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Default Probably like insane , just old & serious about Mad TV plagiarised by Ariana Grande

I joined because someone needs to know that a chorus from a hit song was brazenly stolen , exactly as presented on MAD TV .
I stumbled upon this just now completely by accident while mindlessly watching MAD TV episodes & until one spoof of a popular song 2008, maybe 2009 got my attention because part of the song seemed to incorporate a popular massive hit song until I realized that a famous artist plagiarised a portion of a song that there is no question she lifted from a comedy spoof song written nearly a decade before her song appears. There is another artist claiming she plagiarised him but no one can deny that it is identical to the sketch. Clearly , he was not the one plagiarised but someone (s)at MAD TV was(were) . And I do mean fully, 100% took her refrain from a MAD TV sketch! I could not believe what I heard . I'm not crazy this is real. I rewatched the part and checked the date and cannot find any other reference to this on the internet. there any other case of one popular artist in a completely different area of show business stealing from an artist popular in a different medium ?
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