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Paul Vogt Luvah- If you ever do get to go to tapings, Me my friends don't mind watching out for you. There are a couple of tips about the tapings if you read thru this thread! Also, Jim_Cockhurtz is right, it would be great to get some one else doing these experiences, we caould watch each other's backs, and if one of us forgot something, then the other one would probably remember it-- like insurance for the thread! I hope that you DO get to go to a taping next season, And don't worry, I'll be posting any thing I hear about the first taping of the season!

Also, I'm sad that Madtv's becoming "chepened" but SNL went thru the same thing, and, with the exception of the horrible Head writer and some of the stars, they're the better for it. If MAdtv starts gettingmore recognition, more people performing on the show will have a chance of becoming real stars, perhaps the show will even get to produce a few of their own movies. You never know, but more publicity, even if that means a little sacrifice, will ost likely be a good thing.
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