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Originally Posted by ComedyFanatic View Post
I imagine there can be many reasons for someone not getting cast like being hard to work with, not having decent representation, or having some kind of personal or health problem (e.g., Michael J Fox) that prevents them from working. I have a hard time believing Pat Kilbane doesn't work because NO ONE in Hollywood thinks he is funny, but is that what you are really saying? I'm just curious, but I was hoping for a little more insight than that. In looking at IMDB almost every cast member has more credits than Pat Kilbane. Are you saying he is one of the least funny cast members to ever be on Mad TV? I certainly don't agree with that, but maybe I am in a small minority.

I never said I felt Pat wasn't funny, because I think he is funny.

What I meant by what I said, is that just because we think he is funny, doesn't necessarily mean that a small group of other people especially those in Hollywood think he has enough talent. But again it may not be that, it could also be a variety of things. The only person who can say for sure is Pat himself.

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