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Without having seen the actual show that this pilot is copycatting, I can only guess that you're referring to "The Ghost Whisperer." (Makes sense, huh? ) Eh, I dunno. I already have a bad vibe about this one, if only b/c I'm wary that TV critics will likely pan it--that is, if it even makes the cut. (Watch the cart before the horse, mizz. ) Oh, I can already envision the media's take: "As contrived and unoriginal as this piece of dreck is, the superdoopertalented Nicole Sullivan shines as always. Gosh, oh, gee willikers, too bad the script doesn't measure up...again."

Then again, until that happens, I'm electing to remain as optimistic as always. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, NICOLE, GO GET 'EM!!!!!!!!

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