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Post A Quick Timeline: Spencer Kayden

That's right, just because she was only in a couple of episode, does not mean she is spared from me, and my timeline skills. This one will be under my quick timelines. The timelines that are for the people on the rush, that don't have the time to go through the timelines of the Michael McDonald, Nicole Sullivan, and Alex Borstein's of MADtv. So look at this timeline like a best of Spencer Kayden on MADtv. I hope you have less than 10 minutes!

2004: Spencer Kayden is picked up as a feature cast member for season 10.

February 16, 2005: Spencer appears in her first episode, and plays Gerdy Fink in the 7AM Condo Report: Special Oscar Edition. Watch the sketch

May 21, 2005: Spencer appears in her final episode on MADtv. Her final sketch would be called National Security Advisor.

Well, that is it. The timeline for Spencer Kayden, who will go down in MADtv history cast member with the lowest recurring character, and celebrity impressions rating in the shows history, with a total of 0-0. In her run Spencer never created one recurring character, or did one celebrity impression. It's not much, and it's not memorable, it's not even that nice of an honour, but that is the case for Spencer Kayden.
As for what she is doing at this time, I really don't know. I think she decided to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight to become a full-time mother, but I'm not sure. If anything I think we can say that her appearance on MADtv will probably be the last time many of us see Spencer Kayden on television.


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