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Another great episode. The world better be paying attention, because I really think this show has something.

Debra killed it. She really shows here that she still has game. Aries was also great. His Cosby sketch was my favourite. He just nails that Cosby impression. His Stedman was good too, and Reality Check was such a blast from the past and I loved it.

So I noticed that next weeks episode is a repeat, which I actually love, because I think it means that CW is invested in the show a bit, and will give the show a break from running against the Olympics. Between that and the fact that this episode and 1501 weren't aired in Chicago due to baseball, and 1502 didn't air in New York due to baseball (they were both moved to Friday), MAD really needs to be given more of a chance. The cast and the show are doing enough now to deserve their shot!


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