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Originally Posted by tvmanismadformad View Post
Hold on a second. Are you saying that Debra Wilson, our MADtv's Debra Wilson is the insperation for the design of the Navi's?! This is huge! Debra is the design (or one of the designs) for the highest grossing moving of all time! I may have to front page this! Thanks for the info CNCC!
Yes, if you don't believe me just go to Borders or any major bookstore and you can check out her picture in the book. She was the model for the Na'vi creature design. The Na'vi were created using motion capture, so she actually acted in the film, you can sorta tell by her face that it is her even though her skin is blue. When she was explaining this to me back when she was filming it, it was hard to understand. After seeing the movie, it makes more sense.

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