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Default Adam Ray

Full Name: Adam Ray [news]
Date of Birth: <Unknown>
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington (?)
Height / Weight: 6' 1" (1.85 m) / <Unknown>
Seasons of MADtv: 15 - Present (2016 - Present)

Recurring Characters:Celebrity Impressions:
  • Wolfe Blitzer
  • Swiper
  • Isaac Hempstead Wright
  • Tony Danza
  • James Bond
  • Mark Cuban
  • Saul "Slash" Hudson
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Pitbull
  • Joe Buck
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Blake Shelton
When cast members get onto MADtv the show is usually the beginning of their careers. It's the first steady paying job they have received in acting, and it is the height of their exposure at the time. That however, is not the case for Adam Ray, a seasoned comedian who has traveled the world and has been in many hit movies.

Born in Seattle, Washington (?) Ray holds the distinction of having the longest professional acting career of any of his fellow introductory castmates, with roles going back to 2007. He has appeared in shows such as 2 Broke Girls and Workaholics, however he may be most famous as a recurring presence in Paul Feig films, much like former MADtv alum Michael McDonald, appearing in Feig films The Heat, Spy, and the new Ghostbusters reboot, in which he received the voice role of the memorable character of Slimer.

With such a long and storied career thus far, one might wonder why Ray would want a spot on a show like MADtv. The reason for Ray's enthusiasm for the role stems from his love and appreciation for the show. A show which he watched as a kid. In an interview, Ray said “My 4th grade girlfriend told me, ‘“You’ll never be on MADtv,”’ and I get to stick it to her!” Ray is indeed a fan of the show, and is honoured to be one of the founding members of this new incarnation. Ray is sure to add a veteran presence to the cast, and as a fan, get to add his spark of brilliance to this already storied show.

Where are they Now?
As of July 2016, Adam Ray is currently performing in his first season of MADtv.

Film - Starring Roles:
  • <None at this time>
Film - Supporting Roles:Television - Starring Roles:Television - Recurring Roles:Other Credits:
Shorts:Video Games:Fun Facts:
  • In The Heat his character had his face smothered by Sandra Bullock
  • Has been watching MADtv since he was in grade 4
Famous Catch-Phrases:
  • <None at this time>
Memorable Quotes:
  • “My 4th grade girlfriend told me, ‘“You’ll never be on MADtv,”’ and I get to stick it to her!” - Vanity Fair
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