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Default Live MADtv Taping 1/27/06

Went to the live taping tonight again! Fourth one in a row I've been to... Wow! My sister and her friend and my mom went too, and then my dad was there of course.

Here's where I'm posting my personal experience, but go here to read little descriptions about the sketches I saw, so you'll know what you have to look forward to.

So we got there around 3:15 or so and went to eat in the cafeteria place. I met Crista, because she sat with us, and I was sitting right by Arden too but didn't meet her. And I met Michael Hitchcock too, the one who's in the Lillian Verner sketches.

We picked our seats afterwards. We sit in the same ones every time hehe.

So, watched the sketches, had a good time. Then the first shift was over around 9 or so. But I was actually starting to get a little restless by then so I decided to spend the second shift down on the floors with my dad, just walking around and following the live sketches around and watching the playbacks on the scattered TVs down there. Same thing as being in the audience, just not stuck in a seat, and you get to see the live sketches up close.

But yeah, that's pretty much it. Nothing as eventful happened this time. Just watched the sketches and laughed and had fun.

Remember to see this post if you want to read about the sketches I saw. If you have to, scroll until you see my username.

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