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I don't watch it because of Stuart, he's just one of my favorite characters. I think the reason I started watching is because it is something different from SNL. MADtv isn't afraid to push the limits, and it's completely different from SNL. Until SNL sees MADtv and decides they need to copy their sketches because Lorne Michaels can't think of a new direction for the show.

My favorite characters are Stuart & Doreen, Ms. Campbell, Trina/Lorraine, Swan, and (usually) Dot. If they didn't depend on their recurring characters so much, the show would be different. I think it would be great if there was one of the recurring characters each episode, wheras a lot of times now they don't even do one of the favorite characters for months, and sometimes (in the past seasons) when they did 3-5 of the recurring characters (particularly seasons 6-7). If they did a Stuart sketch one week, and a Dot sketch the next week, a Trina (not anymore I guess) the following week, and so on, instead of three in one episode. There have been 36 Swan sketches in 4 years!
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