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Default Random Thoughts

This is something that I've seen at loads of other forums, but have been too afraid to start here incase one or two people monopolised the thread and turned it into their own personal sex chat line (or worse). Anyway, we'll see if this works for us. If not, YOU'RE ALL BANNED.

Nikky poo, this isn't a "WHATEVER!" thread so don't get your panties in a premature bunch. A random thought is something thought provoking, interesting, or just totally random and stupid, that you would like to share with people, but don't feel deserves a thread all of its own.

Like the fact that it is 3:20 am, I've been sitting at my computer since basically 8am yesterday morning, trying, in vain, to write a measly FIFTEEN HUNDRED word essay, which was due yesterday. At the time of writing this post, I only have basically a sentence left to go, but I have basically no idea what I'm writing about anymore. Where's a bloodshot eyes emoticon when you need one? x_x

What happened to Andrae?
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