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I love the music video parodies, but I have a feeling this one won't be particularly good. I hate to sound like Mizzimad here, but the target seems to easy. If it's only about Fergie's boobs (what else could it be about?), how can it be any different to the original craptastic song and video? Either way, I think Arden will play Fergie. No idea who will play the 2nd black guy though, probably one of the girls.

Speaking of music videos, I've been impressed with them so far this season. 4 in 8 episodes is great, and both the Jessica Simpson parody and "Trapped in the Cupboard" were top notch in my opinion. The Coldplay one was mediocre, but last years attempts were pretty feeble even by comparison to the weak Coldplay parody.

As much as I admire and miss Paul Vogt, I can't wait for the Lillian Verner sketch. Jeff Garlin is brilliant and hilarious ... which probably means he will be panned by every member other than myself (and funny_guy).

And finally ... NO MORE ON THE DOWNLOAD.

What happened to Andrae?
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