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Whoa, I know you said quick timeline, but those are the highlights of my career at MADtv?

No mention of Go America Go (Bad Iraqi Protesters), or what about Curt Jones? We shot a second one, but it never aired. Or Joey the stereotypical Italian? Or "The Concert" where I delivered Nicole Parker's baby onstage? What about Merlin Pebsworth and Who'd a thunk? We shot four of those, the best ones never aired, the producers dropped the ball on that one big time.
If anyone is interested you can find most of the sketches above at

There's also mention of me not doing much since I left MADtv. I know the statement was not made with any malicious intent. Well I want to let you know this year has been pretty active, with lots of performing and many close calls to big gigs.

I think the public has no idea how the writer's strike and the current economy has effected TV/FILM. TV development has been cut way back, networks are making less pilots and developing less shows. There are four new comedies on this season between all the networks including CW and 14 new shows total. Of which 7 or half aren't original concepts. Those 7 are either imports (like Kath and Kim) or remakes of old series (Knight Rider).

Some personal highlights/ almosts of the last year:

I got married in October 2007.

I network tested in November for a primetime sketch show on NBC produced by Jamie Foxx. It went very well, but the strike killed the project. You will find that this is a running theme. I did get to meet Jamie Foxx, he's very cool and quite supportive.

I co-wrote a pilot that has been received very well, but the strike hurt it's momentum.

I went to producers and network for Kath and Kim to play the role of Selma Blair's husband Craig.

I pitched a show idea to CBS that they loved, strike killed the momentum.

I was very close to getting a great role in a film called "I love you man" with Jason Segal and Paul Rudd. It was a roller coaster ride that lasted a couple months and at the last second Jon Favreau was cast.

I have performed improvisation at several festivals around the country and continue to do so weekly in LA at The Second City and io west.

I have done sketch shows in Denver at the DNC, San Francisco, Dallas, Florida, Houston, Chicago...can't remember.

I am writing a two man sketch show right now that I believe is pretty great with my pal Matt Craig. It's called FrankenMatt and Opens Sept 27 if you're interested.

I did a commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings. I say "Send in Mahoney". No I am not Mahoney.

So I am trying. I really am. And to be honest tv isn't as fulfilling as live performance, but man it pays WAY better. Thanks for Planet MAd's love and support. I'll keep you in the loop for any upcoming events.

Yes, I am the real Frank Caeti.
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