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Originally posted by Dartanian
Nikky poo, this isn't a "WHATEVER!" thread so don't get your panties in a premature bunch.
Nicole Sullivan posts here? And no one told me until now? WHATEVER!!!!

Oh, hehe, guess that's not what you had in mind. Umm, okay, I suppose that I could use this forum--pardon the pun--the express some of my myriad curiosities. Like, in golf, why is a score of two under par on a hole called an eagle, whereas a score of three under par on a hole is called a double eagle, when in fact the number three is only one and a half times greater than two, not twice as great (i.e., double). Shouldn't a double eagle then be called a one-and-a-half eagle or 1.5 eagle? Also, why do other people around the world call a double eagle an albatross, thereby conveniently avoiding the numerical part of this conundrum altogether by simply naming the score after yet another bird? WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM THAT PLAGUES US ALL!!!! Birds of a feather flock...uh, never mind.

Also, why did Cag have to start an Ike/Bobby hate club? Leaving out Arden and Crista is discriminatory and unforgivable!

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