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Originally posted by MADfan2004

I know, they should have given it to one of the other three Asian guys on the show

Eh, just kidding.

Truth be told, I really liked his William Hung, and I enjoyed that sketch. I don't think, however, that Mo should be nominated for best performance for that "Doggone Tired of 'Em" sketch. That was a horrible skit and she did horribly in it. But that's just my opinion; I'm not asking anyone to agree with me.

As for best performance, here are some of my suggestions:

-Jordan Peele as Montel Williams (Do impressions count? If not, I'd put this under best male impression.)
-Aries Spears as whoever he was in "Celebrity Injustice" (912)
-Nicole Parker as... aw, hell, just Nicole Parker!
It has been decided that the best and worst performances nominees are open... so you can vote for whoever you want.



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