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Default Jordan Peele's Best Recurring Character

In the interest of generating mo' talk in the General Forum, I've created another poll. (It's what I'm good at, okay? ) This time, I've decided to go with a poll that will more likely appeal to current fans than my Nicky-Poo poll, regardless of how much I may have patted myself on the back for creating the latter. Anyway, who is Jordan Peele's best recurring character? For me, it was a close call between Marcus McCloud and Funkenstein; however, I went with the former because Marcus's rants are so pathetically hilarious. If pressed, then I would probably say that the Funkenstein sketches tend to be funnier overall than the Marcus sketches; however, Marcus stands out to me as more of a "character" than Funkenstein, if that even comes close to making sense. Okay, your turn--tag, you're it! (*Blushes after creating the lamest ending ever to a post.*)

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