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This film just isn't without its objectionable elements: VERY graphic violence and sex scenes occur unapologetically through the entire film, and it also wouldn't have hurt to take out a few of those scenes with the movie. With that being said, I thought that it movie was excellent. The film has a raw, real quality i can't quite place into words. I will be similar in age to Shay's character, and i also found that I truly identified along with her. I truly felt for her character, observed myself genuinely concerned on her well-being. Very few films have gotten me being so invested; this film will probably be on my mind for the very long while so i highly recommend it, if you are not too easily offended. An actual truthful check out fame as well as the Hollywood machine...laugh out loud scenes. loved Renee Taylor and Damon Shalit. I own this movie it truly is awesome almost nearby the books and alex pettyfer as alex is excellent and i love this movie and also the books i'm hoping they make yet another one. Witty and brilliant, this film provides the feel of merely one of those smoky old classics, except with snarky dialogue and a lot of teenage depravity. The mystery is intriguing, notable and the characters are fun. Bruce Willis is at times frightening in the portrayal of principal Kirkpatrick. Had you been a fan of the 2005's 'Brick' you will love this film. Great movie! This movie is really silly, it's actually funny. We have always liked Army of Darkness. Thanks iTunes for providing it. To the person who gave it only 1 star, you are probably just a "goody little two shoes, goody little two shoes!!"
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