Emo (#1209)
Project Runway (#1204)
Grand Theft Auto: Kansas (#1210)

Episode #1304 10/6/07 MADtv's Most Wanted (The Best of MADtv's Recurring Characters)

Ms. Swan: Swan of Hearts (#1012)
Coach Hines: Halftime Show (#1119)
Vancome Lady: Casino (#206)
Bae Sung: Auto Repair Shop (#1010)
Dot: Tiny Lil' Miss Petite Princess Contest (#1006)
Stuart: Moving Day (#1014)
Lorraine: Florida University Video (#806)

Episode #1305 11/3/07

Britney Spears: "Make Some Changes"
Opening: Welcome to Season 13!
Meeting Carlos Mencia: Crista & Arden
Meeting Carlos Mencia: Bobby
24 with Bobby Lee: Carlos Mencia
Fifty Cent: "Sad Fitty Cent"
Jen's New Boyfriend
To Catch a Predator: Crazy Black Guy
Introducing Johnny Sanchez
Red Carpet: Family Guy's 100th Episode
Meeting Carlos Mencia: Keegan & Johnny
To Catch a Predator: Master Chief
Closing: Johnny Gets Deported

Episode #1306 11/10/07

Commercial: "Feist Gets iScrewed"
Opening: Hannah Montana Tickets Brawl
Down Home Pancakes' Racial Ads
The Lesbionic Woman
Meeting Joey Fatone
Rice & Beans Tour - Part I
Hollywood Lip Service
Airlines Safety Video
Introducing Anjelah Johnson
National Air Band Championships Interview
National Air Band Championships Performance
Closing: Michael & Cast

Episode #1307 11/17/07

Whitney Houston: "I Pulled Through"
Opening: Tribute to the Dummy
Lorraine Wins a Trip
Montage: Mo's Sexy Characters
Beowulf: A Movie Based on Clif Notes
Gotcha! Squad: Pickpocketing
Meeting Debra Wilson
Rice & Beans Tour - Part II
Doing Drugs for Children
Stand-Up Performance: Steve Byrne
Encore: Raging Rudolph (#109)
Closing: Keegan Thanks Debra & Mo

Episode #1308 11/24/07

Music Video: "Under Barack Obama"
Introducing Dan Oster
Coach Hines: Post-Game Press Conference
The Dangerous Jobs Channel
My Life on the D-List: Entertaining the Troops
Commercial: The New AT&T
Rice & Beans Tour - Part III
Bon Qui Qui at King Burger
Adam Talks to the Police
Stand-Up Performance: Jon Reep
Closing: Bobby & Cast

Episode #1309 2/2/08

Music Video: "Black Friend"
Dan Oster's "24" Parody
Claymation: Auditions - Chemistry
Dragon Hunter II Mo-Cap Session
Commercial: Prison Break
Fantastico de la Television!
Criss Angel Mindfreak: Flavor Flav
MAD Encore: A Helping Hand (#1117)
Chinese Toy Inspector
Claymation: Auditions - Fight Scene
Sista Revolution: Alphabetology of Love
Rice & Beans Tour - Part IV
Claymation: Auditions - Love
MAD Encore: Stuart Gets New Shoes (#906)
Closing: Chinese Toy Inspector Outtakes

Episode #1310 2/9/08

Hannah Montana: Drug Party
Eddie Thundercloud: Illegal Immigration
Crista & Bobby’s Triathlon
Eddie Thundercloud: Foreign Policy
Johnny Gan: Movie Guesses!
Eddie Thundercloud: Medical Insurance
Fairview Fire Report
Knock-Knock Negroes
MAD Encore: Aren't Asians Great (#1214)
Rice & Beans Tour – Part V
MAD Encore: Hollow Meadow Estates: Crime Watch Meeting (#1104)
Closing: Knock-Knock Negroes Outtakes

Episode #1311 2/16/08

The Ugly World of BBC News
Women's Murder Club: Spider
Claymation: Auditions - Scary Monsters
Women's Murder Club: Creepy Man
Lee vs. Wild
Anniversary Misunderstanding
A Good Impression
Claymation: Auditions - Superheroes
Women's Murder Club: FBI Agent
Rice & Beans Tour – Part VI
MAD Encore: John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper (#805)
Farhid, the Kite Salesman from the Middle East: Mini-Mart
MAD Encore: Sean the Floor Leader: Going Away Party (#1109)
Closing: Lee vs. Wild Outtakes

Episode #1312 3/29/08

Juno II
Barack Obama & Oprah: "O"
Minnesota Governor Aaron Castel Resigns
Animation: Fun with Clip Art
Celebrity Rehab: Introduction
Celebrity Rehab: New Arrival
The Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Hillary Clinton
Red Carpet: American Idol's Top 12 Party
Race Ghost
The Cameraman with the Beard Ghost
REALsports with Bryant Gumbel: Roger Clemens
Celebrity Rehab: Talent Show
Closing: Bobby & Cast/TDPTTM Outtakes

Episode #1313 04/05/08
Music Video: Snoop Dogg: "Sensible Deduction"
Opening: Final Four (of Flag Dancing)
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Inside Looking Out: Obama Songs
Attitudes and Feelings: Ping-Pong Showdown
One and a Million
HNL: Hugh Laurie
Wing Woman: Kat Von D
HNL: Chris Evans
Gotcha! Squad: Health Code Violations
Fun with Stock Footage: Buildings #1
Fun with Stock Footage: Buildings #2
HNL: Cedric the Entertainer
Closing: Jordan & Cast

Episode #1314 04/19/08
The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious
Political Smear Ad: John McCain
Political Smear Ad: Barack & Hillary
Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can"
Mannequin vs. Mannequin
Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie
Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #1
Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #2
Melvin Dufrane: Police Report #1
The Rude Jew Mattress Store
Fashion Surprise!
Eat Less, Move More
Melvin Dufrane: Police Report #2
Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #3

Episode #1315 04/26/08
Albanian Idol
Opening: The New & Improved Bobby Lee
Video Response: Star Wars Stories
Johnny Gan: Tching Ling!
Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #1
Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #2
Nacho Hernandez: Viva la Vote!
Commercial: G-Mobile's Phone 5 #3
New Fantasy Film
Paul's Final Interview
Commercial: Ray's Chain-Link Fences
Closing: Arden & Cast/Domi-Lost Outtakes

[b]Episode #1316
Eric Violette: "The Credit Card Song"
Dr. Phil: The Spears Family
Spin Up!
24 with Bobby Lee: Dave Navarro
Fave 5: Oprah Winfrey
Coach Hines: Paintball Massacre
Fave 5: Simon Cowell
Castmate Elimination Show
Grand Theft Auto - The Board Game
Sesame Street: Economic Depression
Fave 5: Beyonce Knowles
Luann Lockhart: The Return
Commercial: Feed the Babies
Closing: Keegan & Cast/Coach Hines Outtakes

Ive done the episodes for seasons 14 and 15 to add to the list.

Episode S14E01 13/09/08
Open: Obama and McCain Introduce Season 14
The Johnny Gan Show: Late Night Show Audition
The Hills: New Roommate-Anitra
Eugene "HNL" Struthers: Jerry O'Connell
The Hills: New Roommate-Alison
So You Think You Can Dance: President's Edition
Music Video: John Edwards "Viva La Cheata"
The Hills: New Roommate-Caress
Coach Hines: Saturday School
Red Carpet Segment: Arden at the FOX Eco Party
MADtv Extras: "HNL" Bloopers"
MADtv Extras: "The Hills - Deleted Scene"
Close: Bobby and The Cast/The Hills Outtakes

Episode S14E02 20/09/08
Music Video: Ellen DeGeneres "I'll Kiss A Girl"
Open: Keegan VS. Arden
eHarmony #1: First Couple
Rice and Beans Protein Bar Commercial
eHarmony #2: Second Couple
eHarmony #3: Third Couple
Sundance Channel
Ozzie Guillen on 11-1 Loss to Mariners
Ozzie Guillen: The Blind Guy
Drama with Audrina Patridge
Chris Rose: The Best Damn Sports Show
Burger Knight Commercial
MADtv Extras: I'll Kiss A Girl Deleted Scenes
MADtv Extras: The Best Damn Sports Show Deleted Scene
MADtv Extras: Burger Knight Outtakes
Close: Keegan and the Cast

Episode S14E03 27/09/08
Open: Eric and Matt play "Mad Men" #1
John McCain Learns How to Facebook #1
Nacho Hernandez: The Apple Store #1
Eric and Matt Play "Mad Men" #2
John Mayer: Singer, Songwriter, Celebrity Poonhound
Project Runway: Bravo Celebrity Edition
Nacho Hernandez: The Apple Store #2
Albania's Got Talent
John McCain Learns How to Facebook #2
Sarah Palin: Questions from the Audience
John McCain Learns How to Facebook #3
Red Carpet Segment: Arden at the Premiere of Eagle Eye
Living Lohan Meets the Super Nanny
MADtv Extras: "MAD MEN" Outtake
Close: Nicole and the Cast

Episode S14E04 04/10/08
MADtv: Best of Sexy, Dirty, Politics

The Obama's and McCain's open MADtv's Best of Sexy Dirty Politics
MADtv Presidential Debate #1-2 (#1002)
Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton: "Obama" (#1308)
Political Smear Ad: John McCain (#1314)
Angela: Presidential Stalkers (#1001)
Political Smear Ad: Barack & Hillary (#1314)
Politically Incorrect: Marriage (#722)
The Obama's and McCain's take Questions from the Audience
West Wing (#614)
Obama Questions Sarah Palin
Death to America! (#1008)
Letters to Lincoln: (#925)
Music Video: Kim Jong Il "Crazy" (#1201)
Close: Obama's, McCain's, and Sarah Palin

Episode S14E05 01/11/08
I Love Lucy 2008 #1
Open: Johnny Broadcasts to Mexico #1
Weight Smashers
Johnny Broadcasts to Mexico #2
Condoleeza's Emergency Press Conference
Celebrity Wedding Video: George Takei
Fahrid: Voting Predictions #1
I Love Lucy 2008 #2
Fahrid: Voting Predictions #2
Flirty News
Fahrid: Voting Predictions #3
The View
Uncle Ed at the Airport
Obama's Speech Problem
MADtv Extras: I Love Lucy Outtakes
MADtv Extras: Obama's Speech Problem Deleted Scene
Close: Nicole and Cast

Episode S14E06 08/11/08
Rough Patch
Political Survivor
3 Minute Meal with Wendy Walker: Tailgating
Guyco #1
Coach Hines Confesses his Sins #1
Guyco #2
Coach Hines Confesses his Sins #2
Cottage Life with Carol and Jill #1
NBA Cares #1
Cottage Life with Carol and Jill #2
NBA Cares #2
NBA Cares #3
Drunk Newsman
Laughs #1
Laughs #2
MADtv Extras: NBA Cares #2 Outtakes
MADtv Extras: Guyco #2 Outtakes
MADtv Extras: Coach Hines #1 Outtakes
Close: Keegan and Cast

Episode S14E07 15/11/08
Soup Kitchen Nightmares #1
New Music
Soup Kitchen Nightmares #2
Nacho Buys Rock Solid Bank #1
Lap Dancing with the Stars #1
Black Racket
Lap Dancing with the Stars #2
Nacho Buys Rock Solid Bank #2
Too into Guitar Hero
Bae Sung: Superbowl Halftime Show
A Brittle Brit British
Lap Dancing with the Stars #3
Close: Crista and Cast

Episode S14E08 22/11/08
Music Video: Britney Spears "I'm More Wizer"
Eddie Thundercloud's Plight #1
Phoning it in
Razzle Dazzle #1
Cash Strapped Batman #1
The Amazing Race Celebrity Couple Edition #1
The Amazing Race Celebrity Couples Edition #2
Cash Strapped Batman #2
The Amazing Race Celebrity Couples Edition #3
Razzle Dazzle #2
Coffee Twins: Joke Steal #1
Power #1
Coffee Twins: Joke Steal #2
Power #2
Eddie Thundercloud's Plight #2
MADtv Extras: Power #1
Close: Arden and Cast

Episode S14E09 13/12/08
MADtv: Best of Christmas Sketches

Open: Connie Chung #1
Ambercrombie Black and White (#1009)
The Reinfather (#209)
Tickle me Emo (#1209)
Rooftop Memories (#511)
Connie Chung #2
Stuart: Mall Santa (#1109)
Maury and Connie's All-Star Christmas Spectacular #1 (#1209)
Connie Chung #3
Frosty (#1209)
April's Christmas #1 (#810)
Saw 4: Jingle Hell (#1209)
Close: Connie and Barack

Episode S14E10 28/02/09
Peda-Paws #1
Peda-Paws #2
Teens Talking Abstinance #1
Teens Talking Abstinence #2
Comedy Central Celebrity Roast #1
Teens Talking Abstinence #3
Comedy Central Celebrity Roast #2
Fave 5 #1
Cultural Studies - Zombies #1
New to you Car Giveaway
Cultural Studies-Zombies #2
Fave 5 #2
The Blind Kung Fu Master Returns
Fave 5 #3
Patterson & Patterson Douche Bags #1
Peterson and Peterson Douche Bags #2
MADtv Extras: Peda-Paws #1 Outtakes
MADtv Extras: Matchmaker
Close: Johnny and Cast

Episode S14E11 07/03/09
Jerry Springer's Alleged Lovers
Daughter of Legends #1
What would YOU Do? #1
Daughter of Legends #2
What Would YOU Do? #2
Tafari Jones Workplace Reggae #1
What Would YOU Do? #3
Happy Women's Day from MADtv
Hanibana #1
Tafari Jones Workplace Reggae #2
Henibana #2
Tips #1
Luann Lockhart's Date #1
Tips #2
Luann Lockhart's Date #2
MADtv Extras: Tips #1
MADtv Extras: Henibana #1-2
Jerry Springer: What have We Learned Tonight?
Close: Crista and Cast

Episode S14E12 14/03/09
The Situation Room: Spring Break '09
Eddie Thundercloud: Native Spring Break
eHarmony #1
Para-Lym #1
ZAT Bros #1
Para-Lym #2
ZAT Bros #2
Stripper Intros #1
Stripper Intros #2
Tank: Panama City Spring Break #1
Stripper Intros #3
eHarmony #2
Nancy Grace: Mourning Zoo #1
Nancy Grace: Mourning Zoo #2
Celebrity Family Feud: The Lost Episode
Tank: Panama City Spring Break #2
eHarmony #3
MADtv Extras: The Situation Room: Spring Break '09
Nicole Closes

Episode S14E13 14/03/09
MADtv: Best of Michael McDonald

Open: Kathy & Michael
Dr. Phil: On Today's Show (#806)
Coldplay Video (#905)
House Call (#1101)
Mofaz: The Prom (#924)
Michael's Dark Side
Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet (1007)
Head of the Family (#412)
Kathy's Troops Story
Stuart Next Door (#914)
Moment of Truth (#1314)
Close: Kathy & Michael

Episode S14E14 28/03/09
Bobby Asks for Forgiveness
Beware of Goblins #1
eHarmony #1
Beware of Goblins #2
HNS Late Night
eHarmony #2
Fave 5: Miley Cyrus
Dictionary Words #1
24 with Cheech and Chong
Dictionary Words #2
Fave 5: P Diddy
Dictionary Words #3
Sundance Channel
Fave 5: Kim Kardashian
Dan's Classy Lady
Flirty Sanchez
MADtv Extras: 24: Cheech and Chong Blooper
MADtv Extras: Sundance Channel Blooper
MADtv Extras: Dictionary Words Deleted Scene/Blooper
Arden Closes

Episode S14E15 11/04/09
John Smith Preforms
Johnny Gan
VMW X-8 #1
26th Annual AVN Awards #1
VMW X-8 #2
Ribbon Cutting
26th Annual AVN Awards #2
26th Annual AVN Awards #3
Automated Service
Cottage Life with Carol and Jill
Sounds Like the 80's
MADtv Extras: Johnny Gan Outtakes
Closing: Keegan Thanks a Very Special Guest

Episode S14E16 25/04/09
CSI Mayberry #1
Bobby's Love Song
CSI Mayberry #2
Fave 5: Jessica Simpson
Divorce Attorney-at-Law #1
Sesame Street: Childhood Obesity
Divorce Attorney-at-Law #2
Fave 5: The Incredible Hulk
Divorce Attorney-at-Law #3
Coach Hines: Judgement Day #1
Coach Hines: Judgement Day #2
Fave 5: Matthew McConaughey
Nacho Hernandez Meets Jovan Muskatelle
Gym Desk Clerk
Close: Bobby Thanks the Feature Players

Episode S14E17 16/05/09
Oprah Winfrey Gives Back
Artie Lange Gives Back
MADtv Classic: The Sopranos (#624)
Lorraine: Phone Volunteer
MADtv Classic: Obama Video (#1308)
Ms. Swan Gives Back
Kenny Rogers Gives Back
Johnny Gan Gives Back
Stuart: The Face of Albino Gigantism
Nacho Hernandez: Phone Volunteer
MADtv and the African-American Community
MADtv Closes the Phone Lines
MADtv Classic: Coors Commercial (#713)
Closing: 14 Years of Support

Episode S15E01 26/07/16
Open: Backstage Prayer
The CNN Trulywed Game
Dora the Explorer Goes to Los Angeles
Previously on Game of Thrones
HBO First Look: Cinderella Havin' A Ball #1
Lounge Ex
HBO First Look: Cinderella Havin' A Ball #2
Ned Stark - Make Westeros Great Again Campaign #1
MADtv Classic: The Superstitious Knights: Regional Hamlet Champs (#1023)
Ned Stark - Make Westeros Great Again Campaign #2
Close: Will, Nicole and Cast

Episode S15E02 02/08/16
Ike's Dressing Room
Open: Ike & Bobby's Lovechild
Princess Polly as a Parking Lot Attendant
Blind Kung Fu Master: James Bond
Rio 2016 Coverage
Shark Tank #1
Idina Menzel Vs Kristen Chenoweth
Safe Space
Shark Tank #2
Miss Mullens Bullying Problem
MADtv Classic: Stuart at the Pet Shop (#516)
Shark Tank #3
Close: Ike, Bobby, and Cast

Episode S15E03 09/08/16
Commercial for State Ranch Insurance
Open: Debra & Aries
The Suicide Squad
The Cosby Show 2016
Sumbrella: Court Reporter
BET Reality Check with Megyn Kelly
The Hollywood Minute: Viola Davis
Jeff Goldblum for Shopco #1
Oprah: My Journey with Weight Watchers
Jeff Goldblum for Shopco #2
MADtv Classic: Wing Woman: Kat Von D (#1313)
Jeff Goldblum for Shopco #3
Close: Debra, Aries, and Cast

Episode S15E04 23/08/16
Open: Mo and Cast
Match Game #1
Lorraine: Self-Defense Class
Leroy Sugarfoote Records New Album
Match Game #2
Music Video: Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump "No One Likes Us Much"
Fallon Tonight
Confessions of a Terrifically Huge Mind
Talking, Talking Dead
MADtv Classic: Coach Hines: Oliver Twist (#1119)
Darlene McBride
A Message for America's Children
Close: Mo Collins MADtv All Star

Episode S15E05 30/08/16
Dora the Explorer Goes to Las Vegas
Open: Cast Impression Off
Meet the Rich-Kids of Beverly Hills with Kim-Jong Un
Cap the Rapper
Trump Elementary
Tank: Tailgate Tank
Who Ordered Amish Stripper for the Bachelor Party
MLB on Fox with Joe Buck and Ritvik Vaghaiwalla
MADtv Classic: Abercrombie & Fitch: Blackercrombie (#1105)
Bernie Sanders: Phone Test
MADtv Classic: Ka-Son: Partial Payment (#1112)
PSA: Adele
Close: Never had More Fun

Episode S15E06 06/09/16
Open: Bon Qui Qui Returns
Sumbrella: CSI Investigator
Negan's Next Kill on The Walking Dead
Bon Qui Qui: Queen of King Burger
Lucious Lyon is Back on Empire
Dressing Room BNB's #1
Meet the Kardashian's Secret Sister
Bake My Day
MADtv Classic: 24 with Bobby and Jordan (#1103)
The $100K Pyramid
MADtv Classic: Oprah's Jackass (#825)
Dressing Room BNB's #2
Dressing Room BNB's #3
Bon Qui Qui: Homegirl Saccurity Company
Close: Michelle Forgets to Housesit

Episode S15E07 20/09/16
Hermanos Bros. Law
Open: Carlie Binge Watches Stranger Things
Good Cop - Douche Cop
MADFeed: Britney Spears
Ms. Swan: Update from Ms. Swan
Image Problem - New Gun Ideas in America
Reading Tweets
Back in Our MADtv Day
Ms. Swan: Swantoon
Piotr Narrates #1
Michael McLoud & Jasmine Wayne-Wayne: You are the Love of My Life
MADtv Classic: Gayngsters (#1114)
Ms. Swan: Ms. Swan Wants you to Vote
MADtv Classic: Brutha at the Cinema (#1217)
Piotr Narrates #2
Close: Carlie Binge Watches Stranger Things

Episode S15E08 27/09/16
Open: Investment Ideas
Crazy Ex-Boyfriends
Bachelor in Paradise
Millennial Speak
Sommelier AKA Maurice the Wine Police
YEP Reviews #1: Taco Del
Piotr's Secret
YEP Reviews #2: Vegan Stop
The Hollywood Minute: Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lopez
Will and Bobby
MADtv Classic: Vancome Lady: Casino (#206)
YEP Reviews #3: Hummus Among Us
Blake Shelton Apology
MADtv Classic: Knock Knock Negros (#1310)
Bernie Sanders KFC
Close: "So Much Fun"

Upcoming Sketches


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Old 03/17/2003, 3:19 AM
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Yeah, the MADtv.com page doesn't update their episode guide anymore, it sucks. BTW, did you just copy all of this?

Matt (the OTHER one)

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did you just copy all of this?
yeah but im eventually planning to add a whole lot more detailed info

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 03/17/2003, 6:19 PM
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Originally posted by Mystere

yeah but im eventually planning to add a whole lot more detailed info
Ian already did part of season eight and the unfinished portion of season 7, it's located in some old thread.
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Old 03/17/2003, 6:23 PM
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Yup, it's updated up 'til #810.
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yo, ian drop that thread, mind if i use your stuff?

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.

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Sure.. just so you know though, it doesn't have the "official" titles (I have no idea how to find them out).

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thanks ian, i see i still need some work on season 6-7.

ok now im going to add transcript links, i added a few, still have to do the rest, but Id like to eventually see almost all skits w/transcipts links beside them.

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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which skit does this transcript belong to?

Sketch: Lesbians (#215)

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 03/19/2003, 8:46 PM
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Originally posted by Mystere
which skit does this transcript belong to?

Sketch: Lesbians (#215)
It's the "Lesbians" sketch from season two, episode 215. I'm pretty sure it was "Where do we stand?"

Episode #215 3/8/97
Lowered Expectations-Connie
Opening--Host: Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Seatbelt
Dance Calling Couple
Employee of the Month
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Fork
Where Do We Stand?
Lowered Expectations--Benny
Who'd A Thunk It?
Monologue--Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Plastic Bag
Angel Of Death
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Cape
Una Guava
Spy Vs Spy
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Old 03/20/2003, 9:56 AM
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Season two had so many sketches per episode, that's one of the many reasons I love it. A few episodes in season eight, especially #802 (14 sketches!) did this as well and they wildly succeeded. Unfortunately, with Jill not around they're very short on cast members and can't do a show like that anymore.
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Old 03/20/2003, 5:42 PM
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Originally posted by koolboee cdmo87
Season two had so many sketches per episode, that's one of the many reasons I love it. A few episodes in season eight, especially #802 (14 sketches!) did this as well and they wildly succeeded. Unfortunately, with Jill not around they're very short on cast members and can't do a show like that anymore.
All sketches of season two were short but sweet. Of course, this changed as the seasons went by, but lengthening sketches brought in both advantages and disadvantages. So IMO, it all evens out anyway, but it would still be a treat if MADtv decided to lengthen its sketches.
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Old 03/20/2003, 7:06 PM
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Yeah I know.. but the big bunch of shorter sketches provides more variety and IMO the show is more fun. #802 remains my favorite episode of the season.
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Old 05/07/2003, 2:54 PM
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The season 2 cast pic is that of season 6 and they've updated their episode guide so you can replace many of your episode listings. Plus, you're missing many of the transcript links. Thanks a million for doing this for us!

I'm actually a really nice girl in real life.
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Old 05/08/2003, 1:39 AM
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Originally posted by Mad Dog
Plus, you're missing many of the transcript links. Thanks a million for doing this for us!
where do these belong?
Midnight Golfer (#105)

Episode #105 11/11/95
Conference Call
Krishna Rock
Lowered Expectations-Mary
Urine Monologue
Affirmative Crips
Got Urine?
Don Martin-Beach Shovel
Larry King Gone Mad
Lowered Expectations-Artie
When Harry Met Willy
Lowered Expectations-Nicole
IZM-Drug Deal
Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam

and Lesbians (#215)

Episode #215 3/8/97
Lowered Expectations-Connie
Opening--Host: Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Seatbelt
Dance Calling Couple
Employee of the Month
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Fork
Where Do We Stand?
Lowered Expectations--Benny
Who'd A Thunk It?
Monologue--Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Plastic Bag
Angel Of Death
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Cape
Una Guava
Spy Vs Spy

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 05/12/2003, 12:35 AM
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Hey whats up with the season 2 cast photo its a photo from the season 6 cast

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Originally posted by funny_guy
Hey whats up with the season 2 cast photo its a photo from the season 6 cast
Sorry funny_guy and Mad Dog, thanks for being there and being my proofreaders.

...it's been corrected

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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Old 05/20/2003, 12:49 AM
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Hey dont mention it but the "Thank You" should really go to you for all ur time and effort u put into all this

-------"The real funny beneath the funny"-------
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Originally posted by Mystere

where do these belong?
Midnight Golfer (#105)

Episode #105 11/11/95
Conference Call
Krishna Rock
Lowered Expectations-Mary
Urine Monologue
Affirmative Crips
Got Urine?
Don Martin-Beach Shovel
Larry King Gone Mad
Lowered Expectations-Artie
When Harry Met Willy
Lowered Expectations-Nicole
IZM-Drug Deal
Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam

and Lesbians (#215)

Episode #215 3/8/97
Lowered Expectations-Connie
Opening--Host: Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Seatbelt
Dance Calling Couple
Employee of the Month
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Fork
Where Do We Stand?
Lowered Expectations--Benny
Who'd A Thunk It?
Monologue--Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Plastic Bag
Angel Of Death
Bobcat Public Service Announcement- Cape
Una Guava
Spy Vs Spy

As always, please look over the most recent episode guide here and let us know of any additions or corrections. Thank you.
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well I need episodes: 810,811,821,823, +825 I dunno for some reason I didn't see them, or record them.. I really want episode 811 but I want al of them. Can u email me Mystere? Thanks a bunch. Or IM me if I'm on.. I want to know all the info and how much it would cost to get that from u.

The only episodes I have on tape are from season 8, I've hardly seen any of the seasons 1-5 so I didn't record them or anything.. I've seen 6-8 and I have all the episodes from season 8 except the ones up there. I don't want any of the epsodes besides season 8 because It would be such a drag to get all those missed episodes. I'll wait for the reruns.

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