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Wow, thanks for posting Frank. I wrote the timeline, so sorry your other roles weren't included. I only do recurring characters (a recurring character has to be a character that was at least used twice in 2 seperate sketches) in these things, and I go by the list on the first page and what I can remember you recurring in. Sorry I didn't remember those. Also, sorry about the Life After MAD section. I went on to the IMDb and looked at what roles you have done and all I could find was the Reno role.
Congrates on the marrage! She's a lucky gal.
Sorry to hear about your failed projects. The strike was horrible for everyone, and unlike a lot of the shows on tv, these actually sound better by how you have described them. I would love to see another network sketch show.
It's great to see that you are not just laying down and dying off like a lot of the tragically short lived MADtv stars. Your fighting for your roles and I am sure that one day it will pay off. BIG! Thanks for dropping us a line even after leaving the show over a year ago. We (well at least myself) love to hear from you, weather it be here or on the screen.

We love ya Tommy Hackenjos, I mean Frank, from a fan on Planet MADtv!


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