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I was going to make a crack about Suicide Squad Hotline being lazy and predictable, but then, I guess this is MADtv.

Aries' Cosby not as good as I remember it. Sad!

Ugh, why do I like Sumbrella?

"Shit, we're over budget again, and we haven't even ordered Aries' fat suit for Reality Ch--oh, never mind."

I've seen slightly better Goldblums, but frankly, he could've read the phonebook here and had me rolling. Plus, if I could've picked any topic in the world for the show to parody -- and I'm being deadly serious here -- the should-be-criminal incongruency between the quantities in which meat and buns are sold would be it. Dicks.

They sure are playing fast and loose with the word "classic", aren't they?

Piotr, you are my MVP again this week, with Jeremy running a close second. I'm noticing a pattern here.

Reruns already?

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