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Originally Posted by tvmanismadformad View Post
It only counts if they appear as the character in costume. I'm willing to give way on some stuff but on this I'm not.
Ah, but can you honestly argue Carlie putting on a wig and saying in her normal voice, "Hi, I'm Megyn Kelly!" is more of an impression than Piotr doing three perfect, bang-on seconds of Ian McKellen? If Ian McKellen doesn't count, a good two thirds of the "impressions" that were listed shouldn't count either.

Dora is animated, but Michelle is playing Dora as a live action person, so it totally counts as an impression.
I get it. Just noting that it feels weird.

I agree that it feels a little wrong to include that as part of these categories, but my response to this is two fold. One, HBO First Look really does feel like a commercial on HBO and since it can be 15 minutes long it feels like a tv show. Second, as you said somewhere in here, there were only 9 episodes this season. You need a little inflation of things in order get a full field of choices.
Fair enough. Again, more a matter of pointing out the weirdness than a complaint. I don't mind getting to vote for that sketch twice.

If you feel there should be individual character nominations, I am open to splitting this section apart into people, not just individual sketches.
I think the way you have it is fine -- just add Safe Space to the list of options. And Jeff Goldblum to the commercial list.

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