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Originally posted by LookWhatICanDo
Okay, if poeple who wanted to gave 4 nominees for each category, and then you tallied them up, and the 4 most ones said, you put in as the final nominees. Then voters, that us, pick from the 4 for each category. That would give us more say, savy?
Ok, but what If for the ballot I include all (20 or whatever nominees, all of them)...
ie. Best Music Video Parody (From this Season)
  • Prostitution (Intuition) - Mo (Jewel)
  • Consensual (I'm Not Well) - Aries (Kobe Bryant)
  • The Narcissist (The Scientist) - Michael (Coldplay)
  • Hey Mad! (Hey Ya!) - Orlando Jones (Outkast)
  • Me Against Madonna (Me Against the Music) - Mo (Madonna) and Nicole (Britney Spears)
  • **** In the *** (Any Rap Video) - Aries (Emcee Esher or any other Rapper)
  • Neverland Ranch (Holiday Inn) - Aries (Michael Jackson) and Jordan (Chingy)

And then for the Final Show I'll name the Top Five Nominees, and then the Winner. Sound Good?



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