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Originally Posted by blackwind View Post
Best Male Impression (Vote for the best impression of a male celebrity or political figure)

Jeremy D. Howard- Tracy Morgan (Episode 1501)
Piotr Michael- Brian Williams (Episode 1502)
Piotr Michael- Jeff Goldblum (Episode 1503)
I feel like you left out half of Piotr's stuff, like the ones from Piotr's Secret and the bumpers. Will edit in two more picks when you edit.
It only counts if they appear as the character in costume. I'm willing to give way on some stuff but on this I'm not. What's next, your going to want me to include Piotr's Hillbilly Sheriff of Nottingham person from Adam Ray's Instagram?

Best Female Impression (Vote for the best impression of a Female celebrity or political figure)

Carlie Craig- Ariana Grande (Episodes 1504, 1506-1507)
Chelsea Davison- Lena Dunham (Episodes 1501 and 1504)
Michelle Ortiz- Dora The Explorer (Episodes 1501 and 1505) - Feels weird to count this one as an impression.
Michelle Ortiz- Melania Trump (Episodes 1501 and 1504)
That's all I've got.
Dora is animated, but Michelle is playing Dora as a live action person, so it totally counts as an impression.

Best TV Show Parody (vote for the most accurate and funniest TV show parody)

1501 Previously on Game of Thrones
1505 Dora the Explorer Goes to Las Vegas
1507 Michael McLoud & Jasmine Wayne-Wayne: Michael McLoud & Jasmine Wayne-Wayne: You are the Love of My Life (HBO First Look) - This is a bit of a stretch for inclusion, but since it's here...

Best Commercial Parody (Vote for the most accurate, funniest, and all-around best commercial parody)

1503 Commercial for State Ranch Insurance (State Farm Insurance)
1503 Jeff Goldblum for Shopco #1-3 - Trying to shaft Piotr again, I see!
1507 Michael McLoud & Jasmine Wayne-Wayne: Michael McLoud & Jasmine Wayne-Wayne: You are the Love of My Life (HBO First Look) - Again, feels wrong, but since it's here...
I agree that it feels a little wrong to include that as part of these categories, but my response to this is two fold. One, HBO First Look really does feel like a commercial on HBO and since it can be 15 minutes long it feels like a tv show. Second, as you said somewhere in here, there were only 9 episodes this season. You need a little inflation of things in order get a full field of choices.

Best Recurring Character Potential (Character introduced this season with the best chance of appearing again)

1502- Safe Space (Safe Space) - Trying to shaft Michelle now as well, eh? (Mmm, shafting Michelle...)
1507- Good Cop - Douche Cop (Douche Cop)
1508- Sommelier AKA Maurice the Wine Police (Maurice the Sommelier) - Even though this is mainly another "process of elimination" vote, I totally just voted for Adam twice in the same category.
It was getting late into the night when I did this part. I didn't factor in the idea that I should separate these into individual character nominations. If you feel there should be individual character nominations, I am open to splitting this section apart into people, not just individual sketches.


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