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Finally Saw this Episode today on Comedy Central, the whole thing, I'll review it:

Hamburger Helper - Missed this one actually, but I've seen it on youtube, pretty funny.

Open: Michael's Adopted Baby Beth - Not the best cold open, but still funny. The pictures were hilarious at the beach, and with the horse.

Yvoone Criddle: Stolen Parking Spot #1- I love this characters. I love Danielle Gaither. I really think MAD TV had a great character on their hands here and didn't not use her to her full ability. Danielle never fails to make me laugh, and this sketch was brilliant. This is by far my favorite sketch of the show.

Blind Kung Fu Master: Blind Kung Fu Student - I'm not the biggest Bobby Lee fan, but I have to admit, I've never watched a Blind Kung Fu Master sketch, and I found this to be hilarious. Bobby was at his best during this sketch, and this character is probably one of my favorites he does (outside of Average Asian and Connie Chung.)

Karen's New Girlfriend - I love one offs. I think they're great, and this reminded me of a classic one from back in the day. Danielle and Crista were great butch lesbians, and I loved Arden in this sketch. Even though some say that is her typical role as a dumb blonde, I say if it works for you, play it at the best of your ability and she did. Michael also was great. Over all just a great four person sketch performed well by all.

HNL: Ice Age II Cast - Not my favorite Keegan character, but Queen Latifa was at least pretty funny. I think the fact that I just don't care for the character that much made me not like this interview. Would have rather seen a different character from him or another cast member do it.

Never-ending Conga Line - Ensemble sketches are always the best. This sketch ties with Yvonne Criddle as best sketch of the episode. All they needed was the other Frank in this sketch and it would have been the whole cast. This is probably one of my favorite Mad Tv Sketch's of all time. Almost the whole cast, most of which only have one line, working together as an ensemble. This is what MAD TV is truly about, and watching sketches like this makes me really miss it.

Let's Be Honest - Great one off. Like I said before, I love one off sketches. This one was great. Wish they could have worked Danielle in there somewhere to get all the ladies in it, but Nicole RJ and Nicole P rocked this sketch. Crista and Arden were funny too. As was Ike, the guy that gave in and asked Crista out. Great use of the female members of the cast here.

Cragg: Zombie Surprise Party - So I started folding laundry and took it up stairs during most of this. The parts I saw were decently funny.....but i guess I should actually watch the sketch before grading it.....

Close: Yvoone Criddle: Stolen Parking Spot #2 - Would rather of had a cast closing, but if they were going to continue any of the sketches I'm glad they chose this one.

This is why I watch MAD TV. Danielle Gaither was probably my favorite in this episode (mainly for Yvonne Criddle.) But all the cast members did a great job here! From the great one offs, to the not as popular recurred characters like the Blind Kung Fu Master & Yvonne Criddle, and the amazing ensemble sketch, this is a great episode.

I love Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borestien, Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Nicole Parker, Danielle Gaither, Paul Vogt, and Mary Scheer.

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