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Default 2-Litre Beth

Paul Vogt ... 2-Litre Beth (2 appearances)


2-Litre Beth, the overweight Fantana, appears in Fanta commercials, with 3 of the original Fantanas: Capri (played by Daniele Gaither), Lola (played by Stephnie Weir), and Kiki (played by Nicole Parker). 2-Litre Beth throws herself at men, and often flashes her "goods" to them.


1004 The Fantanas
We are introduced to the Fantanas. 2-Litre Beth introduces her blueberry Fanta.

1009 The Fantanas: Holiday Flavors
The Fantanas introduce their new holiday flavors: Candy Cane Capri, Cinnamon Spice Lola, Frosted Gingerbread Kiki, and Holiday Ham Dinner Beth.


"You're so sexy!" - 2-Litre Beth

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