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Post A Quick Timeline: Simon Helberg

This timeline is on one of the shortest serving MADtv cast members of the 8th season, Simon Helberg. Though he never got a large role on the show, and was gone before the season finale, we can't forget that he was a cast member. Now Simon has gone to higher fame, and has most likely forgotten his brief stint on MADtv, but this will make sure that he will always be remembered for the little work he did on MADtv. So ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the quick Simon Helberg timeline.

2002: Simon gets hired as a feature cast member on MADtv for season 8

November 16, 2002: Simon appears in his first episode (his first sketch is in an NSYNC music video parody, as a reporter).

March 8, 2003: Simon appears in his last episode (his last sketch would be entitled Commercials from Around the World).

Life After MAD

After MADtv, Simon would go on to do more television roles. He had roles on the show Joey, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but Simon's biggest role would come as the character Wolowitz, a nerd living in a dorm with other nerds in the show The Big Bang Theory. It is clear that Simon has found a career in Hollywood, and forgotten about MADtv, which probably means that a return to MADtv for him won't be anytime soon.


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