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I decided to post the updated version of this for season 13. The new additions are bolded and I omitted the categories that don't apply to season 13. If there any mistakes please feel free to post them. (It took me two and a half hours to do this)

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown (Debra- Whitney Houston, Aries- Bobby Brown

115 Terms of Imprisonment (Whitney Only)
211 Whitney Houston Sings The National Anthem (Whitney Only)
410 Forgive and Forget (Phil LaMarr- Bobby Brown)
602 Whitney Screws Up The Classics
614 Radio Shack #3
616 MTV Cribs: Bobby Brown
619 Oscar Medley (Whitney Only)
625 MTV Icon: Whitney Houston
702 Celebrity Exhaustion Telethon #1-2
713 MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #2: Valu-Plus
801 Celebrity American Idol #1
801 Close: Celebrity American Idol Winner Announced
810 Primetime Interview w/ Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
820 Music Video: Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey "I'm Not Insane"
1005 Music Video: Britney Spears featuring Bobby Brown "My Predicament" (Bobby only)
1022 Whitney and Bobby Return
1307 Whitney Houston "I Pulled Through" (Whitney Only)

Coach Hines (Ike- Principal Lankenstein, Keegan- Coach Hines)

923 Coach Hines: Inappropriate Assembly Behavior
1002 Coach Hines: Memorial Service
1019 Coach Hines: Career Day (Paul- Sister Mary)
1020 Coach Hines: Basketball Game (Paul- Sister Mary)
1107 Coach Hines: Bus Ride
1119 Coach Hines: Oliver Twist (Frank Caeti- Tommy Hackenjoss, Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi)
1201 Steroids (Frank Caeti- Tommy Hackenjoss, Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi)
1207 Homecoming Game (Frank Caeti- Tommy Hackenjoss, Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi, Ike- DeShazer)
1207 Close: Homecoming Game (Frank Caeti- Tommy Hackenjoss, Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi, Ike- DeShazer)
1216 Ice Cream Parlor (Frank Caeti- Tommy Hackenjoss, Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi, Ike- DeShazer)
1222 High School Prom (Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi)
1222 Close: High School Prom (Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi)
1308 Coach Hines: Post-Game Press Conference (Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi, Jordan- LaPrince)
1316 Coach Hines: Paintball Massacre (Bobby- Joseph Yaminoshi, Jordan- LaPrince)

Inside Looking Out (Nicole- Pat Beth Lamontrose, Jordan- Dantel Lamontrose)

1010 Inside Looking Out
1015 Inside Still Looking Out
1019 Inside Looking Out At Mom
1105 Inside Looking Out: Compact Discovery
1109 Inside Looking Out: Kwanzmas Carols
1204 Inside Looking Out: Inside Looking Back
1219 Inside Couples Therapy
1313 Inside Looking Out: Obama Songs

Sesame Street (Keegan- Gordon, Crista- Sesame Street Girl, Bobby- Sesame Street Boy, Jordan- Danny Seagreene: Big Bird)

1108 Sesame Street: Bird Flu
1115 Sesame Street: New Management
1204 Sesame Street: Internet Pedophile
1204 Close: Sesame Street Outtakes
1211 Sesame Street: Dirty Bomb
1316 Sesame Street: Economic Depression

Adam (Michael- Adam, Nicole P- Jennifer)

1208 Adam Tells a Story
1217 Adam Gives a Toast
1308 Adam Talks to the Police

Rice and Beans (Bobby, Johnny)

1306 Rice & Beans Tour - Part I
1307 Rice & Beans Tour - Part II
1308 Rice & Beans Tour - Part III
1309 Rice & Beans Tour - Part IV
1310 Rice & Beans Tour – Part V
1311 Rice & Beans Tour - Part VI

Gotcha! Squad

1307 Gotcha! Squad: Pickpocketing
1313 Gotcha! Squad: Health Code Violations

Lorraine Swanson

403 Lorraine: Yard Sale #1-3
422 Lorraine buys a Car
424 Lorraine at the Market #1-3
508 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? #1-3
512 Second Hand Lorraine
515 Show Open- Lorraine
518 Lorraine All You Can Eat
523 Lay Down Lorraine
606 Lorraine Mini-Golf
619 Lorraine in Hollywood
620 Hot Tub Lorraine
625 Missing Link Lorraine
626 Lorraine: Dancing Lesson
701 Lady MadTV
707 The Price is Lorright
720 Lorraine: Mardi Gras Concert
806 Lorraine: Florida University Video
810 Lorraine: Holiday Shopping
815 Joe Millionaire II
825 Lorraine Visits the Dentist
902 Lorraine Goes To The Beach (Paul Vogt- Carl Swanson)
906 Vancome Lady: The Bachelorette
910 Lorraine Makes A Baby Room Raucous
916 Happy Trails Lorraine (Paul Vogt- Carl Swanson)
916 Close: Happy Trails Lorraine
1014 Lorraine Goes Bowling
1307 Lorraine Wins a Trip

Michael McDonald .... (1998-):


516 Mannequin Manslaughter
606 Mannequin Manslaughter 2
628 Mannequin Manslaughter 3 - Trial
1314 Mannequin vs. Mannequin

Depressed Persion Tow-Truck Man: Mofaz

609 Depressed Tow Truck
614 Depressed Again
626 Heartburn
704 Depressed But Patriotic
723 Therapy Session
815 Marriage
824 Mother-in-Law
909 Plane Ride
924 Prom Night
1008 John Kerry
1108 Another Baby
1121 Tapped Out
1212 Condoleezza Rice
1312 Hillary Clinton

Doctor Phil McGraw

707 Oprah And Dr. Phil
802 The Oprah Winfrew Show: Economy Advice
806 The Doctor Phil Show: Plastic Surgery
821 The Doctor Phil Show: House Calls
909 The Doctor Phil Show: I hear voices
913 Celebrity Survivor #1
913 Celebrity Survivor #2
913 Close: Survivor Outtakes
1013 Phantom of the Oprah
1016 Dr Phil: Parenting In America
1108 Runaway TV Audience Bleachers
1219 Dr. Phil: HD Truth Cam
1316 Dr. Phil: The Spears Family

Barry Gibb

708 Randy Newman - America's Song
719 Jasmine Wayne-Wayne and Michael McLoud Behind the Music #3: Barry Gibb
1209 Jeff Probst Sings the Songs Inspired by "Survivor"
1314 Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can"

Maury Povich

1116 Weekends with Maury and Connie
1120 Weekends with Maury and Connie II
1202 The Crazy Life with Maury and Connie
1209 Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular
1209 Close: Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular
1314 Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie

Simon Cowell
1316 Castmate Elimination Show

Bobby Lee

1310 Crista & Bobby’s Triathlon
1315 Open: The New & Improved Bobby Lee
1315 Domi-Lost

Connie Chung

704 20/20
813 Connie Chung Tonight: Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorette
813 Close - Connie Chung
815 Connie Chung Tonight: Fond Memories
815 Close: Connie Chung Tonight
819 Connie Chung Tonight: Oscar for Best Picture "Chicago"
901 California Recall Governors Debate 2003 #1 - 2
906 Music Video: Orlando Jones "Hey MAD"
908 Connie Chung Tonight: Paige By Paige
910 Connie Chung On E!: Kate Hudson's Baby Shower
918 A Farewell To Frasier
1001 The Amazing Presidential Race #1-2
1001 Connie Chung Outtro
1019 Sprint Ringtones
1116 Weekends With Maury And Connie
1120 Weekends with Maury and Connie II
1202 The Crazy Life with Maury and Connie
1209 Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular
1209 Close: Maury & Connie's All Star Christmas Spectacular
1314 Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie

Kim Jong-Il

813 The Dating Game
817 Music Video Parody: "Bomb Bomb Bomb"
817 Saddam's Big Party
914 The Kim Jong-Il Show
919 The Kim Jong-Il Show: JC Chasez
1011 The Kim Jong-Il Show: Donald Trump
1102 Wedding Crashers
1201 Music Video: Kim Jong Il "Crazy"
1206 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
1208 North Korean Nuclear Test Footage
1216 Condi Comes to Harlem II
1314 Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can"

24 with Bobby Lee

1021 24 with Bobby Lee
1021 Close: 24 with Bobby Lee
1103 24 with Bobby & Jordan
1107 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
1107 Close: 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
1116 24 with Bobby Lee: Louie Anderson Audition
1202 24 with Bobby Lee and Howie Mandel
1206 24 with Bobby Lee: Bobby's Physical
1212 24 with Bobby Lee & Mary Lynn Rajskub
1219 24 with Bobby Lee and Jamie Kennedy
1219 Close: 24 with Bobby Lee and Jamie Kennedy
1305 24 with Bobby Lee: Carlos Mencia
1316 24 with Bobby Lee: Dave Navarro

Dr. Poon Ji-Sum

Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive
1203 Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive
1207 Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. II
1214 Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. III
1217 Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive Pt. IV
1313 Attitudes and Feelings: Ping-Pong Showdown (Pt. V)

Xing Lao "Johnny" Gan

1205 The Tom La Pont Real Estate Network: “I Will Cut Off Your Penis and Balls”
1209 Channel 43-C Thailand Cable Access: Movie Review Show
1211 hannel 43-C Thailand Cable Access: Many Shows!
1211 Close: Many Shows!
1303 I Want My MADtv (Best of Pop Culture Parodies)
1310 Johnny Gan: Movie Guesses
1315 Johnny Gan: Tching Ling!


1208 North Korean Nuclear Test Footage
1309 Chinese Toy Inspector
1309 Close: Chinese Toy Inspector Outtakes

Jordan Peele

Flavor Flav

1208 Flavor of Love
1214 Great Moments in African-American History with Flavor Flav #1-3
1309 Criss Angel Mindfreak: Flavor Flav

Melvin Dufrane

1305 To Catch a Predator: Melvin Dufrane
1314 Melvin Dufrane: Police Report #1 & 2

Nicole Parker .... (2003-):

Britney Spears

907 Music Video: Britney Spears featuring Madonna "Me Against Madonna"
1003 TRL: Choose Or Lose Rock the Vote Special
1005 Music Video: Britney Spears featuring Bobby Brown "My Predicament"
1019 Sprint Ringtones
1108 Open: Britney & Kevin Clear Everything Up
1111 Celebrity Obsessed
1201 Kevin Federline's Rap Debut
1206 Open: Britney & K-Fed's Thanksgiving Memories
1216 Open: Silence of the Spears
1221 Divorce Court Archival Footage: Spears vs Federline
1305 Britney Spears: "Make Some Changes"
1316 Dr. Phil: The Spears Family

Paula Abdul

1212 Live Interview with Paula Abdul
1213 Open: Bobby Gets Judged
1314 Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can"
1315 Castmate Elimination Show

Keegan-Michael Key .... (2004-):

Snoop Dogg

1014 Music Video: Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell “Smokin’ Too Much Pot”
1019 The Barbeque Bus
1113 Music Video: Snoop Dogg “Get Paid”
1205 Making of “Family Guy”
1208 Open: Snoop Dogg Directs MADtv #1-3
1215 Music Video: Forest Whitaker "Gimme Dat Oscar"
1220 E.R. & Famous #1-2
1313 Music Video: Snoop Dogg "Sensible Deduction"

Eugene Struthers

1108 HNL: Jeff Garlin
1114 HNL: Jeff Probst
1117 HNL: Ice Age II Premiere
1201 HNL: The Rock & Xzibit
1204 HNL: Nelly Furtado
1205 HNL: Eva Longoria
1206 HNL: Deck the Halls Press Junket
1220 HNL: Leah Remini
1313 HNL: Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans & Cedric the Entertainer


1111 Wonderfully Normal Day
1215 Disney Girl: Adult Film Audition
1302 Survivor: MADtv (Best of TV Parodies)

Eddie Thundercloud

1120 Rise and Shine, North Dakota
1310 Eddie Thundercloud: Illegal Immigration
1310 Eddie Thundercloud: Foreign Policy
1310 Eddie Thundercloud: Medical Insurance

Crista Flanagan …. (2005-):

1210 The Fast
1310 Crista & Bobby’s Triathlon

Luann Lockhart

1016 Luann
1112 Luann: Audience Warm Up Act #1-2
1209 Luann Lockhart: Christmas Luann
1214 Luann at the Laundromat #1-2
1316 Luann Lockhart: The Return

Jennifer Love Hewitt

1106 Boob Whisperer
1206 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
1314 Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can"

Red Carpet Sketches

(Alex & Will)
501 MAD at the Emmys
509 James Bond The World Is Not Enough Premiere
512 Madtv At The 1999 Billboard Music Awards #1-3
602 Meet the Parents Premiere
606 Charlie's Angels Premiere
608 The Grinch Premiere
610 Madtv At The 2000 Billboard Music Awards (Michael, Nicole & Debra)
701 Rock Star Premiere (Alex & Will)
707 Harry Potter Premiere (Alex & Will)
710 VH1 Music Awards (Alex & Will)
803 Emmy Awards '02 (Michael & Debra)
807 MAD at the Die Another Day Premiere (Mo & Debra)
815 Dare Devil Premier (Ike & Debra)
902 The Fighting Temptations Premiere (Ike & Aries)
903 MAD at the Emmy's (Mo and Paul)
905 Matrix Revolution Premiere (Ike & Aries)
907 Cat In The Hat Premiere (Ike & Ron)
909 2003 Vibe Awards (Mo & Aries)
909 Close: Vibe Awards (Mo & Aries)
1007 2004 Vibe Awards (Ike & Aries)
1009 2004 Billboard Music Awards (Ike & Aries)
1012 Super Bowl XXXIX Media Day (Ike & Frank Caliendo)
1016 MADtv At The American Idol Final 12 Party (Ike & Ron)
1101 Premiere Party - 2005 Teen Choice Awards (Ike & Bobby)
1102 57th Annual Emmy Awards (Ike & Nicole Parker)
1108 2005 Billboard Music Awards (Ike & Bobby)
1111 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards (Ike & Bobby)
1202 Nip/Tuck Premiere (Arden)
1207 Happy Feet Premiere (Arden)
1208 2006 Billboard Music Awards (Arden & Crista)
1208 Close: 2006 Billboard Music Awards (Crista)
1305 Family Guy's 100th Episode (Arden)
1312 American Idol's Top 12 Party (Arden & Bobby)


1309 Auditions: Chemistry
1309 Auditions: Fight Scene
1309 Auditions: Love
1311 Auditions: Scary Monsters
1311 Auditions: Superheroes


323 South Parknuts
605 Jib Jab Animation
810 How Winona Stole Christmas
814 Road Runner "That Wacky Iraqi"
816 A Little Pill Called Ecstacy
1011 Morbidly Obese Albert
1205 Cartoon Network Rejects #1: Go! Go! Amputee, Go!
1205 Cartoon Network Rejects #2: Xing Lao Gan – American Hero
1205 Sunday Sermon with Rev. Ted Haggard
1209 Frosty the Snowman
1210 Grand Theft Auto: Kansas
1312 Fun with Clip Art

[*]Fake Commercials

101 Vud #1: Tongue
101 MacDumpsters
103 NDI vs. AE&E #1-2
104 Highagain Beer Ad
105 Got Urine?
106 O.J. Plates
106 Calvin Klein Ad #1-3
109 Wonder Rake 5000
112 Instant Personality
112 Heart Pops
112 Cotton Swabs
113 Vista Militia
115 Coffee and Donuts
119 Spishak Margarine
202 Chevrad
202 Blow It Out Your Hole
203 Helpful Hand Insurance
203 Rabbit Frenzy
204 Spishak Maxi Pad
205 Spishak Spishwax
205 Dentist in a Box (Infomercial)
211 Gratorade
214 Where's Cecil? CD Promo
214 Al Casdy - Self Confidence Training
301 Cholestra
302 Bwisk Ad
302 Flimstones
303 Milton Cladwell: Accounting Ad #1-3
304 Spishak Cola Taste Challenge #1-3
304 Lean Bulime - Daisy Fuentes
305 Charlie Newell Will Yell At Your Kids
312 Roadkill Lunchmeat Megapress
314 Lando Calrisian: Exotic Massage
315 Kenneth Starr
316 Allergy Taste Test (Spishak Margarine)
321 Stupid, Fat & Ugly
322 Rockerbyes
322 Spishak Country Sausages
324 Spishak Dishwashing Liquid
325 Spishak Pictures
401 Al Gore's Bedroom Tips
402 Meatbeaters
402 Back To School Days At JC Penny
403 Omni Bowl
404 Just Between Us Girls
405 Spritz-a-Mist
406 KISS Action Figures
407 Little Hassan Taylor
408 Clinton Commemorative Plates
411 Yule Blazers
412 Bris-O-Tine
413 Spishak Razor
414 Just Dial
417 Ally McMeal
417 Turbo-product #1-3
418 Welfare
419 Gap Tyson
420 Heroin PM
421 Kenny's Testicle Exam
422 Spishak 1 out of 10
422 Coca-Cola Polar Bear
425 Hey, It's Ice!
501 Tee-Hee-Hee Shirts For Toddlers
502 The Pepsi Sense
503 No Blacks on the TV Screen
503 Spishak: Slap Happy
607 Salon Nookie-Nook
607 Birth Control Pilgrim
609 Boogie Bass
609 Tiger's Caublasian Eatery
614 Radio Shack #1-3
621 NBC Promo
627 The More You Know: Melanie Griffith
628 The More You Know: Lance Bass
628 The More You Know: Tom Cavanaugh
629 1-800-PHOBIA
629 The More You Know: Maya Angelou
630 The More You Know: Bush
706 A Commercial About Nothing
708 Forever Furniture
712 Snow Dogs
713 Coors Commercial
713 MADtv Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular #2: Valu-Plus
714 Baby Gap Line
714 Palm Captain 5000 Organizer
715 Talcum X
716 Girls Gone Wild Barbie
716 Absolute Vodka
722 VD: What a Drag
725 Paxadryl
801 Allen Iverson's Basketball camp
801 Arli$s
802 Real Footage Film Strip: America at War
802 Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #1: Sprint PCS
802 Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #2: Chili's
802 Catherine Zeta-Jones Commercial #3: World of Mattress Liquidators
805 John Madden: The Quick-Pop Popcorn Popper
805 Wal-Mart: Rolling Over the Competition
805 Earl Scheib's Police Car Body Shop
806 Viagra Commercial
807 McDonalds: Fatass Meal
807 Indiana University
808 The Rob Nelson Show
808 Bambi: Just for Lesbians
809 Sears Themed Portrait Studios
810 Epstein Brothers Christmas Tree Patch
811 Scrabble's 50th Anniversary
812 John Madden Advertises FOX
812 The Heave Boat
812 Spishak: Hey It's Ovens for Kids
813 Hooked on Phonics Video Game
813 Boys Gone Wild
814 Fox Reality Show Lies
814 CBS Fat Guy Mondays
814 Spishak's Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! 98!
816 A Little Pill Called Ecstacy
817 Commercials From Around The World
817 Queen Of Queens
819 MIRIMAX Pictures Livin' In The Hood
820 Johnny Woo's Liquor Store And Super Lotto Emporium
825 Johnny Woo's In Da Hood Paralegal & Notary Public Palace
825 Hey, It's Cars For Kids
901 GAP Hag
902 Kmart Joe Boxer
902 Madonna Childrens Book
903 Olive Garden
903 Affleck Insurance
904 Archie Tomlinson Oldsmobile
904 Freddy vs. Jason vs. Snuggle
905 John Madden For Vagisil
905 Feline Feline & Hairball
909 Spishak Bug Zapper
910 OnStar
912 Sprint Text Messaging
912 OnStar: Britney Spears
913 Fake Sponsor: Everybody Loves Raymond/ NoDoz/ Easy-Off/ Palmolive
914 Fake Sponsor: Ivory Soap/ Pepsodent/ Paper Mate
914 Chrysler Drive & Love
915 Phillip Morris Awareness Campaign
916 Mike Tyson's Gettin' It All Back Tour
916 Payless Shoe's
917 Crest White Strips
917 Fake Sponsor: BET Films...
918 Trojan OvaMax Contraceptive Patch
918 Fake Sponsor: UCLA Body Donor Program...
919 Over The Rainbow #1: M&M's
919 Over The Rainbow #2: Ambian/ 919 919 Absolute Vadka
919 ABC Schedule
919 Fake Sponsor: FCC/ American Idol/ NOS and...
923 Whoopi Goldberg For Slimfast
924 What Can Brown Do For You?
1001 Jell-O Shots
1001 Pizza Hut Twisted Crust Pizza Compl├ęte-za!
1002 Chili's BBQ Ad#1-3
1004 The Fantanas!
1004 Outtro: The Fantanas!
1005 Kobe's Thunder-Jammer
1006 Norah Jones Party Album
1006 George Foreman Gobbler Grill
1006 Close: Norah Jones Party Album
1007 VerbAlert
1009 The Fantanas!: Holiday Flavors
1009 GAP: Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz
1010 Lavitra
1011 Garnier Nutrisse Vs. Pantene Vs. Queen Helene
1011 Fake Sponsor: Kodak Film/ NHL
1013 John Madden Valentine's
1014 Hallmark #1-3
1015 Black History Minute
1017 Designer Imposters, Channel No. 5 Perfume
1017 eBay
1019 Sprint Ringtones
1019 Christie Brinkley's AB Zapper Deluxe
1019 Detroit Institute For Star Naming
1019 Close: Sprint Ringtones
1021 Vehicular Verb Alert
1102 Oops, I Hope That Wasn't Steroids
1103 Commander In Chief Promo
1104 iPad
1104 Duralog
1105 Dr. Larry's Sleeping Pills
1106 Only Vegas #1: Buffet
1106 Only Vegas #2: "A New Day" Starring Celine Dion
1110 Mid-Season 1 Word Title Replacement Shows
1114 Black History Minute: Water Polo
1116 George Clooney Commercial
1117 Hamburger Helper
1117 Never-ending Conga Line ("The More You Know")
1118 The Best Of Bo Bice: "Red Bice and Blue"
1205 Levitrol
1205 Huh?
1206 RU486
1208 Donimo's Pizza and Brownies
1209 Tickle Me Emo
1210 Post-It! Notes Commercial Shoot
1210 Yusuf Islam's Greatest Hits
1213 L.A.P.D. Pinatas
1216 Glad Sandwich Bags
1218 Morning Before Pill
1219 Date Grape
1220 Seal "Reborn" CD Commercial Shoot
1221 Seasonalis
1221 Big Man Deodorant Commercial Shoot
1221 Close: Big Man Deodorant Commercial Shoot
1306 Down Home Pancakes' Racial Ads
1308 The New AT&T
1316 Eric Violette: "The Credit Card Song"
1316 Grand Theft Auto: The Board Game

[*]Music Videos

101 Ice Cube/Ice-T Video "It Ain't Easy Being Me"
103 Rolling Stones Video "Like A Rolling Stone"
314 Fiona Apple "Wet Your Dreams" (Criminal)
320 Hanson "Ling Ling" (Mmmbop)
415 Alanis Morissette "Wash Me" (Thank You)
418 Vancome Lady featuring Mase "It's a Vancome Life" (Jay Z "Hard Knock Life")
501 Making The Video: Britney Spears "Lick My Baby Back Behind" (Britney: Baby One More Time)
503 No Blacks on the TV Screen (Chris Rock: No Sex in the Champagne Room)
506 Hoppy Potty "Schpooky Potty" (Michael Jackson: "Thriller")
511 Mariah Carey Featuring Missy Elliott "Love Muffin" (Remix)
601 Sisqo "The Wrong Song" (The Thong Song)
602 Madonna "My Movies" (Music)
605 George "Dubya" Bush "Country Slammer" (Nelly: Country Grammar)
607 Hillary Clinton "*****ing Lucky" (Britney Spears: Lucky)
610 'N Sync "This We Promise You" (MTV's Total Request Live: This I Promise You)
612 Michael McLoud And Jasmine Wayne-Wayne "This Is The Land That I Love"
614 Jesse Jackson The Outkast "I'm Sorry Mrs. Jackson" (OutKast)
615 Ricky Martin "Chavez" (She Bangs)
617 Limp Bizkit "Posin'" (Rollin)
701 Lady MADtv (Missy Elliot introducing: Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink: Lady Marmalade)
702 Sugar Ray "The Music's Over" (When It's Over)
706 Jackson Video: "I Do Like Girls" (You Rock My World)
707 N Sync "John" (Gone)
709 Destiny's Child "Beyonce" (Emotions)
710 George W. Bush and Colin Powell "World World World" (Jay-Z: Girls, Girls, Girls)
711 Shakira "Whatever, Don't Matter" (Whenever, Wherever)
717 The Calling... "You Sound Like Me" (Wherever You Will Go)
718 R. Kelly "The Greatest" (The World's Greatest)
722 Britney Spears "I'm Not a Child" (Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman)
801 Eminem "What's on TV" (Without Me)
803 Hot Up Herre (Nelly - Hot In Herre)
804 Eve and Alicia Keys "I Just Want a Gangster" (Gangsta Lovin)
805 Shakira "Translation" (Objection)
806 George W. Bush "Hiding in My Closet" (Eminem: Cleanin' Out My Closet)
806 *NSYNC "Center of My World"
809 Justin Timberlake "Like I Am You" (Like I Love You)
813 LL Cool J "Love Me Better" (Love U Better)
815 Christina Aguilera "Virginal" (Beautiful)
817 P.Diddy & Kim Jong - IL "Bomb, Bomb Bomb" (B2K: Bump, Bump, Bump)
820 Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey "I'm Not Insane" (Mariah: Through The Rain)
901 50 Cent "C.R.A.P." (P.I.M.P.)
902 Jewel "Prostitution" (Intuition)
903 Kobe Bryant "Consensual" (Matchbox 20 "Unwell")
905 Coldplay "The Narcissist" (The Scientist)
906 Orlando Jones "Hey MAD" (Outkast "Hey Ya!")
907 Britney Spears featuring Madonna "Me Against Madonna" (Me Against The Music)
912 Michael Jackson Featuring Chingy "Neverland Ranch" (Holidae In)
1005 Britney Spears featuring Bobby Brown "My Predicament" ("My Prerogative")
1011 Kelly Clarkson & Friends "Since We Were On" ("Since U Been Gone")
1014 Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrel "Smokin' Too Much Pot" ("Drop It Like Its Hot")
1101 Jessica Simpson Not Featuring Nick Lachey "The Dukes Are Not Worth Watching" ("These Boots Are Made For Walking")
1102 Coldplay "I'm The Most Important Part Of Coldplay"
1103 Music Video: R. Kelly "Trapped In The Cupboard" Chapters 1, 34 and 189 ("Trapped In The Closet")
1108 Black Eyed Peas featuring George W. Bush "My Slump" ("My Humps")
1112 Hilary Duff "Sake Of My Fame" ("Beat Of My Heart")
1113 Snoop Dogg "Get Paid"
1115 James Blunt "Beautiful"
1116 Ashlee Simpson "L.O.S.E.R" ("L.O.V.E")
1201 Kim Jong Il "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley)
1202 Music Video: Runnin Game (???)
1203 The Dixie Chicks "I Will Never Apologize" ("Not Ready to Make Nice")
1205 Nelly Furtado & Timbaland “Syphilis Girl” ("Promiscuous")
1208 Sly Stallone "Bring It Back!" (Justin Timberlake "Bringing Sexy Back")
1210 My Chemical Romance "The Black Tirade" ("The Black Parade")
1214 Gwen Stefani "Aren't Asians Great?" ("The Sweet Escape")
1215 Forest Whitaker "Gimme Dat Oscar" (???)
1305 50 Cent "Sad Fitty Cent"
1306 Feist "Feist Gets iScrewed" ("1234")
1308 Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton "Obama" ("Umbrella")
1309 Avril Lavigne & Lil Mama "Black Friend" ("Girlfriend")
1312 Barack Obama & Oprah "O" ("Low")
1313 Snoop Dogg "Sensible Deduction" ("Sensible Seduction")
1314 Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can" ("Yes I Can")


101 Gump Fiction (Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction)
102 Crimson Tide 2 (Crimson Tide)
103 Apollo the 13th (Apollo 13, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)
105 When Harry Met Willy (Free Willy, When Harry Met Sally)
106 Clueless of the Lambs (Clueless, Silence of the Lambs)
109 Raging Rudolph (Rudolph TV X-mas Movie)
109 The Christmas Santa Forgot (The Town That Santa Forgot)
110 Get Smarty (Get Shorty)
115 Terms of Imprisonment (Terms of Endearment)
116 Casino Man (Casino, Encino Man)
118 Babewatch (Baywatch, Babe)
119 Fugitive (The Fugitive)
201 Action Jackson (Action Jackson)
203 Sex Toy Story (Toy Story)
204 Mother of Mercy (Striptease)
205 Dead McMahon Walking (Dead Man Walking)
206 Annie Ho (Annie Hall)
209 The Greatest Action Story Ever Told (The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Terminator)
209 The Reinfather (RainMan, Godfather)
219 Good Doc, Bad Cop (Good Cop/Bad Cop)
301 G.I. Jackson (G.I. Jane)
302 Batman 5 (Batman)
303 Liar Liar II (Liar Liar)
303 The Klumps On Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor)
304 Slingblade II (Slingblade)
306 Leaving Metropolis (Leaving Las Vegas, Superman)
308 Weekend At Tupac's (Weekend At Burnie's)
308 Buffy The Umpire Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
310 The Love Titanic (The Love Boat, Titanic)
310 Planet of the Vancomes (Planet Of The Apes)
315 Claylien Resurrection (Alien: Resurrection)
320 Night Of The Proper Dead (Night Of The Living Dead)
321 Gumby Old Men (Grumpy Old Men)
324 Dennis the Menance II Society (Dennis the Menace, Menace II Society)
325 Davey and Golliath - Pet Semetry (Pet Semetry)
401 There's Something About Monica (There's Something About Mary)
407 Saving Ryan's Privates (Saving Private Ryan)
408 Blades (Slingblade, Blade)
409 One True Impact (Double Impact)
410 Meet Jo Black Mama (Meet Joe Black)
411 I Know What You Did Last Christmas (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
411 A Vancome Carol (A Christmas Carol)
414 Riverboy (The Waterboy)
415 Artist Formerly Known As The Prince Of Egypt (The Prince Of Eygpt)
415 Odd Couple III (The Odd Couple)
416 Harrison Ford (Star Wars)
417 Patch Kevorkian (Patch Adams)
417 Blameless in Boulder (Sleepless in Seattle)
417 Stepmom II (Stepmom)
419 Arma Get-It-On (Armageddon)
501 Blair Witch Report (Blair Witch Project)
502 Albanian Pie (American Pie)
508 Fight Like A Girl Club (Fight Club)
513 Grease Spoof (Grease)
515 Being James Brown (Being John Malkovich)
519 Spice Girl Interrupted (Girl Interrupted)
519 Elvis Planet of the Apes (Planet of the Apes)
519 Patch Kevorkian (Patch Adams)
606 Littlest Hoochie (The Littlest Rebel)
610 How The Grinch Stole Christ (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)
613 Dude, Where's Air Force One (Dude, Where's My Car)
613 What Men Want (What Women Want)
619 Crouching Cops/Hidden Badges (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
620 Brockovich (Erin Brockovich)
623 Bring on the Sugar & Spice (Sugar and Spice, Bring it on)
701 Mariah Movie - Gutter (Glitter)
704 Huge Momma Fatso (Big Momma's House)
712 Snow Dogs (Snow Dogs)
716 Crosswalk to Remember (Crossroads, A Walk To Remember)
718 Lords of The Bling (Lord Of The Rings)
801 AAA (XXX)
809 The Lords of the Bling: The Two Ta-Tas (Lord of The Rings:Two Towers)
810 How Winona Stole Christmas (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
816 Look Who's Talking This Time: Honey, I Touched the Kids! (Look whos Talking, Honey I Shrunk The Kids!)
819 Just Made In 10 Days (Made In Manhatten, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days)
901 The Incredible Dot Hulk (The Hulk)
904 Freddy vs. Jason vs. Snuggle (Freddy vs. Jason)
911 Bowling For Christmas (Bowling For Columbine)
914 The Bride Of Funkenstein (Bride Of Frankenstein)
914 Close: The Bride Of Funkenstein Outtakes (Bride Of Frankenstein)
922 The Wizard Of Oz
1002 Alien Vs. Princess Diaries Vs. Snuggle (Alien Vs. Predator, The Princess Diaries)
1006 The Wizard of Odd
1007 Funkenstein Vs. The Creature from the White Lagoon Vs. A Special Appearance by Blacula
1008 The Right Time to Make Love
1010 Ray's Grudge: Blind Date With Terror!
1010 Open Water Affairs
1017 Million Dollar Baby II: The Forty Million Dollar Baby
1017 How To Telephone A Girl
1017 Outtro: How To Telephone A Girl
1021 Funkenstein vs. Queen Nefertiti Plus Starring Some White Stewardesses And A Special Appearance By Bruce Lee's Cousin
1023 Your New Neighbor
1101 March of the Animals In Morgan Freeman's Back Yard (March Of The Penguins)
1101 The Psychiatrist
1102 Wedding Crashers
1103 The Return of the Rolling Stones (Return of the Living Dead)
1109 Memoirs of a Geisha
1112 Walk The Line: Deleted Footage
1113 Last Holiday
1115 Fart Camp
1116 Brokeback Mountain II: The Cowgirls
1201 High School Musical #1-2
1203 "The Marine" Deleted Scenes #1-2
1203 Madea's Ladies Night
1207 Capote 1-3
1209 Saw 4: Jingle Hell (Saw)
1210 Dreamgirls
1215 Nice White Lady (Freedom Writers)
1216 Silent Vengeance
1220 "Gone with the Wind" Alternate Endings
1307 Beowulf: A Movie Based on Clif Notes
1312 Juno II
1316 Spin Up!

[*]TV Shows

101 Deep Stain Nine (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
102 Quantum Dream Team (Quantum Leap)
103 Homeland Improvement (Home Improvement)
104 P.R. (E.R.)
104 Republican Gladiators (American Gladiators)
106 QVC: O.J. Plates (QVC)
106 Party Of Five-Nicole's Visit (Party Of Five)
110 Clintfeld (Seinfeld)
111 Mad About Jew (Mad About You)
113 XXX Files (The X Files)
116 Ozark Singled Out (Singled Out)
118 Babewatch (Baywatch, Babe)
119 Gumboy and Poker (The Gumby Show)
201 Schizophrenic Jeopardy (Jeopardy)
202 Regis & Kathy Lee: No Sweat (Regis & Kathy Lee)
202 Close: Gifford Outtakes (Regis & Kathy Lee)
207 Be-Bitched (Be-witched)
209 The Reinfather (The Godfather)
212 Suddenly Millenium (Suddenly Susan, Millenium)
217 Furious George (Curious George)
218 Kenny Kingston (Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline)
219 Mary Tyler Moore (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
303 The Rosie Show w/ Oprah Winfrey (The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
306 Clinton Town Meeting (Jerry Springer)
307 I Love Lucy '97 (I Love Lucy)
307 Ebonic Pyramid (The $10,000 Pyramid)
310 The Love Titanic (The Love Boat, Titanic)
312 Swan Files (The X Files)
312 20/20 (20/20)
313 The Tonight Show: LaToya (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)
314 Rosie Show: Barbara Streisand (The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
316 Olsen Twins (Full House)
317 The Jerry Springer Show (The Jerry Springer Show)
317 Caroline In The City (Caroline In The City)
317 The Pocket Hulk (The Incredible Hulk ???)
317 Andy Griffith '98 (The Andy Griffith Show)
318 Grace Under The Influence (Grace Under Fire)
319 Lassie The Snitch (I Love Lassie)
322 Kids Say The Stupidest Things (Kids Say The Darndest Things)
322 Rosie O' Donnell 2150 (The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
323 South Parknuts (South Park, Peanuts)
323 I Love Lucy '98 (I Love Lucy)
401 Sonny's Widow & Cher Show (The Sonny And Cher Show)
403 Dick Van Dyke '98 (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
404 H90210 (Beverly Hills 90210, Halloween H2O)
404 Donnie & Marie #1-3 (Donnie & Marie)
404 Judge Magic (Judge Judy)
405 The Rosie Show: Kevin Sorbo (The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
407 Johnson JeoParty (Jeopardy)
407 Intensity (Felicity)
410 Forgive Or Forget (Forgive Or Forget)
412 Dawson's Crib (Dawson's Creek)
413 Pimps Say The Darndest Things (Kids Say the Darndest Things)
415 Behind The Movies - Randy Newman (Behind The Movies)
416 Tres Companeros (Threes Company)
417 Ally McMeal (Ally McBeal)
417 Change Of Heart (Change Of Heart)
419 Todos En La Familia (All In the Family)
419 Felicity (Felicity)
422 Estrella Viaje (Star Trek)
422 Erascists-Behind The Music (Behind The Music)
422 "Police Babes: Pigs in the City" (Cagney & Lacey)
423 Jeffersons '99 (The Jeffersons)
423 Aussie Hunter #1-3 (The Crocodile Hunter)
424 Whose Idea Was This Anyway? (Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
424 FANatic Donny Osmond (FANatic)
425 Aussie Hunter #4-6 (The Crocodile Hunter)
501 Pretty White Kids With Problems (Dawsons Creek)
501 Making The Video - Britney Spears (Making The Video)
502 Hollywood Squares (Hollywood Squares)
503 Politically Incorrect (Politically Incorrect)
503 Star Wars '99 Misadventure (Dateline NBC)
504 Party All the Time (Behind The Music)
505 PWKWP II (Dawsons Creek)
506 The Today Show (The Today Show)
507 I Love Lucy 2000 (I Love Lucy)
507 FANatic-Nicole Sullivan (FANatic)
508 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? #-3 (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?)
508 Inside The Actor's Studio-Andie MacDowell (Inside The Actor's Studio)
510 Martial Law (Martial Law)
510 Devon's Creek (Dawson's Creek)
513 Mistake Of Your Life (Time Of Your Life)
513 T.I.T. (V.I.P)
516 Who Wants To Be The President? (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)
518 Malcolm X In The Middle (Malcolm In The Middle)
518 Law & Order Audition Tape (Law & Order)
518 Touched By An Atheist (Touched By An Angel)
519 Master P's Theater (Masterpiece Theater)
521 Antiques Road Show 1-3 (Antiques Road Show)
521 Fanatic-Shania Twain (FANatic)
521 Bunifa-Judge Joe Brown (Judge Joe Brown)
522 The Soprano Family Feud (Family Feud)
522 Good Morning Boulder (Good Morning America)
524 LaVerne & Shirley 2000 (LaVerne & Shirley)
525 Love Connection (The Love Connection)
601 Cribs: Justin Timberlake (Cribs)
601 Live With Regis, Cassidy And Cody (Live With Regis)
601 Sluts And The City (Sex And The City)
602 Late Show With David Letterman: Meg Ryan (Late Show With David Letterman)
603 Coz (Oz)
603 Dateline: Is Money Driving Negros Crazy? (Dateline NBC)
604 Penny Marshall Project (HBO First Look)
604 Early Show (The Early Show)
605 Bill's New Job On General Hospital (General Hospital)
606 NYPD Blue (NYPD Blue)
607 This Cold House #1-3 (This Old House)
610 Ed (Ed)
611 Bunifa On Regis (Live With Regis)
611 Dateline: Mr. Graham (Dateline NBC)
612 La Isla De Gilligan (Gilligans Island)
614 West Wing (The West Wing)
616 Bobby Brown's Crib (Cribs)
616 Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal)
617 Regis - Celebrity Millionaire (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?)
618 E.R. Et Al (E.R)
619 Andy Griffith 2001 (The Andy Griffith Show)
619 Men Mars Women Venus Cybill Hell (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)
619 Real Castaway (The Charlie Rose Show)
620 Pop Stars #1-3 (Pop Stars)
620 All In The Family 2001 (All In The Family)
621 Tonight Show (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)
622 New New Newlywed Game (The Newleywed Game, The Jerry Springer Show)
622 CBS News - Survivor (CBS News, Survivor)
623 MTV Cribs - George W. Bush (Cribs)
623 Kenny Rogers' Jackass (Jackass)
624 Sopranos (The Sopranos)
624 Family Feud (Family Feud)
625 Will & Grace (Will & Grace)
625 Missing Link Lorraine (The Weakest Link)
626 Steven Seagal On Jay Leno (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)
626 Oprah's Book Club (The Oprah Winfrey Show)
628 The Rosie O'Donnell Show: The Lion King (The Rosie O'Donnell Show)
629 Bunifa - Antiques Road Show (Antiques Road Show)
701 Blind Date (Blind Date)
701 Family Feud 2 (Family Feud)
702 Celebrity Fear Factor (Fear Factor)
704 20/20 Aaron/Aaron (20/20)
705 Politically Incorrect (Politically Incorrect)
706 NYPD Blue: Cursed (NYPD Blue)
706 Dateline Titus (Dateline NBC)
707 The Price Is Lorright (The Price Is Right)
707 Oprah And Dr. Phil (The Oraph Winfrey Show)
707 Bunny The Vampire Slayer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
707 Weakest Link: Retro TV (The Weakest Link)
707 Leave It To Blink 182 (Leave It To Beaver)
708 7th Heaven (7th Heaven)
708 Yes, Noah (Yes, Noah)
711 Alias (Alias)
711 The O'Reilly Factor (The O'Reilly Factor)
711 MADtv Diary: Andrew P. Daly (MTV Diary)
712 Antiques Roadshow 3005 AD #1-3 (Antiques Road Show)
713 Happy Days En Espanol (Happy Days)
713 Frankie Muniz/ Actor's Studio (Inside The Actor's Studio)
714 Wheel Of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune)
715 Schoolhouse Rocks: Interjection (Schoolhouse Rocks)
715 Jiminy Incorrect (Politically Incorrect)
715 Family Feud With The Austins (Family Feud)
716 Dot on Oprah (The Oprah Winfrey Show)
717 Friends (Friends)
717 Chips 2002 (Chips)
717 Schoolhouse Rocks: Nouns (Schoolhouse Rocks)
718 Tara Reid - Actor's Studio (Inside the Actor's Studio)
719 Jasmine Wayne-Wayne and Michael McLoud Behind the Music #1-3 (Behind The Music)
719 Jenny Jones: Stripper Makeover (The Jenny Jones Show)
720 Wayne Brady: American Cotton Council (The Wayne Brady Show)
721 Entertainment Tonight: Providence Set (Providence)
721 Walter and Amber On Change Of Heart (Change Of Heart)
722 Politically Incorrect: Marriage (Politically Incorrect)
722 Kenny Rogers Jackass 2 (Jackass)
723 School House Rocks: "Dysfunction Junction" (Schoolhouse Rocks)
724 JAG-Off (JAG)
724 Bunifa: MTV Dismissed (Dismissed)
724 Jenny Jones Meets Laura Bush (The Jenny Jones Show)
725 The Real West Wing (The West Wing)
725 Wayne Brady Show: Celebrity Variety Show (The Wayne Brady Show)
725 Marvin: E! True Hollywood Story (E! True Hollywood Story)
801 Anna Nicole Show (The Anna Nicole Show)
801 Jenny Jones Show: Lazy SOB Baby (The Jenny Jones Show)
801 Celebrity American Idol #1-3 (American Idol)
801 Nightline Interview: Kelly Clarkson (ABC News Nightline)
801 Arli$s (Arli$$)
802 The Koppels (The Osbournes)
802 COPS: The World's Queeniest Police Chases (COPS)
802 The Oprah Winfrey Show: Economy Advice (The Oprah Winfrey Show)
802 The O'Reilly Factor: Condoleeza Rice (The O'Reilly Factor)
802 OZ - The Martha Stewart Years (OZ)
804 A Wedding Story (A Wedding Story)
804 It's The Bigass Pumpkin Chucky Brown (It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)
804 The Anna Nicole Show: Tony Hawk (The Anna Nicole Show)
805 When Camera Crews Collide (The Osbournes, The Anna Nicole Show, COPS, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
805 The Wayne Brady Show: Ja Rule (The Wayne Brady Show)
805 Crossing Over With John Edward (Crossing Over With John Edward)
806 Oprah Winfrey's Dr. Phil Show: Plastic Surgery (Dr. Phil)
806 60 Minutes Interview w/ Eminem (60 Minutes)
807 CHiPs 2002 II (CHiPs)
807 7th Heaven Thanksgiving w/ The Osbournes (7th Heaven)
808 The Price Is Right (The Price Is Right)
808 The Real Bachelor (The Bachelor)
808 The Rob Nelson Show (The Rob Nelson Show)
809 The O'Reilly Factor: Interview w/ Janeanne Garafolo (The O'Reilly Factor)
810 Primetime Interview w/ Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (Up Close Primetime)
811 Oprah's Cash Giveaway! (The Oprah Winfrey Show)
811 Jenny Jones Show: Clips (The Jenny Jones Show)
812 The Heave Boat (The Love Boat)
813 The Dating Game: Terrorists (The Dating Game)
813 Bunifa: Trading Spaces (Trading Spaces)
813 Boys Gone Wild (Girls Gone Wild) TV Category???
813 Connie Chung Tonight: Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorette (Connie Chung Tonight)
814 People's Court - Fightin' Ron vs. Marvin Tikvah (The People's Court)
814 Road Runner "That Wacky Iraqi" (The Road Runner)
815 Happy V.D. Chucky Brown (Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown)
815 Joe Millionaire II (Joe Millionaire)
815 The O'Reilly Factor: Self-Debate (The O'Reilly Factor)
815 Connie Chung Tonight: Fond Memories (Connie Chung Tonight)
817 CSI (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)
817 Queen Of Queens (King Of Queens)
818 The Other Half (The Other Half)
818 Entertainment Tonight: Just Married (Entertainment Tonight)
818 The Tonight Show: Gay Animal Trainer (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)
819 Connie Chung Tonight: Oscar for Best Picture "Chicago" (Connie Chung Tonight)
819 Al Pacino Experiment (APX) (JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment)
820 Celebrity Man vs. Beast (Man vs. Beast)
820 Jenny Jones: Reunited And It Feels So Good! (The Jenny Jones Show)
820 Nightline: Mafia (ABC News Nightline)
820 Drawing With Jerry!! (Painting With Jerry)
820 Mary Tyler Moore 2003 (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
821 Dr. Phil Makes A House Call (Dr. Phil)
822 Stardates (Stardates)
822 The Honeymooners 2003 (The Honeymooners)
823 Schoolhouse Rocks: Substitute Teacher (Schoolhouse Rocks)
823 Actors Studio/Drama Queen (Inside the Actors Studio)
825 Oprah's Jackass (Jackass)
825 Nightline: Herbal Essences (ABC News Nightline)
903 Boy Meets Goy (Boy Meets Boy)
903 QVC: Hefty Hoofer Collection (QVC)
904 Celebrities Uncensored (Celebrities Uncensored)
904 Queer Eye For The Strange Guy (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy)
904 The O'Reilly Factor: Gray Davis (The O'Reilly Factor)
905 MTV's Direct Effect (Direct Effect)
905 Newlyweds (Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica)
905 The Powerslut Girls (The Powerpuff Girls)
906 Kenny Rogers Punk'd (Punk'd)
907 The Washington Journal (The Washington Journal)
907 Wheel Of Fortune: Government Worker Week (Wheel Of Fortune)
908 Everybody Loves Raymond's Lesbian Cousin (Everybody Loves Raymond)
908 Connie Chung Tonight: Paige By Paige (Connie Chung Tonight)
908 Hollywood Squares: Stars Of UPN (Hollywood Squares)
908 Entertainment Tonight: Kathy Griffin's D-List Celebrity Thanksgiving Special (Entertainment Tonight)
909 The Today Show: Winter Concert (The Today Show)
909 60 Minutes: Andy Rooney Censored (60 Minutes)
909 Dr Phil: I Hear Voices (Dr. Phil)
910 Access Hollywood: Smashmouth (Access Hollywood)
911 The Powerslut Girls: Miracle On 34th Calories (The Powerpuff Girls)
912 The Simpler Life (The Simple Life)
912 Celebrity Injustice (Celebrity Justice)
912 Close: The Simpler Life (The Simple Life)
913 Scare Tactics (Scare Tactics)
913 Celebrity Survivor #1-2 (Survivor)
913 The Simple Life (The Simple Life)
913 Close: Survivor Outtakes (Survivor)
914 Gabmore Girls (Gilmore Girls)
915 Two And A Half Men (Two And A Half Men)
918 Cold Case (Cold Case)
918 Close: Cold Case (Cold Case)
919 Who Wants To Be A Super Duper Millionaire (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)
919 Crossing The Hell Over (Crossing Over)
919 Close: Crossing The Hell Over (Crossing Over)
919 Hulk 2: Me Out Of Closet
919 The Rear View To The World-Wide Websters Dictionary (The View)
922 The O.C.
922 Close: The O.C. Outtakes
924 Hollywood Squares: Desperate Gimmick Week
1001 Open: Opening Credits (Friends)
1001 Jeopardy: Ken Jennings
1001 The Amazing Presidential Race #1-2
1002 Growing Up Gotti
1002 Trading Spouses
1003 TRL: Choose Or Lose Rock the Vote Special
1003 The Ashlee Simpson Show
1003 Close: The Ashlee Simpson Show
1004 The Duckling
1004 MTV Diary: "Delicious" Morissette
1004 Outtro: MTV Diary: "Delicious" Morissette
1004 I Love the 00's
1005 Kenny Rogers Reality Show #1-2 (The Apprentice)
1006 Open: COPS: Black on Black (COPS)
1006 Punk'd: George Bush (Punk'd)
1006 Outro: Punk'd: George Bush (Punk'd)
1006 Celebrity Quarters (Celebrity Poker)
1007 Rufus Champagne: Little People Traffic Stop (COPS)
1008 Death to America!
1008 Close: Death to America!
1009 Celebrity Quarters: Holiday Edition (Celebrity Poker)
1009 Shaq and the Former Super Lakers: Big Christmas Game
1010 The Peoples Court: Loves 'Em and Piles of Leaves 'Em
1011 Morbidly Obese Albert
1011 The Kim Jong-Il Show: Donald Trump
1012 Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Deluxe Extreme Makeover Edition
1012 MADtv's Super Bowl Saturday Pre-Super Bowl Sunday Pregame Show #1-3
1013 Phantom of the Oprah
1013 The Price is Right: Death to America!
1013 Outtro: The Price is Right
1013 Desperate Housewives
1013 Close: Desperate Housewives
1014 WXRU Evening News
1015 LOST #1-2
1015 The B.S (The O.C)
1016 Dr. Phil: Parenting In America
1016 The Michael Jackson Trial
1017 TRL: Maroon 5 Special Tsunami Edition Video
1017 QVC: Mexican Amigos Collection
1018 Rufus Champagne: Little People Domestic Disturbance (COPS)
1018 Married Female Seeks Fun
1019 Pimp My Bride (Pimp My Ride)
1020 Inside the Actor's Studio with Artie Lange
1020 Miss Teen USA
1020 Outtro: Miss Teen USA
1021 24 with Bobby Lee
1021 C.O.N.S.T.A.B.L.E.S
1021 The Cosby Show 20th Anniversary Reunion
1021 Outtro: The Cosby Show 20th Anniversary Reunion
1021 A Wedding Story: The Zizmors
1021 Outtro: The Zizmors
1021 Close: 24 with Bobby Lee
1022 TRL: Emcee Escher
1022 The B.S.: INS Officer (The OC)
1022 Outtro: The B.S. (The OC)
1022 Bible Dude: Video Games (Bible Man)
1101 House
1102 The View
1102 Comedy Central Roast of Rosa Parks
1103 FOX NFL Sunday
1103 24 with Bobby & Jordan
1103 Commander In Chief Promo
1103 Close: FOX NFL Sunday
1104 The Ellen Degeneres Show
1105 Wheel of Fortune: Stacked
1105 Goodnight America Late Night Tonight Show Show
1105 Sanford and Son 2005
1106 Boob Whisperer (Ghost Whisperer)
1106 FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbone
1106 Juvenile Hall Break (Prison Break)
1106 Close: FOX NFL Sunday: The Flexbone
1107 Taradise
1107 Boston Legal
1107 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
1107 Close: 24 with Bobby Lee: John Cena
1108 Runaway TV Audience Bleachers (Oprah, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Tyra)
1108 Sesame Street: Bird Flu
1109 QVC: Quacker Factory
1110 Action 5 News
1110 Laguna Biotch (Laguna Beach)
1110 Lincoln
1110 Shop America
1110 Close: Laguna Biotch (Laguna Beach)
1111 Curb Your Enthusiasm
1111 Paula Zahn Now
1112 Montel Chilliams (Montel)
1112 Larry King Reviews "Deadwood"
1112 Grey's Anatomy
1113 FOX NFL Sunday: Superbowl
1113 QVC Quacker Factory: Valetines Edition
1113 My Name Is Dubya
1115 Sesame Street: New Management
1116 24 with Bobby Lee: Louie Anderson Audition
1116 Weekends With Maury and Connie
1118 Everybody Hates Morgan
1118 60 Minutes
1119 The Jeffersons '06
1119 Medium
1120 Weekends with Maury and Connie II
1121 1st Annual Video Game Awards
1122 The Land Before Jesus (The Land Before Time)
1122 The Three Minute Meal (30 Minute Meals)
1201 Survivor: Cook Islands #1-4
1201 My Super Sweet 30th (My Super Sweet 16)
1202 The Hills
1202 Larry King Reviews "Lost"
1203 Superstitious Knights: Deal or No Deal
1204 Project Runway #1-3
1205 Intervention: Bobby Lee (Intervention)
1206 Studio 69 on Van Nuys Boulevard (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip)
1211 Who'd a Thunk? (???)
1211 Medium
1214 Grey's Anatomy with House M.D.
1214 The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ugly Betty
1221 Larry King Reviews "House M.D."
1218 The Best Weed Ever (The Best Week Ever)
1218 The Tyra Banks Show
1219 Deal or No Deal
1220 Heroes
1220 E.R. & Famous (Armed & Famous)
1221 Scrubs
1221 Larry King Reviews "House M.D."
1221 The Best Mom Ever (The Best Week Ever)
1222 I Shouldn't be Alive
1306 The Lesbionic Woman (Bionic Woman)
1309 Dan Oster's "24" Parody
1309 Prison Break Commercial
1309 Criss Angel Mindfreak
1310 Hannah Montana: Drug Party
1311 The Ugly World of BBC News
1311 Women's Murder Club
1312 Celebrity Rehab
1312 Race Ghost
1312 The Cameraman with the Beard Ghost
1312 REALsports with Bryant Gumbel: Roger Clemens
1313 Keeping Up with the Kardashians
1314 The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious
1314 Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie
1315 Albanian Idol (American Idol)
1315 Domi-Lost

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