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Default Keegan-Michael Key Video Clips

I found this on the internet. It's Keegan-Michael Key playing a character called Man Man who thinks/knows the reason why Iran hates America so much is due to Fat Albert. Good stuff!

P.S. I don't know how to format videos, so if someone could tell me how, or better yet format this for me and move it to the media section it would me much appreciated.

As we go through our daily lives we ask this question every day. When am I going to get to see a short film featuring my favourate coach, and my favourite mother of a cockeyed semi-albino boy together. Well, to all you people out there, here your answer. It's Keegan-Michael Key, and Mo Collins in Yoga Matt. The story of a former police officer (Keegan) who opens a yoga studio. Mo plays another yoga teacher with a more wild personality.

Here is the video

Is it just me, or is Mo really, really, really sexy in this! At the end if you look at her back, you will see that she has a lower back tattoo!

Here is Keegan in another short film called Film Noir

Film Noir

Well, just when I thought that the Keegan, Mo train was done I came across this. Keegan and Mo do a lot of short films together. I find this surprising, seeing as Keegan first appearance on the show was the first episode without Mo as a cast member (not including #924 which I think were mostly pretaped). These Mo, Keegan videos are pretty cool. It's like a bridge between the past and the present of MADtv. The video is pretty funny and desterbing. and Mo is called Mo. That's wierd to me

(I have no idea how to format videos on here. I've tried everything and every time it comes back file invalid. mizzi, can you do this for me please.)


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