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Olive Garden: We don't have Olive garden in NZ, but I got the basics of this sketch. For once, Ike doesn't ruin a sketch, he actually makes it better. Loved Paul and Daniele as the big guy and his black girlfriend, Mo and Ron as the old grandparents (the screaming and singing was especially funny) and Gillian as the skanky grandaughter.

Boy meets Goy: This was funny, but after seeing the other 2 sketches it loses some value. Michael was very good here and Josh was hilarious, especially as he was having his "confessional" and saying stuff like "I was so angry!" with that huge ass grin on his face. Mo as Dani behr was good too, and the ending with Andra's boobs hanging out and running into the camera was great.

Kobe Music Video: This was mediocre for a music video. Aries has a good voice, but the dubbing in this sketch was terrible, because he wasn't even mouthing in time with the music. Besides, they've done the whole Kobe / R. Kelly thing one too many times.

Sean The Floor Leader: Hmm. Having seen 3 of these already, this one seemed awful. So contrived and desparate. I don't like this character at all, it seems way too forced, and Josh is very dull in these sketches. Stephnie is the only saving grace. Typical Michael McDonald asshole character.

QVC: Plus Size Fashion: This was great. Probably one of Gillian's best performances on the show (Which isn't really saying much at all) and great job by everyone else in the sketch too (Except Daniele, who didn't say anything). I especially liked the end with Kat freaking out, punching her legs and pulling the fat on her belly. "Junk in my TRUNK!" too funny.

Romance Therapy: This was probably my favourite sketch of the night. I was almost crying when he came out in his G - String with the Cam Corder and tried to get in on the action. Very well written, sharp material. Don Cheadle was a fantastic guest star and they made good use of him.

MADtv at the Emmys: This was hilarious. Poor Paul, he can never get a break about his weight. LOL. Mo is great at this, and so is Paul, it's just a shame that seemingly no agents or whoever will let their clients talk to the MADtv cast. At least Courtney Cox, Dvid Arquette and a few others stopped to talk to them. Wanda was funny too. I loved the part where Mo was hiding in the crowd and Paul was trying to get an interview, and also when Mo was screaming to David Arquette. Good stuff.

Affleck Insurance: Don't know what this was supposed to be about, so I'll just leave it.

MADtv Encore: Hooked On Phonics: This is sad to see. I liked this sketch in Season 8, but it seemed out of place here and not as funny. I would prefer longer sketches to even short encores. Anyway, I liked when she said "I just tell people he's dead", that got a chuckle out of me, as did the end with the Axe.

Closing: More at the Emmys: I guess we didn't get to see how obnoxious Paul may have been here. When Mo was talking to Simon Cowell, and Paul was making stupid faces at the camera, the camera man obviously zoomed to get away from Paul, lol. Simon Cowell is such a prude, but I would have been annoyed by Paul and Mo screaming in my ears too.

Overall: Pretty good show, not as great as I remembered it to be. Some excellent stuff: Olive Garden, Boy meets Goy (At the time), QVC, and Emmys. Everything else was pretty good except Sean the Floor Leader and the encore.

What happened to Andrae?

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